When a Pisces Man is Done With You | Signs, What to do, What to expect and More

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You may have felt like you hit the jackpot since you’ve attracted the love of Pisces man. But if your insecurities are triggered perhaps you’re starting to second guess your relationship.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune and like the mythical God of the Sea, your Pisces man is deep. He wants his relationship with you to be a complete submersion of emotion, spirit, and mind. He needs to know that you are willing to join him in his emotional highs and lows. At the same time, he also looks to you to be his rock and pillar of stability, holding space for his introspective energy.

So, How do you know if your sensitive, compassionate, romantic Pisces man is done with you? What are the warning signs? What to expect when a Pisces man is done with you? And finally how to get back your Pisces man forever?

Let us discuss everything today.. Firstly, the Warning Signs

9 Signs your Pisces man is done with you:

when a Pisces man is over you
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Remember one thing, if your Pisces love, spends date night secluded in his room playing the guitar or hiding out in his artist’s studio working on paintings, it could just be that he has found his muse and needs some downtime. He is loving and compassionate but, Pisces man does need a lot of time to decompress and go into his inner world to process his feelings.

Don’t take his introversion as a bad sign for the relationship. Instead, notice how he responds after taking some time to himself. If he re-emerges with enthusiasm, eager to snuggle and share the new project he is working on, the song he has just written or his latest masterpiece, this is a good sign. But Here are the 9 warning signs which indicate that his seclusion is more than just self-care.

  • If he wanders aimlessly from one creative outlet to the next, his catharsis has become an escape.
  • If your Pisces man shows less interest in cuddling, something is wrong.
  • He is likely expecting you to notice this change. If you are too aloof, he will interpret this as a sign that you don’t understand him or don’t care
  • He starts projecting his emotional unhappiness onto you.
  • Instead of assertively speaking about concerns or insecurities, he makes accusations, jump to conclusions or over-react.
  • He invents signs that you are losing interest in him and uses this as an excuse to end the relationship or pick fights.
  • He becomes inconsolably melancholy and is not receptive to your attempts to fix problems.
  • He becomes jealous or suspicious of your relationships with others.
  • He begins testing you or genuinely misreading his intuitive signals and assuming the worst.

What happens when a Pisces man is done with you? What to expect and Other Behaviors to Look Out For:

Signs your Pisces man is done with you

Your Pisces man is in love with being in love and will not want the relationship to end. So the first suspicious behavior to look out for is emotional detachment. He is transparent about his feelings and couldn’t hide them if he tried. When he stops sharing his dreams with you, literally recounting the visions he had in his sleep, it’s a red flag. When your Pisces love stops talking about his feelings, including his many wounds, it is a warning sign.

You may think it is a bad sign if your love complains about the relationship. Actually, your Pisces man is trying to share his life with you even when he speaks about his pain. When he closes that door and stops showing vulnerability, that is a bad sign.

Your Pisces man is not extroverted but would enjoy joining you in your favorite activities. But when he stays home alone all the time, this is a bad sign. He is either brooding over a wound that you may not be aware of or is resorting to fantasy as an outlet for his unhappiness. (Dreaming of a make-believe reality in which problems in the relationship fix themselves and he doesn’t have to talk about it)

When he starts experimenting with mind-altering substances or prioritizes changing consciousness over the relationship, this is also a red flag. Even seemingly healthy interests like meditation or yoga can be turned into an addiction by escape artist Pisces. When he is done, he may not physically vanish, but he will check out emotionally and mentally.

What You Can Do to Heal the Relationship and get your Pisces man back?

When a Pisces man is done with you

So, What hope is there when he shows these warning signs?

If he truly feels hurt beyond the point of return, perhaps nothing. Pisces doesn’t like conflict and if he feels the relationship issues are too dramatic he may just sabotage the relationship completely or jump into a new relationship right away because he hates to be alone.

However, if it’s not too late, you can capture his imagination again. Appeal to his sense of romance. He has a tender heart for romantic stories or movies. Create a comfortable atmosphere to spark the flames of attraction again. Not just regarding sex, but emotional intimacy, which to him is more important.

Show emotional vulnerability yourself. This demonstrates that you have skin in the game and are willing to take risks. Chances are, he has begun to feel like a martyr in the relationship. If he feels like his efforts to show love and affection have been unmatched, he will withdraw. He is sensitive to perceived rejection, so showing your own willingness to take emotional risks helps reassure him that you are serious about healing the relationship.

Show him that you take his emotional security seriously. Take interest in his creative talents and spiritual beliefs. Look for opportunities to find deeper emotional healing in the relationship rather than arguing or focusing on superficial issues.

Remain grounded to balance out his emotional energy but not so much as to be seen as detached. Give him space to process his emotions. This can include his down time alone but also space where you are actively listening to his concerns without trying to squash his emotions or correct his feelings with logic.

Don’t use mind games to try to spark his jealousy. This will backfire and will be devastating for him and cause unneeded drama in your life. Flirting with others to see what he will do is not going to motivate him to be vulnerable in the relationship and he needs to know he can trust you.

While addiction can be present regardless of zodiac sign, Pisces are susceptible to all kinds of escapist behaviors and this can lead to addictions of various kinds. If behaviors interfering with the relationship have escalated to the level of addiction (whether alcohol or computer games) this needs to be addressed as part of healing the relationship. Don’t scapegoat him as the problem. Recognize that addictions are complex and are often a symptom of larger issues, which may include the relationship. Take interest in his healing, become involved in counseling with him or get counseling for yourself if these issues are impacting your relationship.

You may join him emotionally through your empathy but it is important to not buy in to the addictive process and enable. Encouraging healing for yourself and your Pisces love will help create healing in the relationship at large.

If he feels that you haven’t lost your romantic attraction to him and that you have emotional healing and nurturing to share, he would surely re-invest in the relationship. Also, your creative talents and belief in his gifts are attractive to him as is your support of his dreams and imagination.

When a Pisces Man is Done With You | Signs, What to do, What to expect and More
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