When a Capricorn Man is Done With You | Signs, What to do, What to expect and More

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Capricorn men approach love like CEOs approaching a business merger. No wonder you find yourself second-guessing what his true intentions are. Is he really finished with the relationship? Or is this just business as usual for Capricorn man in love?

First, you must understand that Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is detached and efficient. Your Capricorn lover feels compelled to bury his feelings. Usually under a mountain of work. When a Capricorn man loves you, he will pursue the relationship in the same way he would launch a business. He will make gradual but consistent efforts to be a part of your life and measure his actions in cautious steps.

A Capricorn man gives up caution and security for no one, and that is true regardless of his feelings for you. He is always evaluating return on investment. He is always evaluating how stable and secure the relationship is.

If you have won his heart in the first place, he has decided the relationship is valuable. He doesn’t make commitments quickly but once his mind is made up, he sticks with his decision. His decision to place his trust in you as a partner is like the decision to put money in a long term CD. The gains are gradual but secure and he doesn’t intend to pay a tax penalty by withdrawing the money early.

As his partner, he has decided you are worthwhile and is in it for the long haul.

But, How would you know if the relationship is in danger? Will he ignore you? Will he leave you? How would he actually react? What are the various consequences when a Capricorn man is done with you? And most importantly what should you do now to get your place back in the Capricorn man’s heart?

So, let us dig on one by one..

Warning Signs when a Capricorn man is done with you:

when a Capricorn man is done with you

If your Capricorn man is having second thoughts about the relationship, understand that he will not take this lightly. He will feel something nagging at the back of his mind and will try to suppress it. If the nagging feeling persists, he will slow down the small, consistent steps he takes to show he is thinking of you.

  • He will still work long hours, but now he won’t call to check in.
  • He suddenly delays or stops doing the routine things that show you he was thinking of you.
  • He pulls back from making those small efforts to reassure you that you are a priority.
  • He will make comments about wanting to take you off his bank account, change the lease or mortgage to be in just his name.
  • He’ll start taking steps to separate his life from yours, he won’t factor you into future plans, for example.
  • He’s suddenly late, a lot, when you have plans.
  • He stops talking about the things he wants to invest money in for your shared future (house, vacations, children).
  • He starts a separate bank account or otherwise separate out your previously shared resources.
  • He updates his will, changes cell phones or makes subtle, business-like changes to distance himself from you.

Behaviors/Reactions Your Capricorn Man Will Show, when he is over you:

Capricorn doesn’t do drama. When he loses interest in the relationship, he won’t make a scene. He’s too mature for ‘ghosting’ as well but may suddenly become too busy to give you the time of day.

First and foremost, Capricorn wants to make absolutely certain that ending the relationship is the only choice. If he has begun criticizing you, this is his way of trying to avoid a breakup. It may seem like he’s randomly bringing up complaints. It may be easy to overlook that he’s unhappy with the relationship.

signs when a Capricorn man is done with you

If he doesn’t feel you are trying to work with him, he will endure because that is also what this Saturnine fellow is good at. Don’t confuse silence for acceptance. If he stops bringing up things that concern him that’s a red flag. He is no longer trying to get you to understand what he wants in the relationship. He may distract himself with work or other tasks, creating space in the relationship. The intention now is not to work overtime so he can afford to take you on a vacation. Rather, it is now, using work as escape and distraction.

He may linger in complacency, not getting excited about sharing every mundane detail of his work with you, and also not showing his possessive side. He may expect you to take initiative and end it, so he can say he didn’t give up.

So, What should you do now? What Can You Do to Keep your Capricorn man’s Interest?

What You Can Do to Keep your Capricorn man's Interest?

If you want a chance to win him back and avoid a break-up, it is essential that you not lose your cool. If you cause a scene, harm his reputation or sabotage his work, it will push him over the edge and the opportunity to work things out will likely be lost.

The key to remember is Capricorn is the most mature, objective and rational sign of the zodiac. You may feel like your world is falling apart, but he is calculating the best choice to make and operating from logic, not sentiment. Appeal to his rational, business-like side. Working in your favor is the fact that he does not like change. Take his unhappiness in the relationship seriously, he wouldn’t jeopardize stability for no reason.

Also working in your favor is his maturity level. If there is anyone that you can sit down with and put all the cards on the table, it’s Capricorn.

Now for the hard work. If you really want to heal the relationship and work things out with your Capricorn man, you will have to find an outlet for your own feelings before approaching him about the relationships. He doesn’t know what to do with a heartbroken, sobbing, angry, scared person. Yet it is completely reasonable that you may be feeling all these things and more. He simply won’t know how to respond to an outpouring of emotion, though, so it’s best to funnel raw emotions through a personal outlet first.

A rigorous workout, peaceful yoga class, venting to a friend or therapist, writing in a journal, or other creative or expressive methods can help you to release pent up emotions. Your Capricorn man is grounded and you need to be as level as possible when you approach him for a serious discussion about the relationship.

He takes business seriously, so a good way to get his attention is to approach him like a business partner. You are cofounders of the business of your relationship. Ask for a meeting. No lies. Schedule it in advance, don’t pop in on him with surprises.

When a Capricorn man is over you

Have your agenda items prepared, just like in a business meeting. Now that you’ve done some self care to process your feelings, address the concerns in the relationship from the standpoint of what is working, what isn’t working and how you can negotiate to move forward. If you take the same approach you would take when requesting a raise from your boss or addressing issues in a work project, he will feel empowered to be able to respond.

Your Capricorn man doesn’t want to feel ineffective. When problems are pointed out with the intention of working together to find solutions, he will take notice and show renewed interest. He can be stubborn but this is because he is threatened by change, not because he is trying to make life difficult for others.

Focus as much as possible on solutions, not just problems. For example, if you are really upset that he worked all day through every holiday for the past two years, address why this upsets you and what you would love to do together on future holidays. Then listen. Let him explain his rationale for having worked so many extra hours. Try to come to a compromise, but address issues in a way that allows for future planning and strategies, not just rehashing problems that he can do nothing to resolve.

If you speak about the future of the relationship as if you were meeting with a financial advisor to discuss retirement, he will be all ears. Let him explain what is not working for him. Show maturity. Most importantly, show him that you are stable enough to handle the possibility of the relationship ending but value him enough to want to continue the partnership. Remind him of the value you add to his life. Explore ways to get back in alignment with shared practical goals. Take interest in his work and show appreciation for his career, in his mind it is a vehicle for stability for both of your futures.


So, if you are truly in the notion that your Capricorn man is done with you.. closely lookout for the signs, analyze his behavior and then take proper actions discussed in the article. I promise you can surely get your Capricorn man back.

Angela Kaufman