Looking Into Someone’s Eyes And Feeling A Connection? What Does It Mean?

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The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, so it is no wonder so many people feel a deep sense of connection when they look another in the eyes. Yet even as typical eye contact can signify anything from earnest attention to truth detection, it’s clear there is power in a person’s eyes.

If you’ve ever felt an instant and deep connection to someone the first time you looked them in the eyes, you know that this feeling can be exhilarating and also confusing. Does it mean this is your ‘soul mate’? Are you ‘destined to be together’? Or have you just had really good coffee or chocolate?

What does it actually mean, if you are looking into someone’s eyes and feeling a connection? Let us know..

The Science of Eye Contact & Feeling a connection:

Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Feeling A Connection

Psychologists and spiritual seekers pose various explanations for the meaning of a deep connection felt when you look someone in the eyes. On a deeper level, it was found that extraneous factors can have a surprising influence on what feels like ‘love at first sight.’ It was shown that being physically stimulated, for instance by ingesting coffee, soda or a tasty meal or sweets, in the presence of another, leads people to feel more euphoric about their connection with the other person.

Without consciously realizing it, people tend to project the slight rush they feel from chemical alteration from sugar or caffeine (not to mention other drugs if applicable) onto their person of interest. Perhaps the deep connection you are feeling has more to do with the enjoyment of coffee and a delicious meal and not actually attributable to your date.

Eye contact in general causes the release of a chemical called phenylethylamine, which makes people feel more euphoric or feel like they are attracted or falling in love. As such, eye contact alone creates a sense of feeling bonded to someone.

Yet spiritual significance is also given to the connection you feel when you first meet someone. If you are positive that no coffee, chocolate or other substances are at play and still feel a deep connection when you look into someone’s eyes, you may be getting hints from your intuition.

The Spirit of Eye Contact & Feeling a connection:

If you believe that all of creation is interconnected and energetically entwined, then it makes perfect sense that you will periodically recognize other energetic ‘strands’ on this larger ‘quilt’ of human interconnectedness. Therefore when you sense a connection, you may be picking up on the ‘energy’ of this connection. Think of it like your senses showing you that this is a connection worth paying attention to, for some important reason.

Intuition works through all of our senses. You may look into someone’s eyes and perceive a change in the light or ‘see’ a twinkle or glimmer that stands out to you as out of the ordinary. You may hear, feel or otherwise perceive the connection and this is a signal that you have an energetic connection to this person.

Not to burst the love-at-first-sight bubble, but what happens next is not always right out of a fairy tale. The signaling of a connection between two people indicates important lessons and Karma shared between them, though it may not always pertain to romance or lifelong romantic relationships. This may be the person who teaches you about boundaries by setting firm boundaries that they want to remain friends and not lovers. This may be the person who reignites your belief in love because they awaken your attraction even if they don’t share your feelings.

Interpreting Your Intuition:

Be mindful not to get ahead of yourself by jumping to the conclusion that you’ve met ‘the One’ when you feel this connection. While many stories exist about people making eye contact across a crowded room and instantly feeling a deep connection, this connection also serves other purposes. It signals something has brought the two of you together, but for what?

Perhaps there is unresolved business from a past lifetime and the spiritual connection is a reminder that there is a deep connection and further lessons to explore. If you believe in reincarnation, the ability to recognize someone from a past incarnation can appear early on in the connection, even in the first meeting. You may instinctively feel like your connection goes much deeper and you may feel they are familiar, when you look into their eyes. It may feel like you’re recognizing a long lost friend.

Some describe this feeling as if both parties are able to look ‘through’ each others’ defenses and see into each others’ true spiritual nature. This can be the case and can be the foundation for a satisfying long term romance. Yet it is also a signal that, if nothing else, you recognize each others’ true spiritual essence and can work to advance your own growth and understanding of each other because there is already an openness and receptivity in this relationship.

What to do if you feel a connection seeing into someone’s eyes? How to Proceed?

Even if you have been someone’s romantic partner for ten past lifetimes, even if you feel a soul-rocking connection at first sight and even if you are sure someone is your Soul Mate, remember that relationships involve a mutual process in which each person commits to participate. If your deep connection to someone is not reciprocated, regardless of the reason, it is essential to respect the other person’s boundaries. You can honor the connection and the other person by allowing them, and you, to have the space to find your way to the best possible connection.

If this connection is truly romantic, it will unfold in a romantic way. Give the person time to feel and respond to their own connection to you, if they are inclined to do so. Yet if they aren’t that is also important to accept and respect. Connections to others transcend lifetimes and if someone is not ready or interested in a relationship in one lifetime it is not for anyone else to try to force the connection regardless of how strong the energy feels.

Recognize the potential in this connection but allow circumstances to shape the outcome in time. Sensing the spiritual connection early in the relationship can be an indicator that you need to slow down, pay attention and look for opportunities for lessons brought about from the relationship. If taken to an extreme, however, this can lead some people to believe that a deep spiritual connection means they must be lenient with toxic or abusive behavior, and this is not the case. The connection may indicate potential for deeper understanding and a need to be patient and expand your mind when it comes to the relationship, however this is not a justification for tolerating abuse or unhealthy relationships.


When you feel the deep spiritual connection while gazing into someone’s eyes, enjoy the feeling. Whether you believe it is chemically induced or not, you are engaging in a special kind of intimacy and allowing yourself to see and be seen by another. Wherever the connection takes you, trust your instincts and be open to the process.

Looking Into Someone’s Eyes And Feeling A Connection? What Does It Mean?
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