18 Signs Your Truck Driver Boyfriend Is Cheating

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As the job name describes, truck drivers spend more than 70% of their time away from family, girlfriends, and home. Thus as a girlfriend of a truck driver, it is common for you to have a suspicion that he might be cheating on you.

So, do all truck drivers cheat? I will not say that all truck drivers cheat on their wives or girlfriends. But believe me, most of them do. Thus if you doubt that your trucker boyfriend or husband is cheating on you, there are several signs that you could check and identify.

So, What are the signs your truck driver boyfriend is cheating? How do you know if he is cheating on you? Don’t worry, the article will help you recognize the 18 undeniable signs of a cheating truck driver boyfriend.

18 Undeniable signs your Truck driver Boyfriend is cheating:

  1. A sudden change in the shift and timings:

One common sign that might imply your truck driver boyfriend is cheating is the unexplained change in his shifts or timings.

Yes, your truck driver boyfriend, who otherwise meets you every week or every fortnight, will start making excuses to avoid those meetings. He might come up with lame excuses like – working overtime and adding a different schedule to gather money for plans, etc

  1. He will not be attending to your phone calls:

As the relationship grows, you will notice changes in your truck driver boyfriend. He will not be answering your phone calls even after repetitive dials. And if at all he answers, it will be a brisk talk, and you will feel he is least interested in discussions.

  1. He talks less about his travel stories:

When in a relationship with someone, you and your boyfriend will grow into a couple and a faithful companion with whom everything can be shared. If you notice that your truck driver boyfriend is talking less about his work or his exciting hauls, you should doubt something cheesy.

He travels, and he will have stories and incidents to share with you. But when he starts moving away from you, he stops talking about his travel stories with you.

  1. He will be less interested in the relationship:

If your truck driver boyfriend is cheating on you, you will realize that your feelings are not reciprocated. You might feel that you are only yearning to keep the relationship lively and ongoing.

He will also become less interested in meeting your friends or family. Your truck driver boyfriend will also find excuses to avoid meeting and showing up with you at public and private functions.

  1. Not getting you anything from his long trips:

It is normal to shower your lover with gifts. During the initial days, you might have noticed your boyfriend brings you something from his long trips. It could be anything like a miniature collectible or souvenir. But what matters is the sweet gesture he shows.

However, if you notice that your truck driver boyfriend is not doing these anymore, you can doubt him for finding another woman.

  1. Less interested in conversations with you:

This is when your boyfriend visits you regularly, but you could feel that he is not emotionally present. Your truck driver boyfriend will show less interest in anything you talk about. Particularly the matters regarding your relationship. This lack of interest is a smoking sign that he might be cheating on you.

  1. Traces of Evidence in the Truck:

If your truck driver partner is cheating on you, there is a chance that there could be some leftover evidence in the truck that proves that there is another woman. Yes, you will also begin to get evidence like hair stands and scents of another woman from your Trucker boyfriend’s belongings.

And if you confront him with this evidence, he will act naive and blame a co-driver or friend. Even if you ask about any girl or woman in his life, he will start lying and say that she is just an office worker.

  1. Change in the frequency at which he comes home:

As discussed above, your truck driver boyfriend will not be meeting you frequently. He might not show up at home even on your birthday or on your relationship anniversaries.

He will start making you feel that there are other significant things in his life than spending time with you. He might even forget to wish you over the phone and then come up with excuses later.

  1. He gets angry and yells at you always:

Another significant change you could notice with your truck driver boyfriend is his temper. You could find him getting irritated with whatever you do and starts yelling and shouting at you for all the silly reasons. You could also feel that, at times, he is creating the agitation intentionally.

  1. He is not interested in taking you along for the trips:

Many truck drivers take their girlfriends along for the long hauls. But if your truck driver’s boyfriend does not invite you once to join him on his journey, it might indicate that he likes being away from you.

A cheating truck driver boyfriend will deny your request to join him on the trip. So if he comes up with excuses that are not reasonable, he might be cheating on you.

  1. He will start accusing you of cheating:

This might come to you as a surprise. Yes, if your truck driver boyfriend realizes that you are in doubt and has found him cheating on you, he will immediately try to play smart by accusing you of cheating.

It is his trick to divert you from blaming him, and he will take it as an opportunity to move out or break up with you. In the process, he might even start questioning your relationship with your colleagues and friends.

  1. He will start having meals outside:

Another refreshing change you notice in your truck driver boyfriend is that he prefers to have food from outside even after all your efforts to make a lovely breakfast or dinner.

  1. You will feel the distance even after he returns home:

Truck drivers are mostly away from their partners. But if he is cheating on you, you will now start feeling the distance even after he returns.

Whether he is away from you or very near to you, it will be the same for you, as your boyfriend will be indulged in his activities and will hardly notice you.

  1. He will start asking you to change the way you are:

Another visible sign is that your truck driver boyfriend will begin questioning your ways and compares you with other girls’ style and habits. So if the comparison starts, it’s a sign that he drew back from the relationship.

  1. His phone is always busy even while driving:

If your truck driver boyfriend is cheating on you, you will notice that he will always be on phone calls and texts. Thus his phone constantly shows busy even when he is driving and is away from town.

Also when you are with him, you’ll see him constantly using his phone all the time. When asked, he might say it’s a work call, but you can quickly determine from the body language if it was a work call or not.

  1. You will notice a disinterest in intimacy:

Since truck drivers spend considerable time away from you, they will be waiting to get intimate with you as soon as they come back from the trips. However, if your trucker boyfriend is no more into intimate activities with you, it could be a sign of finding pleasure somewhere else.

He might also deny your hugs and kisses. Showing irritation while kissed or cuddled is also a sign.

  1. You will feel the change in vibe as he prefers being on the road:

Above all, your intuition guides you. Trust yourself, and if you think there is a change in the way he behaves and the lovey air between you two, it might be that he has found a girl on the road. He might say he prefers always sleeping in the truck or being on the road rather than falling back to you.

  1. You will notice a change in his friend circle:

You will see that none of his trucker friends or company calls you anymore. They won’t even contact you while he is unreachable. You will also find a change in their behavior while you are around.


It’s hard to plan how to react when you suspect your truck driver boyfriend is cheating. First, you have to confirm your suspicions. However, it’s important to note that it’s impossible to know for sure without sufficient evidence.

After all, if he is proven to be cheating on you, you’ll have to decide if your boyfriend deserves another chance. However, before you give him another chance, remember that your heart is at risk.

Just remember to love yourself first and decide when to let go.

Riya Mishra