How Long before he calls after a Break up? Days? weeks? or months?

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If you’ve recently undergone a breakup and find yourself sitting by the phone waiting for your ex to be on the other end – don’t feel ashamed. We have all been there.

Whether the break-up was rocky or peaceable, abrupt or forthcoming, all of us begin to miss our ex at some point and wonder when they will re-establish contact. If you are a woman, this can be even trickier as men are notoriously closeted with their emotions.

The One Thing that determines how long he will take to call you (After the breakup):

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

Now coming to your deep question.. How long before he calls after a breakup?

Will he call you immediately? Will he take a few days? Or will he completely ignore you? What are the chances he will come back?

And Yes, the answer to all these questions boils down to one crucial thing. The type of your break up. Yes, Understanding how your breakup happened is the single key to trace out how long will he take to call you back after the breakup.

So brace yourself while we look into instances of each kind of break-ups and what the chances of your ex-calling after is –

1.  The heated argument break-up:

how long before he calls after a break up

You got into a heated exchange and said some very unsavory and unforgivable things on both ends. One of you had enough and said “It’s over.”

So, what happened? Chances are, the argument hit a plateau and was going nowhere. If he was the one that said it, he probably wasn’t winning the argument or feeling amply heard. It could also be that he exhausted himself off the argument and wanted to end it. The fight is now over and both of you are fuming. Once the anger cools down you replay the sequences of the fight over in your head. If what you said came from a place of honesty, you will have little to regret. On the other hand, if you hit below the belt in an attempt to win, you are inclined to feel remorseful now.

Listen, if it was your man, who made the announcement of the breakup (in a moment of anger), he is most likely to await your call. He won’t call you first because if he does, he will have to take responsibility for his actions. He will wait for your call to justify his words and paint you as the villain. So, don’t reward his pressure tactics by calling. Let a few days pass by. When he did not receive any communication from your end, he will start to get anxious and probably test waters with a written message. If you still do not reply, this is when he’ll call you.

2. The “I need space” break-up:

how long before a man misses you after a breakup

If he wants space in the relationship, give it to him. No amount of pleading with him will work here. When they announce this to you, don’t give them a chance to explain – tell them you will be doing the same and end the conversation on an upbeat note.

When you say this, they will most likely second-guess their decision. Don’t expect them to call for at least a week unless their declaration was a move to manipulate you. If that were the case, they would most probably call sooner now that their plan failed miserably. Try to limit your social media posts – this will work to stoke your ex’s curiosity. When they cannot access any news about you, they will call sooner or at least ask your friends about you.

3. The “I’m confused” break-up:

after a breakup and he doesn't call

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It is an authentic and honest reason for breaking up. If he is confused, give him space to figure out the situation. Don’t try to force your affections onto them here. If the both of you were good together, he will work this out on his own. If you constantly breathe down his neck asking if he has figured things out or not, you will only push him away.

The “I’m confused” break-up usually happens before a relationship progresses to the next stage and he wants to understand if he is open to investing in it further or not. He will either come back or call to let you know that it isn’t working out. It shouldn’t take more than a week or two for him to call. If he misses you, he will call sooner. If he gets comfortable with your absence, it may take him longer. The important thing to know here is that he will miss you nevertheless one day.

Other things to Remember while expecting a call from your ex:

Although the ‘type of your breakup’ is the single most factor that determines when he will call you, there are certainly other factors too. Yes, Certain factors do come into play after a break-up, that indirectly influences how soon he will start missing your presence in his life. Some of these include –

• His Quality of life – Now that your relationship is over, he will have to look for alternatives to meet the emotional needs that your relationship was taking care of so far. If he finds ways to cater to these needs, he will take longer to miss you.

• Investment – If he invested time, effort and hope into building a future with you – he will definitely miss you sooner than you think.

• Chemicals – If your ex was emotional and snuggly with you during the relationship and he hasn’t already started another relationship – he already misses you.

Look out for the signs constantly..

Most of the men, when they miss you, it will manifest in him – either removing all signs of your presence from his life or trying to establish a secondary relationship (like a friendship) with you to keep you in his life. Both are positive signs that he is missing you and chances are that he will call you soon.

Look out for such positive signs regularly. They will provide you the much needed positive fuel for your hopes.

Yes, men can be difficult to read. And it is even more difficult so after a break-up. Hope this article helps you clear some of your doubts regarding when you can finally expect him to miss you and give you a call.

How Long before he calls after a Break up? Days? weeks? or months?

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