6 Real Reasons Why He stopped Watching Your Instagram Stories

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He is used to watch all your Instagram stories. Sometimes he even used to react to them with so much of interest. Each time you post a story, you got a habit of checking his name on the Instagram seen list.

However, things started to change..

Yes, he who used to check all your Instagram stories stopped checking them all of a sudden.

“Why he stopped watching my Instagram stories?” is the biggest question that started haunting you. So what could have happened? Why is he not interested in your Instagram stories anymore.

Let us see and put some light on all the reasons for his changed behavior.

6 Real Reasons Why He stopped Watching Your Instagram Stories

Why He stopped Watching Your Instagram Stories

Firstly, before reading and analyzing the reasons behind his changed behavior, first, make sure that you are not overthinking. Just ignoring a couple of stories doesn’t mean that he has completely stopped watching your insta stories. So take some time and observe his patterns before making any conclusions.

Although the real reason why he stopped watching your Instagram stories, can depend on each individual and his current situations, here are some of the common reasons behind a man’s act of ignoring. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ignoring you

1. He is genuinely busy and has been through an important life event:

Although no one is busy all day, however, some important life changes can interrupt a person’s daily patterns and thus may result in changed behaviors. Who knows? There could be some major life events happening in his life right now..

He could be busy with a new job, He could be stressed with some extra work at the office, He might be devastated by the death/health issues of one of his family members, He might be having some personal problems which he couldn’t share with anyone. etc.

As you could see, there are ‘n’ number of major life events that could happen and suddenly force a man to get busy with life. So if he is genuinely busy with his life, he might be simply ignoring your Instagram stories, other social media posts, just because of his changed daily patterns.

So if this is the case, it doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in you nor he is ignoring you intentionally. In fact, it’s just a small change in his life he is adjusting to and will soon be back to normal.

2. He’s trying to get you to notice that he’s not paying attention anymore:

This is one of the most common reasons why your man could be ignoring your Instagram stories. Yes, one of the tactics used by many men/women who wants attention is by just simply ignoring their targets.

As ignoring can just cause the same pain as physically hurting someone, thus it is sometimes used by people to grab your attention and to get noticed by you.

So, if your man has intentionally stopped watching your Instagram stories, all he is doing is trying to get you to notice him. He wants to indirectly show you that he’s not paying attention anymore and thus trying to trigger your emotions. See The Mirror Technique to make him skip all the games and commit to you FAST.

Who knows, he might still be secretly watching your Instagram stories but just acting as if he doesn’t care for you and your stories.

3. He wants space:

Whatever may be the reason, sometimes we are overwhelmed with life and emotions. This is when we want some space from people and life overall. Thus if a man decides to want some space from relationships, he might simply turn off all the things (between you both) and try to get free from the drama in his life.

Thus if this is the case, he could be simply muting your stories or ignoring your stories so that he gets distracted from you and enjoy the much-needed space and break he wanted. See Why do men pull away & The Simple Mind ‘TRICK’ that makes him devoted to you forever

4. He might be hurt by your actions or felt like unnecessarily wasting his feelings on you:

This is another common reason why he could have stopped watching your Instagram stories. Ask yourself… Did he suddenly stop watching your stories after a particular incident? Is he also ignoring your messages in addition to ignoring your stories? Did he try to communicate something last time, before this changed behaviour?

If your answer is Yes, then there could be a large chance that he might have been hurt by something you have said or done. Also if he felt that you are a bit unresponsive or that you didn’t care for him to the level of what he was expecting, then he might feel that he is unnecessarily wasting his feelings on you.

Thus if is he is offended by any of such reasons, he is likely to show his hurt feelings by acting indifferent and angry. So probably your man could be hurt deeply and thus communicating his hurt emotions by ignoring you now. As a response, he could have stopped watching your Instagram stories so that you’ll understand his hurt feelings and emotions.

5. Maybe he’s taking a break from social media:

Social media has become a part of everyone’s life. In fact, we cannot imagine a day without accessing our social media profiles. However, lately, many people are seeing the bad effects of social media and understanding how it is making people more lonely and sad. Thus slowly social media detox has become more and more common, where a person decides to move free from social media by completely avoiding it for some time.

Added, some people, especially introverts, tend to go off with their social media accounts just to get ahead with their lives and stop comparing with other people. Thus lately, if your man has decided to take a break from social media, then most probably he might have stopped watching your Instagram stories as he is no longer active on social media.

Some people even go on partial social media detox by simply using them for messaging, on the other hand avoiding watching people’s stories. So, try to know, whether he has stopped watching your stories or everyone’s stories. So if he has stopped watching everyone’s stories, then he might be truly breaking free from social media

6. He’s following too many people on Instagram and couldn’t find your stories:

Although this might sound silly, this could also be a possible reason why he might have stopped watching your Instagram stories. Tell me how many people does your man keep following on Instagram. Is the number too high? If yes, then most probably this could be an answer to all your doubts running in your mind.

Instagram’s algorithm works in a peculiar way and shows stories in a particular algorithmic way based on several factors. So, there could be a possibility that Instagram might have been burying your Instagram stories at the last of everyone.

So, if he gets to see tons of Instagram stories placed before your story, then most probably he might be unintentionally leaving behind your stories. As one may not take too much time to scroll all the way to see all the stories, thus he might not be able to view your stories.

What should you do now? – ‘It all depends on what relation he has with you’

Why he stopped watching my Instagram stories

Of course, it is common to feel disturbed and irritated when someone who used to give you the necessary attention started ignoring you all of a sudden. When your favorite person stops watching your Instagram stories, even though it may seem simple, it hurts deeply.

However, one needs to keep in mind, the relation you both share with each other.

For example, if he is your ex-boyfriend, he may be trying to move on and of course, you too need to accept that it is over and control your thoughts of him.

On the other hand, if he is your new love interest then it is time to take a step forward and show him that you are truly interested in him, without overthinking too much.

On the other side, if he is already your boyfriend, then it is better to communicate your concerns in a direct way so that he understands and reassures his feelings for you. Thus he can clear all your doubts and eventually you both will get more emotionally closer.

Of course, it may look lame if you ask your love interest or boyfriend directly, as to why he is not watching your Instagram stories. However, you can avoid this awkwardness and intelligently get this matter to limelight by giving him indirect hints.

For example, you can say “Hey, did you see my Instagram story where I posted at my favorite place” or like ” Hello, do you know something about the thing I posted in my story today, I really need to know about it”

Thus asking such questions will automatically make him tell you why he is not watching your Instagram stories from the past few days. Thus you may not look like a drama queen, yet you’ll still get to know the reason behind his changed behaviour.

However, you need to remember that whatever you are doing, you need to take the relation you both are sharing (now) into the equation and then act accordingly in a positive manner.


It looked like he was so interested in the beginning. But What’s happening now?

Why is he turning colder and colder with each passing day? Moreover, you can’t ignore the serious fact that He simply stopped showing interest in you and your Instagram stories.

Fingers crossed, this can sometimes be considered as a clear pre-warning sign of an excruciating separation forever.


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6 Real Reasons Why He stopped Watching Your Instagram Stories
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