Does the No contact rule work on Men? Women share their true stories

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Jenny still remembers those beautiful days, when they both loved each other so much..

And everything happened within no time resulting in a devastating breakup for her.

And after days of crying and deeply depressed, Jenny decided to get him back at any cost. This is when she came to know the no contact rule. Many experts revealed how men can get their girl by simply going no contact.

Also, there are many websites telling you how to get your ex-girlfriend using the no contact rule. Then what about men? Does the no contact rule work on men too? If so can you get your ex-boyfriend back by simply going on no contact for a few weeks?

The Important thing about No contact:

Although many women think that no contact has a 100% success rate (mainly due to those websites bombarding you), this is not true.

When I investigated.. I came to know that no contact technique has its own share of failure stories (when the man never ever returned). So, this clearly proves that the no contact rule doesn’t work, if your man completely hates you or if he doesn’t even miss you.

Now.. Coming to the main point.. Does the no contact rule work on men?

After seeing a lot of couples, after listening to a number of true stories, I am confident to say a big “Yes”

Yes, the no contact rule does work on men. And you can confidently go on a no contact to get your ex-boyfriend back to you. Still in Doubt?

Here are just a few of the success stories across forums, in which woman used no contact and successfully go their exes back.

The Success stories of No contact rule worked on men:

I do agree that there are some stories when the no contact rule didn’t work but the above ones are true stories of real women picked up across various forums and social media. 

no contact rule success stories
Does the no contact rule work on Men


no contact rule male psychology


Just like the above ones, there are hundreds of big success stories that clearly prove the fact that no contact rule has a huge impact on men making them miss you to the core.

4 Reasons why No contact rule works on Men:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Do you know the proverb? 

There is a popular proverb which mentions.. “A Guy only loves you when he misses you”. Although I don’t know who told this, it is completely true.

is he thinking about me during no contact

Ask many women about the exact time, when a man proposed to them? Most of them will answer as “right after they stopped talking for a few days, after intense attachment”. And exactly the same happens with your ex when you go no contact.

When you suddenly go no contact, he suddenly misses the intense attachment you both used to have. Those beautiful moments with you make him miss you so much, finally making the no contact successful for you.

2. Men are hunters and chasers:

Although the modern world has developed to a large extent, the traces of biological wirings are still deeply present. The biological manufacture of men is to chase and hunt for everything.

no contact rule on man's mind

Thus men are biologically wired to chase those things that are hard to get and which are about to lose. And this is what the no contact rule exactly does. So, when you go on no contact, your man feels that you are about to lose and starts to perceive you as more valuable. And as the old hunter simply wants what he can’t get, he comes down to you, chases you, and finally gets you.

3. The Heavy ego of men:

This is one of the important factors that make men clearly susceptible, to be affected by the no contact rule. In general, when a breakup occurs, men act confident and strong. They even feel that you are the person who is going to be losing because of the breakup. In addition, he expects that you deny the breakup, chase him continuously, cry for him and plead him to come back.

no contact rule to get your ex boyfriend back

Contrary, if this is not happening, he feels devalued. Moreover, the no contact rule you follow can intensely strike his ego, making him overthink again and again.

So he starts overthinking like..  “how is she unaffected” Am I so unworthy in her eyes?” “why is she not at all responding”  etc etc, making him miss you gradually. And as a result, he comes back to you.

4. Men Don’t communicate:

Tell me what happens when you don’t have a single friend around you? Very hard, Right? Although men have friends, many men don’t have the habit of sharing emotions and feelings with their friends.

will no contact make him move on

So, when your man is not sharing his feeling with anyone, and on the other hand, being bombarded with intense feelings due to your no contact, the result is choking. Yes, your man gets choked with this internal pressure affecting him completely. As a result, chances are high that he comes back to you to get rid of all his negative emotions and stress.

The Comparision:

Although I explained, how no contact rule works effectively on men, here I also want to add a few more things. When asked by many people, does no contact rule work more effectively on men or women, I need to say it is on women.

Yes, In spite of the fact that men are deeply affected by no contact rule, this is not that effective when compared to women. This is because men, when compared to women, give lesser value to relationships in their life. Additionally, they give extra focus on aspects like career, earning money etc which makes them more distracted instead of thinking about their ex.

Although it can be considered less effective on men, we can never ignore the super success stories on how many women got their ex-boyfriends by simply going no contact.


You are about to go on a No-Contact.

But just imagine what if this technique fails and he gets even more distant.

If at all any such thing happens, this will become your scary nightmare and you’ll end up with an excruciating break-up forever.


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