What Happens Spiritually When You Sleep With Someone?

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Sex is a sacred act, or at least it should be.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be in tune with your primal nature, needs or desires; or that your instinctual side is not allowed to shine in its brightest (or wildest!). Nevertheless, you need to understand that there are certain strong spiritual consequences whenever you have sex with someone.

So, what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone? What are the various implications and psychic consequences you are ought to face after a sexual interaction? Will there be any spiritual energy exchange? What if you made a soul tie with a negative individual?

Let me answer all your doubts today..

So, What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

Significantly, sex is a merging of souls, an act in which two spirits come together in unison.

This means that during sexual intercourse or intimacy you and your partner’s energy bodies entangle and entwine in an “energetic dance.” Essentially, your minds, emotional bodies, physical selves and spirit bodies merge and “exchange energy.”

Yes, you do exchange each other’s energy during sexual interaction. This is why sex is often known and referred to as an energy exchange.

So, if you are sleeping with someone who has a particular low vibration, low morals or ethics, and is generally un-empathetic, uncompassionate and narcissistic or mean-spirited; you are merging with their energy. The effects may be unconscious in that you don’t consciously realize what is occurring, but the truth remains the same. You are absorbing the negative and harmful energy of your sexual partner!

This is why karmic relationships and connections can be so harmful to you. In karmic relationships you and your mirror have a lot to learn – you are a part of one another’s lives to transcend old patterns and karmic interplays which you no longer want to keep occurring (on a soul and spirit level). But, you are still not completely aware or conscious of what is happening (hence it wouldn’t be “karmic”), so instead of transcending certain patterns and cycles of thought, behavior and energetic ways of being, you instead pass on your dark ways to your partner and vice versa.

Twin flame vs Soul mate vs Karmic | @melanade_stand

On the other end of the spectrum, finding a soul mate or your twin flame will result in the absorbing and merging of their energy body or subtle energy, and, as a soulmate is spiritually in tune and awakened on some or all levels, this can only be positive. The same goes for twin flame; you and your twin are a power couple, yin and yang and completely harmonious and synergistic with one another. Therefore, the subtle and spiritual energy you exchange with them is usually if not always on a beautiful and higher level.

Let’s explore this in a bit more depth.

Be careful who you sleep with – Understanding Primality and the “Lower Self” VS Spirit and the “Higher Self”

Be careful who you sleep with - spiritual energy exchange

Quite simply, your primal or animal instincts are the basis of most karmic relationships and subsequent lower vibration exchanges of sexual (and subtle) energy. On the other hand, being connected to your intuition- your guiding light- your higher self, and your “awakened or spiritual self” results in higher vibrational exchanges of energy. This is where you can use sex as a tool and route to higher dimensions of consciousness and being. Many gifts can occur and be transferred during sacred or spiritual sex, or simply sex where two partners have a soulmate bond and connection.

So what’s the key here? It’s your Heart.

We are mind, body and spirit, and we are also emotions and heart. “Bad” sexual exchanges occur when we only think and act from our physical organs. But this is completely one dimensional. What about heart, soul, emotions and depth of spirit and mind?!

Sex in this latter scenario becomes a multi-dimensional experience and can further lead to some magical and even mystical encounters. Also, your own vibration is raised as you are making love or having sex through a connection to your inner light. Simultaneously, you can use your inner light to raise your partner’s vibration, heal them, and transfer some of your own subtle and spiritual energy to them.

Think on the same wavelength as Marvin Gaye’s “sexual healing,” “Shamanic sex magic,” and “tantric sex!”


Lastly, I want to tell you one thing. Always keep in mind The Significance of Instinct and Intuition.

It may seem like they are the same but there is an important difference between instinctual sex and intuitive sex. Instinct is defined as the innate and “fixed” pattern of behavior in animals, in response to certain stimuli. Intuition is defined as the ability to understand (respond or perceive with awareness), without the need for conscious reasoning. It is your guiding light and synonyms include sixth sense, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and a gut feeling or your inner knowing. As you may see, this is strongly linked to a higher and more aware or conscious level of being.

This ultimately means that we can choose partners more in alignment with our best interests, and also the best version of ourselves. Why would you want to absorb the narcissism, self-destructiveness, nastiness, or unkindness and immorality of another?

The answer is you wouldn’t and you don’t. Karmic patterns can keep repeating themselves until we learn to understand ourselves as the holistic and interconnected beautiful beings that we are. We all have a life path and a soul service. Our inner spirit knows – it is aware and conscious. Meditation, self-healing and holistic therapy can greatly help our ability to reconnect to ourselves, and thus connect with the right sexual partners.

Remember that world-famous quote by Nikola Tesla?

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Well, if you want to know the secrets of sex and sacred sex, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration!

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