7 Undeniable Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You

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Love and jealousy go hand in hand..

If a man loves you, he is ought to feel possessive about you. Also, there are some unique cases when a man is still possessive about you, even though he is not in a relationship with you.

No matter how hard a man tries to hide these feelings, (when he is in a possessive/jealous mindset), his actions and words clearly show the inner thoughts running in his mind.

So, How to know if a particular man is possessive? What are the clear-cut signs that he doesn’t want anyone else to have you? What are the subconscious signals that show that he doesn’t want other guys to have you? Let us see everything now..

7 Undeniable Signs he Doesn’t want Anyone else to Have You:

Signs he Doesn't want Anyone else to Have You

1. He goes silent if you talk to other guys:

Silence is one of the most powerful expressions that always conveys a deep underlying message. The same applies in this case too. If he goes silent without any reason whenever you talk to other guys, then it is a clear-cut sign that he is strongly possessive about you and doesn’t any guy out there to have you.

If a man doesn’t want anyone else to have you, he is more likely to get disturbed if he sees you talking to other guys out there. As thoughts of ‘other guys having you’ start haunting him, he feels irritated and disturbed. Unable to vent his emotions openly, he goes silent expressing his denial and anger. So such sudden spurts of silent treatments from a man (when you talk to other guys) clearly show that he strongly doesn’t want any guy to have you at any cost.

2. He behaves rude to potential guys out there:

Everything that threatens a man’s resources is an enemy to that man. This kind of age-old behavior is deeply settled in every man’s character right from the stone age, where a man was in constant threat from animals.

Similarly, if a man likes your devotion and attention, he wants to maintain it in the same way as long as possible. So whenever there are potential guys (who flirt with you) out there, he immediately feels the threat and starts treating those guys as enemies.

So, is he being rude to potential single guys who flirt with you? Then it is a strong sign that he straight away doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

3. He tries to indirectly prove others that you are his girl:

This is another common sign you can see if your man doesn’t want other guys to have you at any cost. If you both are in a relationship, he can openly claim you as his girlfriend in front of others. Contrary, when he doesn’t want you but also doesn’t want anyone else to have you, then he uses some indirect gestures to prove that you are his girl.

Doing so, he subconsciously wants to create an impression to you and everyone around, that you are not supposed to be taken by others. On the other side of the coin, it also is a representation of the thoughts/feelings he has inside him. Yes, he doesn’t want anyone else to have you and he feels like you are his girl, and thus it shows in his gestures.

Common gestures include saying words like “she listens to whatever I say”, showing off that you both are very close in front of others, encouraging gossips and rumors about you as a couple etc.

4. Talk more about another guy and see his reaction:

If you want to test a man’s real feelings and thoughts, this is one of the best tests you can do. This is one of the easiest techniques you can follow, and believe me your man’s reaction shows too many things more than you can even imagine.

So, start off as a casual conversation and talk about a particular guy as if you are mentioning him in a natural way. Of course, He may ignore the first instance you do it, but keep on doing this again and again within the span of a few hours. Now closely observe the way he responds, reacts when you keep talking about the other guy.

If he seems pissed of, gets uncomfortable, or shows signs of silence, then it is a clear sign that he doesn’t want that guy or other guys to have you.

5. He doesn’t want to include other guys while hanging out:

Are you the only two persons always hanging out? Is he always disinterested to bring other guys or your guy friends to join in hanging out as a group? Then it is one of the important signs that shows his nature of possessiveness.

You could clearly see that he is always interested in making plans that include only you and him. Whenever you ask some other guy to join along with you or suggest his friends to join you, then he instantly shows his disagreement. He may even claim that he doesn’t like those guys and loves only hanging out with you. Such behavior of making exclusive plans clearly shows that he doesn’t want any other guy to even get close to you.

6. He tries to dig deep about your whereabouts quite often:

With too much jealousy, there comes along too many doubts and questions too. He keeps wondering.. where you are at each point in time? whom you are hanging out with? What you are doing with them? The kind of talks you are having with other guys etc.

So, with so many doubts in his mind, it clearly shows in his actions too. He may constantly ask where you were, what you were doing, try to know about all your friends etc everything. Sometimes, some guys may act as if they don’t care about your whereabouts, however, you could see him doing things like checking your messages, checking your photos, stalking your social media etc.

Thus if you could perceive that he is always digging deep about your whereabouts, then it is a sure sign that he doesn’t want any other guy to get attached to you.

7. He gets extremely hurt and angry if you tried to go out with another guy:

Is he angry or passively aggressive if you try to make plans with other guys? Is he trying to push you to spend time with him whenever you try to go out with other men? Then such a controlling behavior is a sign that he doesn’t want to lose you to other guys at any cost.

If you want to test further, just go out with another guy and see how he reacts. If he is strongly possessive about you, he gets extremely hurt and instantly throws tantrums for some or the other reason. He may even start giving a silent treatment all to get your attention back. Although this controlling behavior is not a good sign in any relation, however, is a clear signal that he strongly wants to keep you with him no matter what.

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