When a Scorpio Woman is Done With You: Signs, What to do, What to expect, and More

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What’s not to love about the powerful, seductive, intuitive and charming Scorpio woman who has stolen your heart? You know your Scorpio love is sensitive and values trust. As a result, you may think that once she is committed to your relationship you have nothing to worry about.

But this isn’t always the case. Relationships are a steady effort and require nurturing in the long run.

So, what could make a Scorpio woman reconsider her relationship to you? What are the warning signs that she is over you? And What to do when a Scorpio woman is done with you? Let us see..

Your Scorpio woman is likely to be intense and mysterious. You may feel attracted to the mystery and feel like she is a puzzle that you never completely solve. This is essential to the relationship. In fact, part of what keeps her connected to you is the security she derives from being both an enigma and an intimate partner. She wants to know that she can share her life with you and know all of your secrets but also have a secret world concealed from everyone, even you.

When a Scorpio woman is done with you

If you try too hard to crack the code and infiltrate her secret life, she will likely feel threatened. This is something she will not tolerate in a relationship. Yes, it isn’t fair. She wants to ferret out all of your secrets while keeping her private life a mystery. You’ll just have to accept this as part of life with a Scorpio woman.

She is highly sensitive and wants to know you are completely faithful and honest. If she feels you have betrayed her, she will react dramatically. A Scorpio woman may cause a scene and let her feelings out in over the top ways. She may also slink away suddenly, just when you thought everything was getting better. You’ll never know for sure. This is because she is a mystery and will keep you guessing. It’s also because she may or may not have her own strategy thought through.

She may be obsessively committed to the relationship but also intolerant of the idea that she has any competition for your affection. If she suspects you have an interest in anyone else this may be a deal breaker, or she may begin testing you. If she is testing you. Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac. If you notice her eyeing your phone or showing interest in your social media accounts, this doesn’t mean she is ending the relationship but it does mean her suspicion is aroused and that is not a good place for your relationship to be.

How to tell if a Scorpio woman is over you? Warning Signs to look out for:

If your Scorpio love begins to drop questions into normal conversation, gradually escalating from a harmless inquiry about your ex to a full-scale interrogation, it means her insecurities are provoked. But when your relationship is really in trouble, she will stop showing even this much interest. When she no longer even takes the time to argue with you, look out.

This doesn’t mean you’ve won the argument. It just means she has decided you’re not worth her time and she will now focus her efforts on revenge instead of trying to change your mind. Her efforts will become passive-aggressive. She may try to sabotage the relationship or provoke you by crossing all the important lines and boundaries. After all, she went to great lengths to get to know all your deep dark secrets. When a Scorpio woman is done with you, even if the relationship is over, she will not rest until she has pushed every button.

What are the signs that your relationship is in trouble?

  • If your Scorpio love stops treating you like a mystery to be solved, she’s lost interest.
  • If she stops arguing back with you, this is a red flag as it shows she no longer cares enough to try to get through to you.
  • Your Scorpio woman values honesty but can bend the truth. Any signs of deceit are a red flag.
  • If she suddenly goes quiet, this can signal that she is angry, testing you, or has already begun to consider her other options.
  • If she loses interest in affection, sex or other forms of intimacy
  • Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac. When she stops trying to dig up your inner secrets, she is showing a lack of connection to you.

What to expect when a Scorpio Woman is done with you? Behaviors & Reactions:

how to tell if a scorpio woman is over you

The end of a relationship is not about closure and moving on. For her, it is about resuming control. When a relationship ends she feels disempowered and needs to find a way to regain authority in her life. Passive-aggressive measures to show you that she was right, you were wrong, and now you have lost your chance with her, are a part of the process of regaining control.

A well grounded Scorpio woman won’t go to such measures, having transcended such petty insecurities already. However, you will know the ship has sailed on your relationship if she is activating every last trigger. Scorpio doesn’t just break up. They declare war.

Other signs she is preparing to move on include ushering in a personal transformation. The end of a relationship can actually be a powerful catalyst for positive change for a Scorpio woman. She may suddenly start to pursue new interests, take interest in areas of her life she allowed to slide while immersing her full focus on you or going through a transformation into a whole new person. This may feel exciting or threatening as on some level even if she is making improvements, the underlying message is ‘I’m letting go of who I was with you.’

How Can You Save the Relationship? How to Win back your Scorpio Woman (when she is done with you)?

These red flags don’t have to mean it’s too late. Scorpio really doesn’t like to let go unless they have gotten to the bottom of things and found that the foundation itself is faulty. Even then, the sign of regeneration and rebirth prefers transformation to absolute loss.

If you intrigue her by showing her that you, too are an enigma, you’ll catch her interest.

Don’t test her by invoking the names of exes or provoking her jealous side. This will only backfire. Instead, show her you are still a mystery. Show your emotional depth. Step back from trying to control the relationship and allow her some space to feel empowered and in control.

Show her that you are complex and interesting by engaging in your favorite hobbies or exploring new ones. Invite her to join you in the process. She needs to discover something new about you and about the potential for the relationship.

If you allow your own transformation to take place, perhaps by heading back to the gym, quitting drinking, picking up a new hobby or having some other new, renewed or exciting development in your life, she will take notice.

What to do when a scorpio woman is done with you

Show her that you really have been paying attention and remember all her secrets. Recreate her favorite experience from childhood, put on her favorite movie, make her favorite meal, revisit favorite early memories and experiences from the relationship’s early days. Demonstrate that you really have been taking note of what she values.

Bring all the skeletons out of the closet. Whatever you have been holding back because you didn’t want to rock the boat, her intuition has already clued her in or will eventually. Owning up to any wrong doings (if they exist) will not guarantee she won’t be angry or hurt, nor will it guarantee she won’t leave. But keeping dishonest secrets from a Scorpio is a fool’s errand. The truth will come to the surface even if she has to uncover it using her detective skills. It will be better to show your authenticity now and take responsibility for the consequences than to try to bury them deeper and hope for the best.

If you reconnect with your sense of authority without trying to take control over her, she will also become intrigued. Remind her through actions, not words, that you are trustworthy, intense, passionate and interesting. Give her something to rediscover about you. Whatever you do, don’t play games by flirting with others or provoking her jealousy. If you nurture the connection and bring new depths to the relationship she will reconsider leaving. After all, there is now a new mystery to be solved.

When a Scorpio Woman is Done With You: Signs, What to do, What to expect, and More
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