Is Calling Someone Boo Flirting? What Does It Mean To Call Someone Boo?

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This word ‘boo’ is frequently used to address romantic relationships, particularly on social media.

Does this imply that the term boo is exclusively used in flirting? Or can it also be applied in other situations? Is calling someone Boo flirting? What does it mean to call someone ‘boo’? Let’s find out..

Calling ‘Boo’:

The slang dictionary describes the word “boo” as a loving way to refer to your significant other. This phrase is said to have originated from the French word beau, which means beautiful. In the 18th century, the word was frequently used to refer to a male admirer in England. Later, when the Caribbean islands were colonised by France, the word entered the Afro-Caribbean tongue.

The recent slang term “boo” has gained popularity worldwide. Usually, when you say someone is your boo, you mean more than just pals. The term is occasionally also used to show affection for your loved ones and close friends. In fact, the boo word could signify a variety of things.

Thus, it makes sense that you would want to know what it implies if someone you know calls you boo or bae.

Is calling someone ‘Boo’ flirting?

Is Calling Someone Boo Flirting? What Does It Mean To Call Someone Boo?

Do you get all happy inside, thinking that a guy you are crushing on likes you just as much as you like him, if he calls you boo or bae? Or perhaps a friend has suddenly started referring to you as boo or bae, which has made you feel a little awkward?

Both possibilities are plausible because, as we know from songs like Pharrell Williams’ “Come Get it Bae” and Usher Raymond and Alicia Keys’ “My Boo,” the term can be used very casually as well. Usually, when you say someone is your boo, you mean more than just pals. However, pop culture artists and rappers also tend to use this phrase frequently in their songs. Thus, given the influence of media on us, it is very common for us to add their words in our personal communication.

Of course, it makes sense that you would want to know what it implies if someone calls you boo. If a friend or family member calls you Boo, it might signify that they consider you to be the closest to them, the most precious person in their life, or both. On the other hand, if someone calls you Boo and you can smell romance in the air, then you know what it means as well.

The major distinction between being friendly and flirting is the nature of the relationship between the parties. While being friendly does not require sexual desire, flirting frequently occurs when people are attracted to one another sexually.

Can “boo” be used in a Friendly manner?

It is acceptable to use the term “boo” while referring to a friend or a platonic partner, but you should be aware that the intended receiver may interpret the term differently.

Some individuals use the slang term “boo” to refer to a close or best friend. Over time, “boo” has come to mean different things to different people. Everyone has found a place to refer to their significant other as “Boo,” including lovers, close friends, and family members.

However, most often, people don’t prefer using it with friends or undefined relationships.

So, What Does It Mean To Call Someone Boo?

Calling 'Boo'
Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Wikimedia Commons

It is possible that people you know have used the word ‘Boo’ to describe their lovers, or your partner may refer to you as “boo” frequently. Boo can indicate a number of things in a relationship, including the fact that the other person finds you attractive, uses the word as a term of affection for you, and misses you. When someone refers to you as their “boo,” it’s an indication that they genuinely like you and love being around you.

This term is also used occasionally to describe relationships that are not formal. For instance, if you go on dates and engage in romantic activities with a boy or girl but are not yet romantically involved, you can refer to them as “boo” instead of “girlfriend” or “boyfriend.”

On the flip side, you will also hear friends call one another “boo” or “bae,” indicating that for some people, it is an affectionate term. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether being called boo or bae is a complement varies depending on the circumstances.

However, you cannot state that you have a lot of boos because the word “boo” does not have a plural form. The phrase is most frequently used to refer to the people who are closest to you because it was originally intended to be used exclusively for one person to express how special this person is to you.


As our social dictionary is expanding, words that were used traditionally in particular contexts are now applicable to others as well. When you use the term boo, you often make sure they are someone you have a lot of passion for, someone who makes you happy, and most importantly, someone you actually love.

People frequently use this word while sending text messages because it is a simple way to swiftly get over what may seem like a long wording, for example, my girlfriend. However, depending on the nature of the relationship shared between the two and the context that is presented, the phrase “boo” may have several meanings. It is important to communicate your intention, and also gauge the other person’s comfort level with the usage of this word. While it is part of our lingo now, it may or may not be preferred by everyone.

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