How to Make A Man Cry In Bed? His 9 Secret Pleasure Triggers

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We all have seen those movies where women cry out in pleasure when they make intense love with someone. Hmmmm.. What about men?

Have you ever wondered why most men are silent in bed? Of course, it is pretty much rare that we see men crying/moaning in bed out of pleasure. Although the real reason behind this can vary from one man to another, however, there are some super tips which you can follow right away and make your man cry and scream in bed.

So, how to make a man cry in bed? how to make him shake in bed with intense pleasure? Let us see…

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed? The 9 Secrets

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

1. Make Use of Blindfolds:

Using blindfolds is one of the powerful secret techniques you can try to make your man instantly excited. It induces an element of surprise, making him remain excited and thrilled throughout. Moreover, using blindfolds closes your man’s eyes, thus blocking one of his senses while indirectly intensifying others.

Yes, you heard it right. With one of his senses(eyes) being blocked by blindfolds, he automatically focuses on other important senses like your touch and pressure. Thus this instantly intensifies his excitement and he is sure to cry out of pleasure, no matter what you start to do.

2. Take it slow:

Never get too quick unless there is some urgency. Rather take it slow, make him enjoy each moment, and let him experience everything step by step. In many cases, if you are pretty quick in lovemaking, your tension rubs on your partner too and he might not relax completely.

Remember, for any person to enjoy sex, not only just body but also his/her mind plays a large role too. Thus a man will cry out and enjoy sex only when he is completely relaxed and filled with pleasurable thoughts. So make him relax, take control of his mind with slow and gentle foreplay, and just see how much intense pleasure he feels himself.

In fact, such kind of slow and gentle romance builds up more sexual excitement in him and thus a more satisfying sexual experience overall.

3. Get on Top:

Many popular surveys, including survey, clearly concluded that men tend to love it when they have a partner who takes the lead. So, if you practice to take lead during the lovemaking, your man would love it to the core and enjoys the entire session so intensely.

So, how can you take the lead? Simple, Get on top of your man. This is one of the easiest ways you can take an immense lead on your man, which will turn him on like a fire. Moreover, men are visual creatures and when you get on top of him, he could see all of your body, expressions, etc everything in a much closer manner.

Thus this entire scenario of getting on top of him and taking the lead is going to surely make him moan out in pleasure. Just enjoy how great your man cries while you do the things taking the lead.

4. Be Rough:

Men and women are completely different in terms of biology. While females tend to be sensitive and gentle, many men are way not that sensitive like women. So fearing that you may hurt your man or his body is one of the biggest minus factors, if you are thinking to make your man moan out in pleasure.

Yes, men are tough and not sensitive, unlike women. So try going a bit rough and hard and see how he reacts. If he grunts in pleasure, that’s it, it’s a clear cut sign that you’re being too sensitive and your man wants some rougher and tougher romance. So play it rough and you’ll see your man cry in pleasure and satisfaction which he could be craving all the time.

5. Concentrate on his Facial expressions and Repeat:

You may seek hundreds of advice and suggestions, while still may fail to make your man see real pleasure. That’s because every man is not the same. What one man may love may be completely hated by another man. So, how to find out where your man’s key pleasure lies? It’s simple.. observe him and let him give you the clues on what makes him super high.

Although many men are verbally not expressive, one cannot hide feelings of pleasure completely. No matter what, the satisfaction and thrill would be clearly visible on your man’s face and body language. So if you are doing a particular sexual move, just try to observe how it is making him feel. If you could see a clear change in his facial expressions and body language, then that’s where the secret could be lying.

So, once you find his patterns of pleasure, you could repeat those sexual moves again and again and he is sure to cry out loud in pleasure no matter how hard he hides.

6. Suggest him to be expressive and vocal on Bed:

Due to the societal norms and conventions, men are often conditioned not to be expressive in bed. In fact, many think that moaning, screaming, and crying on the bed is less masculine and will obviously not be liked by many women.

With this pre-built notion that women don’t like a moaning man, many guys tend to suppress their vocals during sex. As a result, even though he may feel the pleasure, he becomes less expressive, thus not letting his voice out. So, tell your man that his moaning and screaming is a huge turn-on for you too, and would love it if it happens. Thus telling him to be expressive during sex, can let your man free himself and will surely let his vocals and moans out the next time.

7. Get into Dirty Talk:

You may think how a simple talk can make your man moan on the bed. You’re wrong. According to Medical daily, dirty talk stimulates the part of the brain that controls excitement and pleasure. To be simple, a simple dirty talk can activate parts of his thoughts making the entire experience a real pleasure and thrill.

So, next time try some dirty and intense talk and just see how he responds. You’ll see his excitement doubling each time you talk something dirty. Moreover, when you talk something, he is ought to respond in some or the other manner at least as a part of acknowledgment. Thus in most cases, his response comes out as an intense cry showing the excitement that is running in his mind.

8. Identify his Fetishes and Include them in your Romance:

Every person is different and what excites someone may not excite the other. Just like any other gender, men too have fetishes and love it when you include them during sex. In fact, some men who have very strong fetishes don’t feel excited when that particular fetish is not included in their sexual life.

So, freely talk to your man about fetishes. Tell him about the ones you love and that makes him open up about the fetishes he loves. When he talks about his fetishes, show genuine interest in them, and try to implement them as much as possible. Thus when you include the fetishes your man loves, you will see an excitement of another level and your man is sure to burst out in pleasure and excitement throughout.

9. Edge him:

This is one of the secret tips you can try out if you want to make your man experience an outburst of pleasure while climaxing. Edging is nothing but a technique where you pleasure him until he is about to climax and then stop all of a sudden while delaying the climax.

You repeat this again and again by bringing him close to the climax and then slowing down without making him climax. Thus after doing this quite a few times and when you finally make him climax, any man is sure to experience a sudden outburst of pleasure. Often this is so intense as it is an outcome of extreme excitement and waiting to climax after a lot of edging times. This outburst is sure to make your man cry in bed and you’ll see him shiver and moan in pleasure.

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How to Make A Man Cry In Bed? His 9 Secret Pleasure Triggers
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