Can a Narcissist fall in Love permanently? Is it Actually possible?

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If you know a few narcissists, you might already know how they easily dump and cheat their partner without empathy.

In fact, due to the lack of empathy, many narcissists tend to behave like players and leave their partners whenever they find a new one.

Now, what if you know that your partner too is narcissistic and is promising that he/she won’t leave you forever? So, Is it actually possible? Can a narcissist fall in love permanently? Can they actually stick to partner forever?

Can a Narcissist Fall in love permanently?

The straight answer to this question is Yes..

In fact, you can make any person on the earth to fall in love permanently, as long as you meet specific criteria related to that person. Let me explain you more briefly.

We as human beings, subconsciously search for our potential partners all the time. And when we feel that a person has everything we are looking for.. and when that emotional bond starts developing, we fall in love with that person.

So, as long as you can make a person feel that ‘you have everything that they want’.. and as long as that emotional bond between you doesn’t damage, it is impossible for a person to lose interest in you.

So, the same even applies for the narcissists too. Although they are more self-centric, more manipulating and more double-faced, they are no different people when coming to the point of love.

Yes, believe me, as long as you keep meeting your narcissist partner’s criteria he/she will keep loving you again and again forever.

The matter of point now boils down to meeting the narcissist’s unique criteria.. Yes, This is what is completely different when compared to normal people.

5 Criteria that make a Narcissist fall in love permanently:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. keeping the high value:

can a narcissist be faithful

Narcissists are extremely materialistic and thus fall in love with a person whom he/she feels has high value. Thus, If a narcissist loved a person, the narcissist might already be feeling that the partner is of high value. So as long as the partner keeps up the high value, the narcissist keeps getting attracted again and again.

Here you need to understand that each narcissist is different, For example, If a particular narcissist feels that money is important, the partner needs to show some clear money management skills. if the narc feels that being social is great, the partner needs to make the narcissist feel that he/she has a large social circle. So, first, you need to understand a narcissist’s belief systems and thus be perfect in that. When you do that you will automatically be keeping your value high.

2. That special Treatment only for your narcissist:

will a narcissist ever be happy in a relationship

One of the things that hurt narcissist the most is ignoring. Yes, try to ignore a narcissist and see how harsh they will react. Thus in addition to keeping your value high, the only way to keep the narcissist hooked is by giving the narcissist a special treatment. Yes, I repeat the word ‘special’.

The surest way to make a narcissist love you permanently is to giving him the constant narcissistic supply. And the special treatment you give is what strongly triggers his narcissistic ego. Whatever is done, whatever is said, the narcissist must feel that it was exclusive for him/her. So such a special treatment to the narcissist when compared to others gives the narcissist the much-needed supply.

3. Pulling away at the right times:

can a narcissist fall in love permanently

Although many people tend to ignore this thing, pulling away is one of the key factors in keeping the narcissist thinking about you. Whenever you become so predictable, a typical narcissist starts to feel less interested. For example, if a woman sent a good night text to a narcissist man, he feels excited and that triggers his narcissistic supply. But imagine what happens if the girl starts sending the same good night text every night. As you guessed, the narcissist loses interest, as the text will no more trigger his narcissistic supply.

So, pulling away at right times is one of the key things to be considered while making a narcissist fall in love permanently. Thus, suddenly pulling away makes the narcissist confused, and whenever the partner comes back after pulling away it triggers their narcissistic ego again and again.

4. Holding strong and being a stone to narcissist’s silent treatment:

can a narcissist be loyal

Whenever a narcissist gives a silent treatment, the narcissist expects you to be hurt, get affected, create drama, cry and everything. So, whenever you create a drama that gives a narcissist, the much needed narcissistic supply, as he subconsciously is establishing his superiority in the relationship. Thus in order to get the supply, the narcissist makes it a habit to give silent treatments, finally making the narcissist lose interest in the relationship(as days pass by).

So, in order to keep a narcissist faithful forever, the partner needs to carefully learn the skill of handling narcissist ignoring and narcissist silent treatment. And when one understands how to ignore the narcissist during silent treatments, he/she will keep the narcissist hooked forever.

5. Finally Being that trophy partner forever:

does narcissists love trophy partners

According to a study by psychologytoday, it was found that narcissists relationship satisfaction is high, only when the narcissist gets a trophy partner. Trophy partner is being best in the eyes of the narcissist.

In simple, Every time your narcissist must have one feeling “She is the best partner I can ever get”. When I say trophy partner, You may feel that you are not that model or not that richest person in the town. But In fact, trophy partner is nothing but just a perception, that one can create in the narcissist mind, with just a few techniques. For example, if everyone around the narcissist keeps praising the partner of the narcissist, the narcissist starts feeling that he/she got a trophy partner, even if he/she is poor and unattractive.

Can a Narcissist fall in love permanently? Is it Actually possible?

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