Taurus Man Stalking Traits: Are Tauruses Obsessive Stalkers?

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Taureans are known to be stubborn. If a Taurus man’s crush doesn’t fall for him immediately, he believes that she is playing hard to get and will try to pursue her and convince her to understand his feelings. Likewise, if he decides to go out with someone, he will not stop until he attains his goal.

It is easy for partners to get carried away by Taurus man’s grand gestures like this when they think they are in love, but this is not the case with their stalking traits. Remember, stalking is a different aspect of a relationship, as it involves control and obsession. Thus it needs complete understanding and awareness to deal with stalkers.

Now, what about the Taurus man’s stalking traits? Are Taurus stalkers? Do they stalk their crushes and exes? How does a Taurus man stalk you? And finally, What to do when he stalks you? See This sends a SHIVER up a Taurus man’s spine if he’s playing the stalking game

Are Taurus stalkers? Will a Taurus man stalk you?

Taurus Man Stalking Traits

Taurus is a zodiac sign that exhibits the stalking trait. The persistent behavior gives the vibe of a stalker most of the time, but that does not mean all Taurus men are stalkers. They will still try their best to get the person they want. The urge to get close to someone else can sometimes turn them into a stalker. It could be unintentional or intentional.

For a Taurus man, following his crush or partner or ex is a means to show the intensity of his love. He will not think about how the other person perceives the act. His only thought will be to gain them at any cost. Sometimes, the Stalking can intensify to a level that makes the Taurus man resort to dangerous ways to get what he wants.

Why are Taurus men stalkers? Why do they stalk?

There are numerous reasons why Taurus men turn into a stalker. Some of these could be because:

  • Being loyal to his Venusian nature, Taurus man rarely gets angry but will often refuse and resist in the most passive-aggressive ways possible. Also, he is known to get very jealous, which will last for a considerable time. Thus having such jealous and passive-aggressive characteristics, it in turn pushes him to develop strong stalking traits on people he loves.
  • Sometimes, when a Taurus man is insecure about his safety and wants to know that you are the only one he truly loves, he may be involved in stalking behavior. See The Mirror Technique to make any Taurus man Ask you for a date FAST
  • His legendary tendency to follow you around is also a problem. He will almost always follow you wherever you decide, but if you ask him to go outside his comfort zone, he will do so enthusiastically.
  • Taurus man at times feels that you are not considering his feelings or understanding the depth of his affection toward you. Thus he will resort to stalking methods that make you realize the intensity of his love.
  • Also, Taurus men will find it difficult to let go of a relationship. They enter into relationships after long consideration and calculations. So, if the partner they found to be perfect in their world chooses to leave, Taurus men will not be able to accept it. Thus he keeps on stalking their partners and will not let them leave without trying his best to hold them back.

Do Taurus Men stalk their exes?

Taurus Man Stalking Traits: Are Tauruses Obsessive Stalkers?

As said earlier, when choosing partners, a Taurus man takes a lot of time to find one. He also ensures that the woman he chooses is perfect for his habits and likes. So, when you break up with a Taurus man, he will find his ideal world is tearing apart and will try to bring it back to the previous state. It is then he resorts to methods like stalking and monitoring you constantly.

So, Yes, Taurus men do stalk their exes a lot. In fact, they tend to be very stubborn and will spend a lot of time monitoring the activities of their former partners on social media.

Moreover, Taurus men also want to know what caused their former partner to leave them, which in turn results in more stalking behavior. Although they are known to be warm and loving, generally individuals in this sign tend to get very possessive about their former partners.

Does Taurus stalk their Crush?

Taurus men are likely to be loyal and dedicated to their partner regarding love. It is because, to maintain their happiness, they are always willing to do whatever it takes to bring you together.

So if a Taurus man finds you as a potential partner, he will try to find ways to come closer to you and observe you. He might also make frequent calls and send messages to get to know you better, which may come off as stalking behavior towards you.

A man in this zodiac sign doesn’t fall for all women, but if he finds a girl he likes, he will do everything in his power to make her the ideal partner for life.

Taurus man stalking traits: How does a Taurus man stalk you?

are taurus stalkers

There are several ways a Taurus man can stalk you. His ultimate aim is to make you love him and accept his affections. The methods he uses for this will be ideal for him. But will be suffocating and forceful for the other person.

For example, he keeps on making frequent phone calls and messages. He might also start following you on your social media pages and flood you with DM’s.

Another way of stalking is following you everywhere. There could be times when you feel that he already knows your daily routes and plans. These behaviors can be scary as well. They might try to convince you that they’re only doing this to ensure you’re safe, but in reality, this is not the case.

As said earlier, his ultimate aim is to make you fall in love with him. Thus they even start sending flowers and gifts to your home and office daily.

Taurus man’s urge for you will be so high that he will try to befriend all your colleagues, friends, and even family members.

What to do when a Taurus man stalks you?

The best way to keep the stalker away is to confront him. Speak to your Taurus man about your feelings and how frustrated you are because of his actions. Since Taurus men are one of the most sensible people around, he might understand and let you go. But, if he continues the same, you should take some legal help as constant denial can make him resort to other dangerous ways to try to get you. These individuals’ behavior shows they lack the proper respect and boundaries.

If you are worried about your Taurus man’s excessive stalking traits, you can take various steps to protect yourself. If you suspect that your Taurus ex or any other individual is following you, you must protect yourself by collecting the necessary evidence. It can include photos of his behavior and records of your phone and other personal information. You can also ask your friends and family to help you.

Stalking is always torturous and makes you feel uncomfortable with your life. The extent to which Taurus men stalk can go beyond your tolerance limit. Try not to lose control. Be proactive and find ways to stop the man from following you. As ultimately, what matters is your peace of mind.

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