What Does It Mean When A Guy Sends A Blowing Kiss Emoji?

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Emojis are an emotion. It conveys a lot even without any words. With fast-growing applications, text messages are common. In these text messages, emojis are inevitable.

Just an emoji of palm in itself can convey lots of things, like hi-fi, stop, hello, or anything. Similarly, a kissing emoji has so many things connected to it and how people take it. But, what if it specifically comes from a guy?

When a guy sends a blowing kiss emoji, what does it mean? Is he flirting with you indirectly? Or Is he showing his secret love for you? Or is he simply trying to grab your attention? See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

Here are some possible reasons for girls who fret or often get confused when a guy sends a blowing kiss emoji.

What does it Mean when a Guy sends a Blowing Kiss emoji?

when a guy sends a blowing kiss emoji

A blowing kiss emoji is a commonly used emoji, isn’t it?

There are various emojis. Emojis are shared a lot among friends, couples, family, and even among strangers. All surveys say that women make use of emojis the most than male users. But that doesn’t mean that men don’t use emojis right. There is a lot of meaning connected to these emojis. Each emoji convey an unsaid message. They even change the meaning with a different context. First of all, it depends on each individual. Their character and how they take each message and what it means to them.

However, from today, If a guy sends you a blowing kiss emoji, then you don’t have to be confused again! Try to follow along as it is explained to wave bye to your confusions regarding blowing kiss emoji from a guy. See The Mirror Technique to ignite his heart and make him fall for you FAST.

It depends on how your relationship is with the guy, sometimes he might be your friend or coworker or lover.

Let’s categorize them based on closeness and relation.

A blowing kiss emoji from a Stranger:

Have you ever received random blowing kiss emojis from a stranger on social media???

It is a rare situation for a stranger to send a blowing kisses emoji to you all of a sudden at midnight. But social media makes it easy for anyone to connect with you. If you receive a blowing kiss emoji, several questions would cloud up in your head. Is he trying to flirt?? Should I block him?? Does he know me?? etc etc…….

First check if you know him, if you are sure that you don’t, then most probably, he might be trying to flirt or trying to grab your attention. It has nothing to do with love and affection. It’s always better if you don’t reply. If he can send a blowing kiss emoji to you, then he would be doing the same with many others. So just forget about him.

A blowing kiss emoji from an Acquaintance:

You might receive a blowing kiss emoji from one of your followers, or a guy from your school or college. Sometimes he might be from your neighborhood. First of all, think if you want to be connected with him. If it’s a no, then don’t reply, but if you don’t mind making him your friend then you might consider his blowing kiss emoji’s meaning.

Guys rarely send kissing emojis to someone who they don’t know much about. But there are chances for him to send you one. Sometimes he might have an infatuation with you, or he might be a secret admirer, who could barely be got all the courage to send you a text message to see what you think about him. Sometimes he might just be flirting with you. Men usually send kissing emojis to show their affection. A person, who you don’t know much about might not be that affectionate about you.

Think a lot before replying to it. It also depends if you have had a conversation before, or what your text messages were. Sometimes it won’t even mean anything other than friendliness.

Blowing kiss emoji from your guy Best friend:

Now, this isn’t new for you all right? He might send you loads of them from saying good morning to goodnight. Sometimes he might even send you blowing kiss emoji if you have done any favour for him. In that case, this emoji is like a ‘thank you with love’. It shows they care about you, his love for you, and remind you that he is lucky to have you.

Most men don’t use kissing emojis unnecessarily, so you are lucky to have a friend who sends you blowing kiss emoji to make you feel unique. But sometimes your guy best friend might send you a blowing kiss emoji with a text message which might indicate that he loves you or is growing in love with you. If it isn’t clear or you don’t feel anything, then don’t look too much into it, he just cares for you.

A kiss emoji from your Partner:

A blowing kiss emoji from your partner shows that he loves you. It also means he feels lucky to have a girl like you. It also has an intimacy to it when used with a beautiful sentence or intimate words. The way he says it would make your day. Sometimes, he might use it in between an argument, that is to pamper you and set your mood right. He might even use this emoji while wishing you a good morning and good night to make your morning and night special. It is a virtual form of showing his affection.


Emojis have a language of their own. Next time when someone sends you a blowing kiss emoji, keep in mind their possible intentions and react accordingly.

Men don’t usually use kissing emoji so much, but if they use it, they are showing their vulnerable side to you. Their virtual way of showcasing love, flirting, or care.

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