What to Do When Someone Goes No Contact After an Argument?

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When the person you love tends to ignore you, even a healthy relationship will seem hopeless. The no contact stings even more, especially after a heated disagreement. Not only that, the fact that they don’t call you, text you, or try to make things right starts eating you up from inside, and makes you think if your partner cares about you or not. Minutes appear to be hours, and days appear to be weeks.

Now there are people who don’t talk much in general, and stonewalling is frequently their coping method after a fight. Being angry and fighting are other things but your partner may also start showing that they do not care and gets on with the no contact rule to prove it. This, unsurprisingly, may be extremely difficult to manage. However, it’s natural that you’ll both need time to calm down after an argument or a fight because the emotional conflict simmering in your hearts and minds produces great animosity toward each other.

Honestly, most of the time it’s you who is overthinking the situation and there is nothing to worry about. After a conflict, it’s most likely their need for the distance that causes them to ignore you. It’s possible that they’re not returning your calls or messages at all. It may appear like he’s busy at first, but if your partner hasn’t returned your calls after a day or two, you’ll be biting your fingernails.

So, what to do in such a case? What to do when someone goes no contact after an argument? What does it mean if your partner goes no contact after an argument or fight? Why do they do so? Let us see everything..

What does it Mean when Someone goes No contact after an Argument? 3 Reasons Why they do so

no contact after argument

1. They are probably processing their own feelings –

It’s okay to give your partner some space after a fight. Some people choose to apply this rule thinking that they are doing the relationship a courtesy. Going no contact sometimes is healthy after a fight but of course, it shouldn’t be for a long time.

Your partner knows what he/she has done wrong and therefore they need some time to process through it and come back better. The best you can do is not overthink or make assumptions about the situation and let them take their space.

2. You did something to agitate them –

In every sphere of life, no two persons can be compatible. Couples will constantly disagree, and it is possible to dislike your partner’s habits and actions as a result. Perhaps you and your partner are dealing with some of the most frequent relationship issues, or you unintentionally said something cruel or acted in a way that provoked his concerns.

Different people are sensitive to different things, thus we must be mindful of other people’s sentiments when fighting. Because males are never actually taught to deal with their feelings, when a man’s fears are brought to the surface, it frequently hurts him more than anything else.

3. They fear that they will make the situation worse –

It’s possible that your partner avoids you after an argument because they don’t want to make things worse. They may not be confident in their ability to resolve conflicts, and in order to avoid getting blocked on every platform known to man, they are attempting to give you time to cool off before texting you. Their explanation could be that the problem will only be resolved until you’ve both had time to reflect on the incident and can sit down and talk about it as a group.

They may also be afraid of losing you if they say unpleasant things unintentionally, which could be fuelling their treatment of you in silence. As a result, no contact after an argument does not always imply the end of the world. Don’t they have a point here? You’ll be better able to cope with this scenario once you’ve both calmed down.

What to do when Someone goes No contact after an Argument? (How to Make them Stop and get them Back)

What to do when Someone goes No contact after an Argument?
  • Let your partner know that he/she is important –

You can choose not to allow your ego to be damaged by reaching out to your partner on a daily basis if your partner ignores you after a conflict. After a quarrel, expressing your love without inhibitions and demonstrating that they are a priority will go a long way toward repairing your relationship. They will eventually realize they have been ignoring you – the most important person in his life – and will confront you to address the situation as soon as possible.

  • Have an honest conversation with them –

Give them plenty of time to consider their options. Initiate an honest conversation when you both feel like you’re in the correct frame of mind and willing to discuss the matter like mature adults.

Neglecting your partner and the fight, will end in future dilemmas in your relationship. Begin by telling them what you wish you could go back in time and do differently during the fight. Instead of being accusatory, you can tell him how his actions have harmed you. Accept responsibility for your actions and, if necessary, apologize.

  • Do things to make them happy –

Make them happy by doing something for them that will help you both forget about the argument. Cooking for them, purchasing their favorite piece of clothes, dressing up especially for them, or assisting them in any way will show them that you are attempting to repair your relationship.

Praise would melt your partner’s heart if they ignored you after a quarrel. Expressing your gratitude for anything they do for you will show them how much you care about them and cherish everything they do for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to make arrangements with them and spend time with them. So, following an ugly argument, search for ways to organize dates and outings with your partner to help you forget about the past fights and fully enjoy each other’s presence.


Most of the time, the no contact rule after an argument/disagreement isn’t as scary as your worried mind makes it out to be. They could simply be gaming to relieve tension, and things will improve shortly. If you sincerely believe in your love, keep battling!

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