10 Undeniable Signs Your Affair Partner Loves You

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Starting a new relationship is exciting. There’s is often a strong rush you feel, when you start an affair with someone other than your significant other. It’s also pretty common that a certain amount of anxiety can come along with all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

Although the strong rush of this initial romantic attraction (lust) subsides eventually, however at times it turns into a deep love and attachment. So is your affair partner started developing feelings for you? Is s/he deeply loving you and getting attached with you?

These sorts of thoughts can come up when you’re guilty of your affair, or necessarily unable to understand the sudden behavioral change of your affair partner.

Luckily, there are certain physical and psychological things that people do, that can help you figure out if it’s really love.

So, What are the psychological signs your affair partner loves you? What are the physical things s/he do if they start developing feelings for you? As a therapist in behavioral health, Today I’ll tell you the reliable signs to look out for..

10 Signs your Affair partner loves you:

Signs your Affair partner loves you
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See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Blushing

This is a physiological reaction that we have no conscious control over, which is why it’s a great thing to look for.  Blushes can be triggered by strong emotions, including the ones brought up when you love someone. 

If the person you like blushes when they see you, or if you’re giving them a meaningful look, that’s a sign that they love you.

2. Pupil Dilation

This is another one of the physical reactions that we have no control over and is impossible to fake.  When people are looking at someone or something they really want, the pupils of their eyes will get larger.  If you see this reaction from your affair partner when they look at you, that’s love.

3. Stolen Glances

People look at things and people that interest them.  If you find that you and your affair partner make eye contact often, even if you’re not directly interacting, that’s a good indication that you’re paying active attention to each other. 

That attentiveness is a strong sign of attraction and the desire to create and maintain a connection between you.

4. Frequent Touches

When you feel a strong emotional connection to someone, it’s often accompanied by an equally strong desire for physical connection. 

If your affair partner frequently touches you in small ways, holding your hand, touching your hair, brushing your shoulders together when you’re sitting next to each other, etc., those are all signs of love and connection.

5. Intimacy Body Language

signs affair partner is falling in love body language and psychology

While we obviously have control over how we move, the truth is that how we move or hold ourselves is often something we do unconsciously.  Our body language is constantly telegraphing messages about what we think and feel. 

There are two major ways that we convey our attraction to others, mirroring and being physically open..

Mirroring is when we unconsciously imitate someone else’s behavior.  According to the American Psychological Association, researchers discovered special mirror neurons in our brains, which help us learn new things by watching and imitating others.  When someone is in love they pay careful attention to their partner, which means that over time they will unconsciously start to adopt some of their ways of speaking and/or moving.  If your affair partner regularly starts to use your favorite phrases or echoes your behavior across the supper table, it’s a sign of their love and attention.

Keeping an open body posture when the two of you are interacting is another warning sign.  When we want to feel close to someone else, not only do we try to establish eye contact or physical contact, we also don’t want any barriers, even symbolic ones, between us.  Positioning their body so they’re turned toward you, leaning in toward you when you’re speaking, and having their arms relaxed and not crossed in front of them are all ways that their body is showing that they are open and receptive to you, showing their esteem.

6. Sharing Food

Food is absolutely essential to survival, and our need for it is one of our most basic drives.  When your affair partner offers you one of their fries or the last bite of their dessert, at a deep and primitive level they’re acting on a desire to provide for you and ensure your well-being, even at the possible expense of their own.

7. Likes to Reminisce

“Do you remember when we…?”  Questions that start that way are a direct reflection of your affair lover’s ongoing pleasure in your shared experiences. 

When someone likes to look back on happy shared memories it’s a mark of how much they enjoy you and your company, and how much they value the time you spend together.

8. Running Interference

When you come to know someone very well, you not only know what they like, you also learn a bit about the things they don’t like. 

When your affair partner goes out of their way to make sure they are always the one to take out the trash, or clean something or gets trapped listening to your long-winded and slightly annoying neighbor so you don’t have to, they love you.

9. Small daily kindnesses

Grand gestures may play well in romantic comedies, but there aren’t very many opportunities for them in daily life.  While they may seem less romantic than holding a boom box over your head outside someone’s window, being the person to start your car and scrape the windows in the winter, regularly having your morning coffee waiting for you, or surprising you with your favorite treat are all signs that your affair partner is thinking about you, and your comfort and happiness matter to them.

10. Staying in touch all the time

Receiving quick little texts or calls that aren’t about things that need to be done are signs that you are in your partner’s thoughts.  A funny little meme or a quick comment about something that happened while you are apart is just another way of maintaining a feeling of connection when you’re not together, a sign of love.


Remember, all of the things that have already been mentioned are signs of love, but some, such as blushing, maybe more common early on, when the affair is fresh and new. However, In long-term affairs, it may be a bit tougher to know if the fire is burning bright or not.

All of the things on this list relate directly to physical signs you can’t control or to behaviors and thought processes that are geared toward making and maintaining an intimate connection. Needless to say, seeing one or two things on this list is no guarantee, but if your affair partner shows a pattern of doing many of them, they love you.

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