How to know a Sagittarius guy is serious about you? The 6 Clear-cut signs

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Out of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius people are the most craziest ones..

They are extremely charismatic and attractive. And this makes them completely unpredictable and confusing.

So, with this much confusion… How to know a Sagittarius guy is serious about you? What are the key signs that prove your Sagittarius man loves you deeply? and finally, What should you do to know whether he is genuinely serious about you or not?

6 signs a Sagittarius guy is serious about you:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. He becomes Dramatic whenever you are upset:

how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you

One of the key characteristics of a Sagittarius man is his nature of enjoyment. A Sagittarius man is generally crazy and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Thus he expects his partner to be even more enjoyable just like him.

Now if he has genuine feelings for you, what happens when he sees you upset and depressed? Literally, it hits your Sagittarius man so hard. This makes him go to any extent and do whatever he can do. Like, he motivates you to give you the self-boost… He may crack jokes just to make you laugh… He may even get angry just to make you normal. And finally, all he wants is to see you normal again and be crazy like before.

So the next time, if you are depressed, and your Sagittarius man is going dramatic to get you back to normal, it is a clear sign that your guy is serious about you.

2. He will constantly be in touch with you:

how to know if a sagittarius guy is serious about you

Due to their love for freedom, Sagittarius men don’t stick to people who they don’t like. Thus, even though you worship him all day, if your guy is not interested in you, he will either ignore you or rarely talk to you. Moreover, he may talk to you only when needed or only once in many months.

Contrary, if your Sagittarius man is constantly being in touch with you, or he is constantly making calls, messages, and dates with you, it clearly shows that your guy is seriously attached to you. Always remember, if a Sagittarius is constantly being with you for some or the other reason, it is a sure shot sign that he is very serious about you.

3. He will include you in all his exiting activities:

signs a sagittarius man has feelings for you

As I have already told you, Sagittarius men love to be crazy and thus involve in a number of exciting activities whenever possible. They love adventure and fun-filled experiences. Thus you can take this key characteristic of a Sagittarius man to know whether he is serious about you or not.

If a Sagittarius guy is strictly serious about you, he will definitely bring some exciting picnic plans before you. This is because Sagittarius men hate to have a normal boring life. Thus if he is serious about you, he will definitely plan some exciting activities with you regularly.

Moreover, they want to get the best out of every activity they do. So if he is really attached to you, he will wish to add you in every activity he does, just to see the peaks of happiness. So, the more he plans with you, the more you can consider your guy is serious with you.

4. Becomes jealous and possessive:

how to get a sagittarius man jealous

One of the strongest signs that clearly shows his seriousness for you is jealousy and possessiveness. Although this is common for many zodiac signs, Sagittarius men tend to get extremely jealous if you show interest in some other guy.

So, next time keenly observe your guy’s reactions and feelings when you talk to another guy. Or else simply start talking more about another guy you know and see his behavior. Obviously, his reactions could clearly show you whether your guy is really serious about you or not.

5. He will start sharing his hidden past:

sagittarius man in love behavior

Unlike other people, Sagittarius people don’t like to share their personal feelings and past incidents with others. They literally hide all their personal, emotional details from getting revealed to the people around them. Moreover, with their charm, they have the decent capability to easily escape, from people around them who ask any personal questions.

So, when such a Sagittarius man, (who doesn’t easily share his feelings with others), is sharing with you his entire emotional past.. What does that mean? It clearly means a lot. It proves that your guy is giving a special place in his life and god damn serious about you and a relationship with you.

6. Tries to keep up the moments high:

is my saggittarius man interested and serious about me

Due to their personal beliefs, Sagittarius men tend to believe that a person is happy only when he/she is filled with excitement. Although this rule may apply to some, Sagittarius people tend to think that this applies to people of all zodiac signs.

Thus the Sagittarius man.. if he is truly serious about you, he strongly wants to keep you happy and interested in him. And Yes, he may feel lost if you both spend time sitting idle and bored. As a result, in order to keep you excited the Sagittarius man does everything just to keep up the moments high. This may include extensive flirting, cracking jokes, asking you to share some of your personal stories, playing fun-filled games etc.

So, if your Sagittarius man is always trying to keep the moments high and excited, then it clearly shows his serious interest for you.

Although.. with just a few signs we cannot say a Sagittarius guy is serious about you, however, we can definitely understand his levels of interest for you. Additionally the more signs you could observe in your guy, the more you can consider your guy is genuinely serious about you.

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