Is it True love when he Ignores you? What he’s thinking when he Ignores you?

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Whether it is a nasty silly argument or an unexpressed silent emotion, some men tend to go silent. Yes, even though a man loves you truly, at times, he may choose to ignore you all of a sudden.

While some claim that “True love is when he ignores you”, some other contradict and consider ignoring, a form of disrespect. So what does it actually mean? Can a man ignore you if he loves you? Is it true love when he ignores you? And What is he actually thinking when is ignoring you?

Let us see..

Is it True love when he Ignores you?

can a man ignore you if he loves you

The straight answer to this question is partially yes..

Let me explain this more.

If you closely understand the emotions behind why a man is ignoring you, it is often feelings of being hurt, anger, and sadness. Barring those who truly hate you, if a man is ignoring you, he is actually communicating an underlying message which he was unable to express directly.

Tell me, will you feel sad, get angry if a person (whom you don’t love), say or do something? Obviously NO. But tell me how hard you feel hurt, disheartened, and emotional, if a person who you care/love the most say something. Thus if a man is ignoring, he is sending the same underlying message that he is disheartened, feeling hurt and emotional about something you did. And Yes, of course, he is affected.. only because he cares, and you still matter to him.

That’s why many people claim that it is actually true love when a man ignores you. As ignoring clearly shows that he cares for you and is easily affected by your actions, now he is expressing his emotions indirectly by avoiding you. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ignoring you

So if your man is ignoring you, of course, it is love to some extent. (Barring cases of hatred, breakups or other extreme scenarios.)

Of course, Ignoring is a way of communication… But

True love is when he Ignores you

As said, ignoring is a symbol that he cares, but to be honest, it is a childish way of handling things. Yes, ignoring someone bluntly is a kiddish way of expressing one’s feelings.

Let us consider a child who was playing outside. If his mom asked him to stop playing and start studying, the child throws tantrums and then go on silent with anger. He ignores his mom and behaves stubbornly towards her. All that the child was showing is his disapproval for his mother’s actions and it is the child’s way of communicating his feelings.

The same applies to your man too. As said, even though his act of ignoring is a sign that he cares, it is an immature way of communicating his feelings. Just like the child, in addition to communicating his emotions, he is also indirectly expressing and expecting you to come back and sort out the issues. See If he’s shutting you out, here’s what’s missing…

So, What is a mature way of handling problems instead of ignoring? Being honest with each other and discussing matters is the only ideal way of handling things if you truly love each other. Clearly, one should explain what made them feel hurt and angry with his partner, and the partner on the other hand needs to reciprocate and sort out things accordingly.

Of course, it requires deep understanding and maturity, and many men still tend to ignore their partners when something goes wrong. So, what does he think during this time? We’ll see..

What he’s thinking when he Ignores you?

Just like women, men also tend to think a lot when they are emotional and angry. So obviously a series of hundred thoughts run across a man’s mind while he is ignoring you. Although this can vary from person to person and situation to situation, here are some of the common things a man thinks when he ignores you.

Constantly thinks about your response/reaction:

Although your man ignores you, if he really cares for you, he tends to keep waiting for your response/reaction. Is she upset now? Does she really care? Did she text me? Will she call me?

These are all the thoughts that would race over his mind as he constantly keeps an eye on your reactions and responses while he is ignoring.

Thinks/Worries if he could lose you:

Fear is one of the most common emotions in any relationship. The same applies here too. Whenever a man ignores you, he is constantly haunted by the fear of losing you.

He may wonder/worry if his way of ignoring could possibly backfire and you may go away leaving him forever. Thus even though he ignores you, he still evaluates and doubts whether ignoring is right or not and constantly fear that you would leave him for his acts of ignoring. See The unmet emotional “need” that keeps a man IN love with you…

What he's thinking when he Ignores you?

Thinks about the future events:

Although this may not be applicable in many cases, the thought of the future is one of the common things that would come in a man’s mind, when relationship issues arise. So while ignoring, men also do wonder what happens and what to do after you both talk again.

Of course, his thoughts can vary from how you can get back together again to what he needs to properly communicate so that you won’t hurt his feelings again.

Thinks if you will actually understand his feelings or not:

As said, ignoring is a way of communication. Thus while ignoring he expects that you would understand why he was hurt and angry, and thus respond accordingly.

So, when a man ignores you, he keeps on wondering whether you actually understood his feelings or not. If he feels like you haven’t actually understood his emotions, he keeps on communicating indirectly. Thus your man keeps wondering whether his feelings actually came to your radar or not.

It could be a case of manipulation too..

Although ignoring is a form of expression of anger and sadness, this can be sometimes dangerous too. Yes, many psychopaths knowing the power of ignoring, use it to their advantage and ignore their partners to get control over them.

Yes, ignoring someone intentionally and giving them the silent treatment is a form of manipulation and abuse. So, how to recognize whether your man is manipulating you intentionally or not?

Although that’s a whole different topic, however, many experts claim that certain common patterns such as – he crossing boundaries, he using ignoring as an escape, he ignoring you to get control of you, are signs that he is manipulating you.

So, if a man is ignoring you, of course, you can be happy that he actually cares for you, however, at the same time, you must be careful and make sure that he is not using it to manipulate you.


Everything was fine in the beginning. But What’s happening now?

He who was so sweet in the beginning why is he turning colder and colder. Moreover, you can’t neglect the serious fact that He is simply ignoring you instead of actually discussing what the real problem is.

This is what we can consider as a clear pre-warning sign of an excruciating breakup.


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Is it True love when he Ignores you? What he's thinking when he Ignores you?
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