15+ Liking other Females Pictures While In a Relationship Quotes

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Sometimes it is just annoying to see your boyfriend liking pictures of other females online. You run through a hundred emotions seeing your man like all the pictures of other good looking women online.

Jealousy, possessiveness, anger, sadness, affected self-worth, frustration.. what not everything is going to come into play. So let us see some of the best collection of quotes that truly replicate your thoughts and emotions if your man is liking other females pictures while in a relationship. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s seeing other woman

15+ Liking other Females Pictures While In a Relationship Quotes

Liking other girl’s pictures while you have one is not cool and it has nothing to do with being “insecure” or anything. No one wants to hear “oh yeah her man likes my shit all the time” that’s embarrassing AF and now these girls think they have a spot with you.

It is common for men who are in a relationship to look at other women. But if he is looking at them while he is with you it is disrespectful. It is telling the world that he doesn’t care about your feelings, only his.

I am THE MOST jealous girl. I don’t want you talking to other girls, liking other girls pictures, being around other girls or looking at other girls. You can thank my exs

If your man… likes another female’s picture.. – be MAD.. He just mind-smashed her… That’s what we do.. when we’re in A GOOD RELATIONSHIP.. we cheat with our MIND

To all men that have a good woman: Always remember ~ When your busy liking at another woman, there is always two men looking at yours. Appreciate what you have.

There’s some girls that don’t care about their boyfriend liking other girls photos. Then there’s me, who won’t speak to him for 72 hours.

I’m looking for a man, not a boy. I’m not interested in some guy who likes other girls’ selfies and doesn’t text me back for 8 hours..

Your Girlfriend should never feel like she’s in competition with another girl.

I don’t care about girls writing to you, or you liking pictures of other girls, or if you think someone else is beautiful or sexy. What matters is that you wake up next to me, and that I’m the one who gets a goodnight kiss. That’s all

Stop liking other women half-naked pics on Instagram if you’re in a relationship. Stop flirting, commenting, emojiing, & entertaining other women who isn’t your woman. You are disrespecting her, and making her look stupid. If you’re not ready to commit, give a real man a chance.

If your boyfriend likes my Instagram pictures every time I post one… That’s our Boyfriend now..

So Uhm.. I Low key don’t like my boyfriend liking other girls stuff.. I Kinda wanna message the girls to say unfollow my man, but then I think he was nowhere better to run (: SMH..

You like other girls sexy selfies when u said promised I weren’t about that and I don’t like guys hot pics and u don’t understand what’s wrong with that

I don’t want a guy who goes around liking other girls selfies, talks to other girls behind my back, deletes messages, and then says he loves me.. That’s not the kind of man I want in my life.

Men sit there and like half-naked girls pictures and wonder why their girl is so insecure about herself.. 😐

As in he is openly liking other girls pics which is humiliating to his girlfriend when she isn’t doing the same with pictures of muscley guys. He isn’t all about her if he’s doing that

I don’t understand. Dudes like girls who post half-naked pictures, but don’t like when their girl posts half-naked pictures. But if their girl stops posting sexy pictures, they go look at other girls who do. Smh

I don’t get Facebook etiquette – Tho I’d say “liking” other girl’s pics would be ‘real world’ analogous to telling your girlfriend u find another girl is attractive.

While you’re busy liking other girls selfies.. She’s at home believing she’s the only girl you think is beautiful.


You both used to be the happy couple in the beginning.

Now tables are completely turning around. His behavior towards you is changing day after day. Moreover, He seems less interested in you nowadays.

And, liking other females’ pictures is an absolute warning sign that your man is getting attracted to new women around him.


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