What does it Mean when a Guy stares at you? 3 Real Scenarios when Guys do so

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You both were in the same room..

All you can feel is his sharp eyes gazing at you.

Although you don’t know what his feelings are, you can clearly see that he is staring at you with his deep eyes. Across the room of many girls, why is he staring only at you? In fact, What does it mean when a guy stares at you? What are his actual feelings, emotions, and deep inner thoughts? See The Mirror Technique to ignite his heart and make him fall for you FAST.

The Relation of Beauty and Guy’s mind:

To understand everything, you need to get into the deep mind of a guy. Yes, From the past generations, and also based on the biological wiring of men, it is a fact that men are attracted to beauty.

Thus even though women don’t stare at men, men can’t resist doing that, especially towards women, whom he likes.

So, just by ‘thinking as a woman’ you won’t get to know the intentions of the guy who is staring at you constantly. See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

What does it mean when a Guy stares at you? 3 Scenarios when guys do so…

See, you may have already seen many websites that bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

Now, coming to the main point..

Clearly, we can know the intentions of your guy by classifying him into any one of the three scenarios below. So, before analyzing what his emotions are, you need to decide which category does your guy comes under.

Scenario 1: The Manipulating Staring Guy

At times, when a guy stares at you, he also wants you to clearly know that he is staring at you. If this is the case, then most probably he is a player. If not he might be some kind of an overconfident guy.

Yes, players are known to intentionally stare at a woman just to grab the complete attention of the woman he targeted. He wants to somehow make a mark in your mind and make you know that he is extremely interested in you.

what does it mean when a guy stares at you from a distance

Signs: Since players/manipulators want you to know (that he is staring), most probably he will continue to look at you even though you don’t look back at him. So, suddenly give a sharp look into his eyes, and see whether he is still continuing to stare at you or not. If yes, then most probably he could be the above-discussed player.

Another thing is that this kind of guy generally tries to flirt with other girls around you and may even talk to all your friends, just to show you that he is charismatic. So if you could see this happening, it could be another sign that he comes under this category.

His emotions:

Generally, in such scenarios if the guy staring at you is a player, his emotions could be the following..

  • He is confident that you will fall for him and feels that he is so romantic
  • Want to somehow grab your attention
  • He has no extreme emotions or hard feelings for you but looks you as a mere target for his next love.

Scenario 2: A Casual staring Guy

Although it is hard to generalize.., many men have the habit of staring at other women whom they consider beautiful. At times, men even stare at women, whom they don’t even know. So, in such cases, we can’t take it for granted that he likes you. Also, it is meaningless to waste your time thinking about what it means when he stares at you.

what does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room

Signs: You can easily know this scenario by calculating the number of days he is staring at you. If the guy has looked at you only once or twice, then most probably it comes under this case. On the other hand, if he is constantly staring at you every day then the guy moves away from this scenario.

Even in this scenario too, the guy may be staring at other women too.

His emotions:

In most cases, he is neither attracted nor has feelings for you. He doesn’t even care about your feelings or even talking with you. All he feels is that you are beautiful and wants to see your beauty as long as possible.

Scenario 3: The Attraction staring Guy

In general when a guy stares at you at regular intervals, almost everyday then it can come under attraction staring. This is the case when the guy is extremely attracted to you and has one-sided feelings for you. Sometimes, the guy might be having a deep crush on you from several days.

What does it mean when a Guy stares at you

Image: CSIRO via Wikimedia commons cc3.0

Signs: You can do the same test discussed above. Give him a sudden look while he is staring. In general, if this is the scenario, he might look down, or the other side altogether. This is because he doesn’t want to look desperate or get a bad impression in your eyes.

Another thing you can test is by trying to talk to the guy who is staring at you. When you do so, all you can see is a large smile on his lips, clearly expressing his interest in you. You can also clearly see his nervousness while he is talking to you. Also, once you talk to him, soon he will definitely start to search for situations and silly reasons just to talk to you again and again.

However, in this scenario the guy likely won’t stare at other girls and would be genuine to you (since he has intense feelings only for you).

His emotions:

  • He is truly attracted to you which includes everything starting from your beauty to your entire character
  • He is starting to develop feelings for you
  • He is waiting for a correct time to talk to you again and again
  • He is thinking about you a lot and this repeated thinking again forces him to look at you more often.

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What does it mean when a Guy stares at you? (Attraction Psychology)

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