What Does Chemistry Feel Like For A Man? 5 Feelings Men Experience when they have Good Chemistry with Someone

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Chemistry is an important trait, one often looks for in a relationship. Chemistry is not merely a subject but a unique quality of a relationship.

When you feel it with others, you know it is chemistry, but not always do you know why you’re attracted to that one person over all the other people.

Chemistry is a zone where physical attraction and personalities meet in a relationship. But what men think about chemistry might be different from what women feel.

Is it his mind that makes a man feel the chemistry? Or due to values and thoughts that he shares? Or some incident with his partner that created intimacy?

So, What does having Chemistry mean to a man? What does chemistry feel like for a man? What emotions do men go through? Let us see everything..

What does Chemistry feel like for a Man? 5 Feelings Men experience when they have good chemistry with Someone

What Does Chemistry Feel Like For A Man?

Chemistry is when conversations with your partner go smooth, and the spark elevates. Physical attraction is a part of it, but chemistry is not limited. The attraction might fade, but chemistry is not dying out until presence lasts.

When a man feels chemistry with someone, he tends to feel as relaxed as he would have been when alone.

Yes, unlike women, Chemistry for men is simply not about twinkling eyes, skipping heartbeats, and flushing cheeks but also about natural feelings. For him, the conversations recharge him just like your charger to your laptop.

Men can often find conversations and chemistry complicated, but two people can either go well or bad together. They might find the relationship easier on parts and feel vulnerable.

Don’t worry, here are a few points about what good chemistry would feel like for a man while dating someone.

1. Communication is never exhausting.

For most men, non-exhausting communication is the best indicator of developing chemistry with someone.

Thus when a man feels good chemistry and when something interrupts his conversation, he thinks the other thing shouldn’t have happened so that he could have spent more time with his partner.

2. Eye contacts are not awkward.

Eye contacts are an easy way of communication and connection. At times eye contact might be embarrassing or leave a sense of awkwardness.

But if a man feels comfortable making eye contact with his partner and it comes naturally, then there it is. The two have a good chemistry brewing among them.

Yes, eye contacts are a way to show your interest and create intimacy. 

3. You can be YOU.

As already said, for men chemistry is not just a pounding heart, butterflies in the stomach, and wind blowing around you. It can also mean a sense of comfort around. In fact, for men, this feeling of sense of comfort is as exciting as butterflies in the stomach.

When his partner allows him to pour his heart out without being judged – it is the exact type of chemistry that men might be seeking. 

This type of chemistry is a good foundation for a romantic and intimate relationship in the future. 

4. Share the same values as him.

Everyone is looking for someone who has the same values and wants the same things as you. Men might be looking for someone who agrees on obtaining the same values as them, Just like opposites attract.

5. Time is always less when together. 

Spending time and talking for hours is an opportunity to know each other in-depth.

So if a man feels chemistry with someone, and when he is out spending time with them (who shows as much interest as him), time tends to fly. Unlike the date with someone who is not interesting, when the moment would feel like forever. 

What does having Chemistry mean to a Man? and The Various Emotions a Man feels when he has good chemistry with Someone:

How does a Man feel when he has good chemistry?

Everyone has their definition and perspective of what Chemistry means.

Men have their own opinion of what it means because they believe that chemistry exists.

When men feel good chemistry with someone, they often go through a rollercoaster ride. They find it burdensome to identify and express their emotions.

  • Good chemistry with someone would often make men eager to get touched by them. However some men would often use the word chemistry to describe if they wish to get intimate with the other person, but it could mean differently to different men.
  • When men feel chemistry with someone, they generally, have problems focussing on work. Also, when he’s out with his partner, it would not be easy to get distracted. It is a sign; of difficulty in shifting attention to other things.
  • Silence would also feel satisfying rather than disturbing.
  • They would tend to think more and more about the person they’re brewing chemistry with and always want them to stick to their mind.

Good chemistry does feel good in the infatuation phase, but you don’t know until the period has ended. It takes time to know someone and gel together for a lifetime.

A few weeks or months of dating are not sufficient to know if you have good chemistry with the person and it is all-natural and light. It takes arguments and misunderstandings to identify the chemistry between you.

If your partner tries to change your core values to make the relationship work, then it is time to question your choice and make a decision.

Watching a sunset together, holding hands while walking, or sitting in silence can be only gestures in infatuation and not love or good chemistry. Infatuation can be different from compatibility and chemistry. Do not fall for ‘chemistry in infatuation’.

How do you tell if a guy feels chemistry with you?

Chemistry can be subtle behaviour between the two and empathy with one another. Not just for men, but also for women, a lack of chemistry would feel like boring, emotionless, and forceful companionship. Likewise, chemistry without compatibility and love can feel like a catastrophe. Such relationships begin quickly and end more quickly, just like an exploding and erupting volcano of emotions.

Men or even women will never find someone 100% perfect for good chemistry, so start aiming for only 70-80% of chemistry in a relationship. That is more than good enough to have a relationship with harmony, respect and trust for each other.

Men would begin to love each passing day, even when storming outside in the real world. They would fall a little more in love.

Riya Mishra