What Happens To A Man When A Woman Pulls Away?

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Just like women, for men too, it can be very upsetting when they begin feeling like their woman is pulling away from them.

Relationships are different for everyone and can go through several ups and downs that come along with arguments. It doesn’t matter how healthy of a relationship it is, it can make your heart sink and your stomach drop.

So what happens to a man when a woman pulls away? How does he feel when a woman pulls away? What are the various emotions he goes through? Finally, what does he do when a woman pulls away. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s not valuing you

What happens to a Man when a woman Pulls away? How does he Feel?

What Happens To A Man When A Woman Pulls Away?

While men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Thus what a man goes through when his woman pulls away may be completely different from what a woman goes through.

Firstly, when a woman begins to pull away, the relationship lands into an insignificant space that can leave a man with a feeling of being less important and considerate. He often dwells with a feeling that he has committed a blunder and suffers from a sense of lack of self-worth. No matter how progressive men are, they still have the instinct to chase and hunt. So it would begin to kill him if there is no thrill. 

A few have the masculinity trait going high that doesn’t allow them to look upon their mistakes and the need to rework them. They try to run away even when it could be them who has done wrong in the relationship. 

At times it can be as painful as hell, which can deplete their happiness and the will to do any work. Otherwise, they often turn out to be players too who feel okay if women pull away and never involve themselves back again with them. They would make no effort to make things better. 

All in all, emotions can vary from man to man, but pulling away from him is always hurting and painful to a man no matter how much it is denied. See The Mirror Technique to make your man miss you like crazy

A Guy’s Reaction to Pulling away: What does a Man think and does when a woman Pulls away?

When a woman tries to pull away from a man and conversations become minimal, there can always be a sense of panic and freaking out. A man often tries to calm himself down when a situation like this begins to develop. If they are introverted, it can become a reason for them to spend some time alone. But if they are not, then they try not to go mad and lose sleep over it. 

Pulling away can reflect cheating or fading interest. A man turns more mindful or may rush to overthinking and assuming stuff that can lead to more defensive responses. He often tries to blame his partner for pulling away and the changes occurring in the relationship. Sometimes they may even turn rude and confront their partner in the wrong way, letting out all their anger, frustration, sadness, and stress, which makes things worse.

What does a man does and think when a woman pulls away?

When a woman pulls away all of a sudden, men also feel a sense of loss of control. They would realize that they are no longer in control of this relationship and thus some men who are controlling freaks find this devastating for them.

On the other hand, some men who are extremely sensitive may feel anxious and stressed. Yes, pulling away creates anxiety in some men making them go into a state of confusion.

Guilt is another emotion that most men feel when a woman pulls away. Yes, often men take their partner for granted. They don’t give attention to their woman, and thus would make them feel unwanted. However, when she pulls away, the man quickly gets into introspection mode wondering what he has done wrong. They even start to feel guilty for their mistakes and for taking you for granted.

What should a Man do when a woman pulls away? The Right way

When the feeling of your partner pulling away walks in, you must begin taking logical steps and not make yourself look like a fool. The only best thing to do is to try to figure out why they are pulling away. One should go and talk to their partner honestly about their feeling and make some effort.

Communication is not always easy, but when you talk to your partner at the end, you will have to listen to whatever they say. At times, there can be something that you can do to save your relationship, but it can also mean that they have to end. However, you will have to respect your partner’s feelings and have an open and honest conversation.

Finding out why are you becoming distant from each other is essential. Also, you will need to allow each other to have space and enjoy the time they spend with you. It will take time to strengthen your relationship back again. No one would want to end a relationship they’ve worked hard on.

Knowing that there is a need to talk is the first thing to do. Whatever you decide mutually is the second thing to do.

Take some time to figure out what is happening and where it is going wrong. Give each other some time to figure out why he/she is distancing themselves.

When a guy is distancing himself, it can be because he doesn’t know how he feels, but when women pull away, they would adapt and find out what is bothering her and what she wants to do to move forward.

One thing that you don’t have to do is force your partner to make a quick decision and not give them enough time to think about this relationship. Give them room to breathe and the space needed to decide what they want.

If you force your partner, then you are at a real risk of losing them. Don’t chase anyone in life who isn’t paying much attention. All you do is push them away even more. Give them sufficient time to communicate with themselves and, they will tell you whenever they are ready.


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