5 Reasons Why He Ghosted You But Watches Your Snapchat Stories

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Social Media has impressively changed what dating in today’s world has become. 100s of rules and expectations have walked in while talking to a guy you like in the dating landscape.

Social Media breadcrumbs, commonly known as Ghosting or Zombie-ing have grown ever since dating moved to Snapchat and Instagram.

It is a situation where a guy ghosts you or hardly communicates with you but watches your stories on Instagram or Snapchat. He tries to distance himself from you but keeps a check on your daily activities.

It is like when the communication gap increases and it begins to fade away with time, or he never texts you back, the ghosting begins. He watches your Snapchat stories consistently and is often the first viewer. But sooner or later, there will come a time when you will find yourself posting stories only to check if they are still viewing them or not.

You assume that he is still a part of your life with their stalking-ghosting game and will come back to you sometime in the future. But in the end, he leaves you all confused and worried.

So, if a guy ghosted you but still watches your Snapchat stories, what does it mean? What are the various reasons why he ghosted you but watches your Snapchat stories? What should you do now? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ghosting you

“He Ghosted me But watches my Snapchat stories” – 5 Reasons why he Ghosted you but still watches your Snapchat stories

He Ghosted me But watches my Snapchat stories

There are several reasons why he is watching your Snapchat stories but trying to ignore you or not text you.

1. He wants to know you but not date you.

He is curious to know what is happening in your life, what you are up to, and if you lead a happy life. It is his style of keeping himself in touch with you and not committing by having a conversation to make you feel interested in you.

He might not be in the correct place to be involved in anything beyond friendship, or he might not think you are the right one for him. He just likes you to keep you in his life. See The Mirror Technique to make him skip all the games and commit to you FAST.

2. He regrets his decision of ghosting and misses you.

If you guys have dated each other and parted ways in your life, then there is a possibility that he regrets his decision of ghosting someone like you and misses you. But he is too afraid to reach out to you and confront the same fact.

He could also be in a relationship with someone else whom he can’t leave, but also very fond of you and wants to keep you close. It is his way of keeping himself a part of your life.

3. Scrolling through the Snapchat app.

Checking your Snapchat stories doesn’t have to mean so much at times. One can mindlessly be scrolling through the app to check the snaps and click on those circles without actually wanting to see them.

The algorithms of Snapchat generally put people you give attention to first in the queue which can always be you for him who is ahead of all.

4. He’s looking for validation of his verdict of ghosting.

He might be seeking an answer to his question if he did the right thing by leaving/ghosting you. He might have broken up with you for Xyz reason, but every time he views your Snapchat story, he might feel like, ‘Oh yes, I did the right thing.’

5. An ego boost up, is it?

Watching your exes’ stories can be a low commitment way to stay connected and play a docile role in their lives. Ghosting can turn out to be an ego boost up for him if they often feel prompted to contact the person they ghosted.

What does it mean if he Ghosted you but still watches your Snapchat stories?

The ghosting phenomenon often leaves people at a confusing stage in their lives as he might be on-and-off at viewing your stories. At times he might be looking at your Snapchat stories and lurking through your page only if he has zero interest in you, but other times he can be genuinely missing you and want to return to your life. It is difficult to judge what he might be up to and expects from you. See Why do men ghost & The Simple Mind ‘TRICK’ that makes him devoted to you forever

Often when people begin watching Snapchat stories, they intend to watch a couple of them but watch around 20 stories when you come up.

It is not always accidental to watch your stories. It can be out of curiosity to know how you’re doing and what you’re doing and to know if you miss them or not. Sometimes there are emotions and feelings attached to ghosting, and, won’t realise when his heart would drop into the stomach upon seeing your face. There are instances when he thinks that there might be something about him too in your Snapchat stories, but he ends up with no ray of hope.

But what to do next?

What to do if he is watching your Snapchat stories even after Ghosting you?

"He Ghosted me But watches my Snapchat stories" - 5 Reasons why he ghosted you but still watches your Snapchat stories

To be straight, there are three options if a particular guy ghosted you but still watches your Snapchat stories.

Firstly, you can just let them revolve around you and let them be flattery. You don’t have to pay much attention to all the activity on your social media.

But if you think that can be annoying and distracting, then the second option is to block him. You don’t owe anything to him or are answerable as to why you did that. If he ghosted/dumped you, then this is your way of telling him that you don’t want to see his dump mug on your feed.

The third and the most convenient thing to do is to simply confront him. You can straightforwardly confront him by sending him a ‘Hey’ message every time he views your Snapchat story and expressing what you feel about him when he keeps coming and going in your life by his activity. But make sure to not make yourself sound desperate or look like a fool.

You should try to be cool with such ghosting activities though, and not get yourself much involved as they can be fun and a bit of attention to you now and then.


It looked like he was so interested in the beginning. But What’s happening now?

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Fingers crossed, this can soon deteriorate and can lead to an excruciating separation forever.


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