What does Intense eye contact from a Guy mean? Is he interested?

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It’s very disturbing when you notice an intense eye contact from a guy..

If he is your crush, This is when butterflies start to fly in your stomach. Contrary if you have no feelings for that guy, you feel so awkward and irritated by his actions.

So, keeping all this stuff aside, Have you ever wondered why a guy suddenly tries to make a strong eye contact with a girl? What could be his real intentions? Is he flirting with you, or is he really attracted to you?

To, know this you need to deeply understand a man’s feelings, emotions, and especially his actions when he is subconsciously attracted to a girl.

First of all, What is considered an Intense eye contact?

I want to clear this point right at the beginning of the article before you proceed. Many women simply confuse some simple gazes as making eye contact. Yes, many men do stare at women simply without any intentions. In fact, some men may simply give a second of, eye contact without any reason.

I personally don’t consider this as eye contact and you simply can’t read a guy’s mind based on these. An intense eye contact from a guy is a strong eye contact done by him lasting for at least 2-3 seconds. So if this is your case, read on while I slowly reveal the real intentions of your guy

Now coming to the crucial point…

Why do men actually make these intense eye contacts? Moreover, why is your guy giving an intense eye contact even though there is no proper reason?

The Key Division: Intentional eye contact vs unintentional eye contact:

intense eye contact from a guy

In order to understand the real intentions of a guy (who is making eye contact), you need first do a key division. Yes, you need to clearly analyze and know whether it was an intentional eye contact or an unintentional eye contact.

Let me explain more briefly. For example, A and B are two guys, whereas A is in deep love with you, while B is just a player looking for random women. Now when you are at a party, A is randomly looking into your eyes, and he has no internal intentions (on what you are thinking). All he gets is just an intense happy feeling whenever he makes eye contact with you. On the other hand, B is intensely staring into your eyes. He is intentionally looking at you so that you will notice him strongly and have other hidden intentions.

So, in such a case, A is making the unintentional eye contact, while B’s case is intentional eye contact. So, the more you observe him, the more it becomes easy to find out whether he is doing all this intentionally or not.

Why does a Guy try to make an intense eye contact? The 4 Deep Reasons

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. He is attracted to your Beauty:

reasons for prolonged eye contact

Man’s biological wiring proves that men are subconsciously attracted to beauty. This is the reason, most of the men, simply can’t resist looking at a girl whom they are truly attracted to.

Yes, if your guy is truly attracted to your beauty and looks, most probably he might start staring at you and also try to give occasional eye contact. So, the more intense his eye contact is, the more it clearly shows his level of interest and attraction towards you.

2. He wants to grab your attention:

deep eye contact from a man

This is another deep reason why some guys give deep eye contact to a girl they like. Yes, many guys intentionally look into a girl’s eyes, just to grab her entire intention. So, when they do this, they feel that they easily get noticed by the woman and will surely create a deep impact in her mind.

The matter of fact is, your guy has already created a deep impact on your mind, among hundreds of men whom you meet daily. If not why do you think you are reading this article? Many men know this, and intentionally try to make an intense eye contact especially with women whom he wants to attract.

3. He wants to check for a positive sign whether you are interested or not:

when a guy makes strong eye contact

This is another common reason why men do it. This is most common if you both know each other and are getting deeper day by day. So, when your guy intensely makes eye contact, sometimes all he could be seeking is your approval. And, when he sees the sign of interest in you too, he gets satisfied and continues showing his interest.

On the other hand, if you show signs of disinterest, he might take a back step and stop wasting his feelings. Whatever may be the outcome, all he might be expecting is a good positive sign, so that he can take the next step and get closer to you.

4. He reads dating stuff and is trying to impress you with eye contact:

deep eye contact from a man

Day after day, men who read psychology, dating stuff online are increasing. Thanks to the internet, many single men read women dating/impressing tips every day. Wondering how this is relevant to the eye contact? Wait, I’ll tell you.

Just search for dating tips online, all you come across are some insane tips and tricks written by some unknown people. And one among them is intense eye contact. We don’t know whether it is true or not, many websites simply suggest to men that intense eye contact can make the girl fall for them.

So, in this modern world of information overload, this can be one of the biggest reasons why your guy could be making intense eye contact with you. All he feels is that he is impressing you and getting you with his confident eye contact.

What should you do now?

The answer is simple. Just frame your actions based on your true feelings and emotions. So, if you are not interested in him, clearly show your disinterest by ignoring him. As days by, he could clearly feel your disinterest and definitely move on.

On the other hand, if you have feelings for him and If you are truly interested in him, then you need to give your guy a positive response. Thus it could give him the much-awaiting approval of your interest and he can take the next step in establishing a relationship. A positive response can be anything, just even your simple smile…

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