Top 7 Signs He Just Pretends To Love You

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What is love? It is a strong feeling that a person possesses for another person. Love is a non-subjective matter, as it varies in different kinds of relationships.

Women are also human beings, thus, they also feel insecure due to several reasons like Dishonesty, Disloyalty, Toxicity, etc. If you want to check whether he only pretends to love you or if it is for real, then there are some signs you should be aware of.

Before coming to any solution, you need to know that these signs can be fabricated. As you never know what kind of thinking he has for you. But, to a great extent, these signs will definitely provide you with a basic idea about his love for you. If you love him, then these signs are just a squander for the sake of your relationship.

How do you know if a Guy is pretending to Love you?

How do you know if a guy is pretending to Love you?

Firstly, you should evaluate his current behavior based on his past conduct. That’ll give you a lucid idea about his love for you. Basically, a healthy relationship doesn’t depend on any fictional base but is exhibited by the actual guidance of real love. This kind of love is not demanding and fulfills the love spaces.

If he loves you then he’ll display his love with a sense of maturity and real care. Moreover, if he claims to love you then he’ll never lose any chance of manifesting his warmth for you. If he has a habit of disregarding your words, then it may be a sign of his increasing boredom for you. This is not universal but is subjective due to the difference in behaviorism.

So, coming to the point.. How do you know if a guy is faking his love for you? What are the signs he is pretending to love you? Let us see..

7 Undeniable Signs he Pretends to Love you

Signs he Pretends to Love you

Following are the 7 Undeniable Signs he pretends to love you:

  1. He’ll never disclose his secrets with you:

Showing love and affection is normal in any relationship, but disclosing secrets with each other is the real display of true love. As a woman, you’ll always want him to share his personal secrets with you. If he has some urge not to let you know his secrets then believe me your relationship is in peril.

If he really loves you then he’ll not hide secrets with you, in fact, he’ll try to know everything. Love is all about trust and belief in each other.

  1. He’ll ignore you:

A woman experiences numerous situations in a relationship; even when she has issues, she remains calm for the sake of her love. However, you shouldn’t trust anyone with your everything, as you never know when you can face miserable situations.

You need to carry out any required conversation with him to know his perspectives for you. If he doesn’t socialize with you then it is a sign of him making distance from you. It’s on you how you deal with the issues.

Ignoring can occur in the later period or from the start of any relationship. So it is on you to find out his real side before intimating further. As you cannot just waste yourself on a guy that ignores you and can leave you shortly. If you love him, then you have to make sure about his intentions and sight.

  1. He’ll maintain distance:

It’s not the physical distance, it’s about the match of your thoughts with his own. If he really loves you, then he’ll try to indulge you in his life through his work, family issues, etc. This is your concern about how you deal with his behavior, if his presence really matters for you then you have to put him in such conditions where you can feel the actuality.

There can be numerous reasons behind him building distance from you. It can be due to your over the display of care and love for your continuous indulgence in his personal life.

  1. He’ll act strange:

It is important for you to analyze his behavior and if you lack it then be ready for future undesirable conditions. Additionally, it is equally vital for you to remain in a silent mode if he is ignoring you. It’ll give you less insecurity, stress, and a more enhanced thinking approach. Considering his behavior for you is mandatory for building your relationship like what you want.

His strange behavior can annoy you to a great extent if your feelings are true. This kind of behavior can be due to his lost interest, personal issues, etc. You have to clarify every situation and prevent any misunderstanding from occurring.

  1. He’ll give value to his own decisions:

If he is regularly initiating his own rules and commands on you, while ignoring your pronunciation then it must be the undeniable sign of his pretending love for you.

Similarly, when he stops listening to you and starts estimating on his own logical standards, then your love is in peril. It’s on you, how you make your words meaningful and important for him.

  1. He’ll exaggerate his talks:

True love displays trust and belief between two human beings. If he is overemphasizing his words continuously and daily, then it may be the sign of his pretending love for you. Moreover, he’ll try to manipulate your thoughts for him by using exaggerated things like overwhelming compliments for you, absence of real-life talks, lack of care for your future goals, etc.

He’ll always value his own goals and future assignments and for him, you are his second concern. This type of bearing cannot be the sign of true love, thus, you should evaluate according to your own mind.

  1. He may state you as his burden:

If he sees you as a liability and ignores your positive perimeters then you should accept your presence in a mistaken relationship. If he finds his priorities much more valuable than you, then this is one of the most undeniable signs of his pretending love for you. If he belongs to a high status, then without even considering his wealth and social prestige, he should value your presence in his life with full devotion.

For having a righteous relationship, you must clear your mind. You should be able to choose between him and your basic demands. If he does not fulfill these demands intentionally then you are in a bad relationship. The things which are important for you may not be valuable for him, and this happens when the love is not equal from both sides. You have to make sure that your words are matching with his behaviour or he can blame you for creating stories.

For initiating a strong relationship that includes true love, trust, and belief, you have to analyze your approach and behavior. If both things are matching then your relationship will prove to be a successful one. After all, it’s your life and you should take time for the intimation part as an instant trust in him can prove in your unpleasant future.

But all this information can get into vain if he is facing some personal problems that are forcing him to ignore you or disobey you. Then in this kind of situation, judging him can be a bad selection of yours. As an adult, you have the capability to identify the good things for you, just like that, you have to find out the best way to carry your relationship on the right path.

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