Do Emotionally Unavailable Man Miss You? How to Make Him Come Back Fast?

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Relationships are all about connections and attachments. This is the reason why we tend to miss our partners, especially during their absence. Also, this is the reason why we are overwhelmed by excess emotions and thoughts when a relationship is broken.

All this happens because of one factor.. our emotions. But what about emotionally unavailable people? Do emotionally unavailable man miss you? Do emotionally unavailable men think about you during your absence? What about no-contact? Does it even work on these men?

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An Emotionally unavailable man…

Emotionally unavailable men are the ones who don’t keep emotions into a relationship. They somehow avoid intimacy and don’t want to be vulnerable to feelings/emotions involved in a relationship. In simple, they are like a hard rock, who doesn’t show or understand any emotions that are required for a relationship to blossom.

Although there are several reasons why a man would become emotionally unavailable, however, if you are dating one such man, you’ll quickly feel the lack of connection between you both. Your relationship feels like a one-sided one. Your feelings are not at all considered, while on the other hand, he himself never discloses his emotions and feelings too.

So, it is often confusing whether an emotionally unavailable man actually loves you, misses you or even understands you or not.

Do emotionally unavailable man Miss you? The Reality..

Do emotionally unavailable man Miss you?

To be honest, whether an emotionally unavailable man misses you or not depends on various factors and situations involved. However many people, based on their personal experiences clearly claim that emotionally unavailable men never ever miss their partners.

Of course, an emotionally unavailable man doesn’t even share the intimacy and is not even optimistic (about the relationship) in the first place, so there is logically no reason why he would miss you even in your absence.

Wait! If emotionally unavailable men don’t miss their partners, why do many of them come back to their partners when they go no-contact. Why do they come back to you when you leave them alone? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s pulling away from you

Of course, an emotionally unavailable man doesn’t miss you in your absence, but he also somehow can’t ignore the fact that you left him alone. Thus he does various things to grab your attention and make you come back to him.

In fact, most emotionally unavailable men actually miss the purpose/needs you serve in their life and thus come back to you, just for the sake of validation purposes. In other cases, they simply blame you for the breakup and quickly move on to new relationships, while still continuing to be emotionally unavailable.

So let us see the two common cases, i.e when the emotionally unavailable man has left you vs when you left the emotionally unavailable man, and how your man feels and behaves in each scenario.

If an Emotionally unavailable man left you: Does he miss you? Do emotionally unavailable dumpers come back?

Do emotionally unavailable dumpers come back?

To be straightforward, this can be the worst-case scenario, as you will most probably go through a series of horrible emotions while your man will neither feel guilty nor even be able to understand your feelings.

Since most emotionally unavailable men don’t share intimacy with their partners, they are less likely to miss you in your absence. Moreover, if he is the one who took space from you or left you, then most probably he might be already overwhelmed by the commitment, emotional attachment that you were trying to make lately. Thus in order to prevent himself from being hurt later, the emotionally unavailable man pushes you and moves away, so that he can avoid sharing his vulnerabilities and feelings.

So, with such an intention to push you away and to avoid being emotionally vulnerable, your man in no way will miss you even in your absence. Thus if your emotionally unavailable man left you, we can expect that he will neither be bothered by your feelings nor will he actually miss you. See The simple ’12 Word text’ that will make your emotionally unavailable man obsess over you like crazy

If you leave an emotionally unavailable man: Does he miss you? Will he miss you if you dumped him?

Will an emotionally unavailable man come back?

Things get quite interesting in this scenario, especially when your emotionally unavailable man is directly/indirectly dependent on you for his needs. As said before, your man may immediately push the entire blame on you and only you.

Once the blame game is completed, he starts to feel insecure understanding the fact that you ignored him/left him. As emotionally unavailable men are already insecure and wounded people, your ironic behavior may affect him even more. His previous emotional wounds (for which he became emotionally unavailable) will be triggered again thus making him feel miserable and a sense of loss of control. Thus even though your emotionally unavailable man may not miss you as a person, he may miss your validation and acceptance (of him), thus making him come back to you.

In some rare cases, some emotionally unavailable men may actually love you deeply, but yet may not be fully committed, just due to the fear of vulnerability. In such cases too, your emotionally unavailable man quickly comes back to you due to the fear of losing you. On the brighter side, he may even miss you in this particular case when he is actually in love with you, and you are the one who left him.

Does no contact work on an emotionally unavailable man? How to Make Him Come Back Fast?

Does no contact work on an emotionally unavailable man?

This is another common question many women ask about their emotionally unavailable boyfriends/ex’s. Whether you want your man to miss you or to make your ex come back to you, the one most used technique is to simply go no-contact. Yes, no contact can make many men miss you and come back to you. But, what about an emotionally unavailable man?

To be straight, the no contact rule does work on emotionally unavailable men too, but only in a partial way. Although emotionally unavailable men, who avoid sharing intimacy may not miss you as a person, yet no contact works on them in many scenarios.

Most emotionally unavailable men love challenges and cannot take rejection due to their past wounds. Thus if you go on a no-contact, all of a sudden, this irks him mentally pushing him to pursue the challenge. As a result, he starts chasing you and comes back to you fast even though he didn’t miss you.


You can clearly feel that your emotionally unavailable man is not missing you..

If not, he who was so sweet in the beginning why is he turning colder and colder? Moreover, you can’t ignore the serious fact that emotionally unavailable men lack emotions and can easily dump their partners.

This is what we can consider as a clear pre-warning sign of an excruciating breakup.


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