10 Reasons Why Ghosters Always Come Back?

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Being ghosted by your partner not only makes you feel confused but also emotionally unstable. Ghosting is a kind of silent treatment where one person cuts off entire communication and pulls away from his/her partner all of a sudden.

Although different people ghost their partners for different reasons, in many cases, the ghosters have always come back to their partners for some or the other reasons. So, why ghosters always come back? When he/she ghosted you and comes back, what does it mean? What are the various reasons that make a ghoster come back to you?

Let us see..

10 Real Reasons why Ghosters always Come back:

Why Ghosters Always Come Back?
  1. They want to see how bad you were affected:

Some of the ghosters are simply toxic people who just want to see how much you were affected when they leave you. So when such people leave you, they expect you to chase them back until they gain control in the relationship/dating game.

However, when you try to chase them back, they keep on enjoying this chase until they feel control over you, or until you stop chasing them. Once the chase game is over, they want to come back to you and see how badly you were affected when they ghosted you. By seeing how bad you were affected they feel like he/she is the one who is in control of the relationship.

  1. Their other option didn’t actually work out:

Many people simply ghost someone just thinking that they had better options out there that they can try out. For example, a man dating a woman may start thinking that he can find a better woman to date and thus ghost his date partner. Similarly, another man might simply ghost his girlfriend just because he might think that he would have better opportunities being single.

Thus when someone ghosts you keeping other options in mind, then he/she will definitely come back to you as soon as they find out that the other options didn’t work out for them. Seeing the actual reality and failing to be happy with other options, the ghosters can quickly come back to their partners sometimes.

  1. They felt guilty of how he/she treated you:

Guilt is one of the strongest emotions that can make a person do anything. In fact, guilt is one of the most destructing emotions, that can make a person feel so low and depressed.

So if your ghoster is carrying guilt for ghosting you all of a sudden, then this increasing guilt may make him/her push back to you in order to release the built-up guilt and feel good again.

  1. They wanted the ego boost:

This is one of the common comeback reasons behind every ghoster who has a big ego. People with big egos can’t tolerate being ignored. When someone with a big ego is ignored, they feel extremely angry and frustrated thus pushing them to go to any extent to satisfy their damaged ego again.

So, tell me, Did you simply ignored your ghoster and moved on simply? Did you start enjoying independent single life upon withdrawal from your ghoster? To be honest, such ignoring acts straight away affects your ghoster who has a big ego. He can’t accept the fact that you managed to survive even without him.

Thus this damaged ego irks him too much and thus keep on pushing him until he comes back to you to soothe his damaged ego.

  1. They doesn’t want to lose you and your attention:

Who doesn’t love attention? So, when your partner suddenly ghosts you, chances are that he/she might quickly start feeling the loss of attention, you used to give them. This sudden loss of attention doesn’t feel good to anyone.

As a result, many ghosters unable to take this sudden loss of attention, quickly come back to their partners in craving for the attention.

  1. They are not sure of what they want:

If someone is not sure about his/her partner, then the relationship may quickly fall apart. Unable to actually express what they want, such people simply ghost their date partners/relationship partners just to avoid commitment.

Since such fickle-minded people keep on changing their minds, they are likely to feel that they want you again, right within few days of ghosting you. Thus again with a lot of confusion, they come back to you.

  1. He/she wanted some space before:

When someone wants space, it’s better you give them the space they want. Some people, when they are overwhelmed with emotions, problems. they feel like they need some space to sort out the things overwhelming them. As a result, they ghost their partners in order to take the space they wanted.

Thus such people after getting the space they needed, sort-out/solve their problems, take control of their emotions and try to get back to normalcy. Once they are no longer overwhelmed with emotional burdens, they no longer need the space and are likely to come back to their partners searching for intimacy again.

  1. They need you for some purpose/use:

In this materialistic world, many people maintain relationships just because they need or want something from you. So when a ghoster, suddenly needs something from you or the relationship you share, then he/she might come back to you all of a sudden.

So when such a ghoster, wants something from you, he/she comes back to you just to satisfy the need they have now. So, next time when a ghoster comes back to you unexpectedly, just think if he/she suddenly wants or needs something from you.

  1. They just tested your limits previously:

Validation is one thing we expect from every person we share a bond with. Only when we feel that our love is reciprocated, can we be able to love someone back. However, some people expect more validation and keep on testing their partners. They just want to see how far their partners can go for them, and as a result, ghost them all of a sudden.

Once they ghosted for a certain period of time and once they feel validated, they soon come back to their partners just to get back to normalcy. Thus if he/she has returned now, then most probably they might have been testing you all this time while ghosting you, just to see how far you would come for them.

  1. Memories haunted them:

When we spend too much time with someone, their memories keep on haunting us even if we leave them. As a result, it becomes very difficult for the partners to move on from each other, thus pushing each other back into the relationship.

So, if your ghoster and you had spent so much time together, then those memories probably might have haunted the ghoster, pushing him/her to come back to you, even though you haven’t done anything.

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