Do Friends With Benefits Talk Everyday? How Often Should You Talk To Your FWB?

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Everyone has friends in their lives. Everyone has gone through at least one relationship in their lives. If you are seriously into a relationship before, you might have already known the emotional pressure and expectations it keeps on a person’s mind.

So, that’s the point where friends with benefits (also known as the fwb) has become popular. To be more clear, a friends with benefits relationship is a relationship where a couple involve in casual sex while emotionally not getting attached to the other person (thus escaping all the drama of a relationship).

As FWB relationships are a newer trend, many still have a lot of questions regarding this kind of relationship. One most common question, many fwb couples ask is whether the couples in fwb tend to talk to each other everyday or not.

So, Do friends with benefits talk everyday? How often do fwb couples talk to each other? Let us see what is the actual reality..

Do Friends with Benefits Talk Everyday?

How often do fwb couples talk to each other?

To be straight… There are no particular hard and fast rules for any relationship, even if it is a friends with benefits relationship. So in simple, it all depends on you.

However you may ask, what does all fwb do in general? Do they talk everyday? Or Do they avoid talking to each other daily? After reading extensive true stories, we came to the conclusion that there are two kinds of FWB couples with regards to talking everyday.

  1. Firstly there are friends with benefits who do not talk to each other everyday. In fact, they contact and talk to the other person, only when one of them wants sex.
  2. Secondly, there are friends with benefits couples where couples talk to each other everyday, like best friends.

So, it all depends on you and your partner to choose which kind of pattern you want to follow. However, whatever you do.. you need to make sure that you don’t get attached to the other person. If you are a person who may get easily attached while talking everyday, it’s better you avoid talking daily. On the other hand, if you are OK with everyday friendly talks and still confident that you won’t get attached to him/her, then why not? Just make sure that your talks won’t go romantic and make sure you won’t fall in love with each other, one day.

Friends with Benefits – The Scenario of Talking everyday

Do friends with benefits talk everyday?

What does F in FWB stand for? It’s friends. Now, tell me Is it bad to talk to your best friend everyday? Definitely not, right? The same logic is considered and thus some fwb couples talk to each other everyday, just like they talk to their other friends. Thus such couples tend to see a casual sexual partner, while also a best friend in their friends with benefits partner.

Before digging deeper hear a couple of real life friends with benefits couples’ stories…

True Stories:

Story 1 – Any of my FWB has been friends, like actual friends. So I talk to them all the time, and I don’t really put much thought into it, because they are a friend.

Story 2 – I’ve had a fwb for the last year – this is my first time. We were casual acquaintances, but not really friends when it started. I went into it expecting us to only talk when we were making plans, but it didn’t work out that way at all. We are now actually really good friends and talk almost every day. We almost never talk about sex though. It’s like the sex and the friendship are completely separate. I imagine everyone’s relationships are different, but this is what works for us.

Story 3 – Well my FWB, when I had one, was also my best friend. So we talked every day. And no, I didn’t “keep my options open”. I wasn’t interested in sleeping with more than one person at a time, though I would definitely have switched to someone better if I happened to meet someone worth dating.


Of course, this kind of scenario is not quite common, however, there are plenty of fwb couples who happily talk to each other everyday. However, the real motive behind talking everyday can be different from one person to another.

While one person may be talking to his fwb partner to enjoy the friendly bond between them, on the other hand, the person may be talking just to ensure that his/her “benefits” don’t get cut off.

While one person may be talking to his fwb partner to make sure that he/she doesn’t leave them choosing others, and another person may be just thinking that it is nice to keep in contact with fwb by talking everyday.

Yes, there could be tons of reasons behind why a person in a fwb relation is trying to talk with their partner everyday.

What happens if you talk everyday?

Of course, whatever may be the kind of relationship going on, if two people keep talking to each other everyday, they tend to develop a strong bond between them. Yes, you’ll enjoy having a best friend with whom you can discuss anything including sex.

However, you need to make sure that this bond just doesn’t go beyond the line of friendship. Thus talking just like friends, while avoiding love talks, jealousies, possessiveness, controlling each other (like in a relationship) is the finest way you can make sure that you don’t get emotionally/romantically attached to each other.

So, if this is the scenario… just talk to your fwb partner as if you talk to one of your best friends, while consciously not developing any feelings towards him/her.

Friends with Benefits – The Scenario of NOT Talking everyday

do fwb talk everyday

This is the most common scenario that happens in many fwb relationships, where the partners only talk to each other only when one of them wanted sex. In fact, many consider this a more ideal case of Fwb relationship, as a person is not having any attachment with the other person except for having a casual sexual commitment.

On the other hand, some simply classify this as sex buddies (instead of FWB) as there is zero friendly attachment between the partners.

Here listen to the true stories with this scenario too..

True Stories:

Story 1: I do not sleep with friends, so I only ever had casual sex partners. I made it a point of only talking to them when we were planning to meet because I wanted to avoid feelings.

Story 2: Hmm I’m sort of getting into a FWB situation with an ex, and we’ve talked like…. 3 times since I left his house on Saturday. With FWBs, I find it’s best to keep communication to a minimum so I don’t get too attached or invested.

Story 3: I’ve had a casual sex partner over time for the first time this year, since January, and he only gets in touch when he wants to get together.

Story 4: We usually only talk if we’re making arrangements to see each other again but we’re polite about it. One occasionally initiates small talk if we haven’t seen each other in a while to make sure I still like him. He doesn’t outright ask these questions but I can tell that’s what it is.


As anyone can guess, the only reason behind fwb’s not talking to each other (except when they want sex) is to avoid any emotional attachment with the other person involved. Such couples may want to stick to the core concept of friends with benefits, as they don’t want any relationship burden or commitments to take over their lives, while still want to enjoy sex with someone.

In such a scenario, the fwb couple almost remains as just acquaintances without having much bonding between them.

What happens if you don’t talk everyday?

Since this is a scenario of not wanting anything but sex from the other person, it is often rare that the couples involved may fall in love with each other.

On the negative side, your friends with benefits partner may quickly get detached from you, if he/she finds someone better fwb than you. In these scenarios, as the FWB partners don’t talk to each other, chances are high that your partner maybe even looking for potential dates, and relationships which when happens may result in a stop sign for your friends with benefits relationship forever.

So, What should you do Now? Should you Talk to your FWB Everyday?

Although it is up to you to decide what you want from your friends with benefits relationship, however, it is always better if you follow one key advice while deciding your kind of FWB relationship.

The advice is that… It is always healthy if you and your fwb partner forever maintain the exact same relation, which you both have, before having your first sexual encounter.

So, what he/she means before your first sexual encounter?

Is he your best friend? Then just talk to him as many times as you would generally talk to your friends. Is he is a complete stranger until the few days before you started FWB? Then it’s better you keep him as a stranger and just maintain occasional contact when needed.

Doing so, you are in no way changing your behavior towards that person, just because he/she became your fwb partner now. Thus, your feelings too will not change because of sex and most likely will be just like before.

Do Friends With Benefits Talk Everyday? How Often Should You Talk To Your FWB?
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