What Does It Mean When He Pulls You Closer In His Sleep?

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Men and women both have their own ways of expressing themselves. While the majority of women find it very easy to express their love to their partners, the majority of men feel differently. Men are not very good at expressing themselves, especially when they are committed to just one girl. While women choose words to express themselves, men expect their partners to understand their emotions without them having to express. It is obviously not at all possible for someone to just read someone’s mind. At least for an average human being. This leads to conflicts. But no worries, this article might help you understand men a lot more than you already do.

We have been brought up in a society where men are not allowed to talk about their emotions, they ‘supposedly’ seem weak. Men are often discouraged from expressing their emotions. Women have friends and family and even men, to whom they can go to talk about their emotions, but do men have them too? Male friendships do not include pep talks, and hyping up like female friendships. They are made used to the fact that they have to deal with their emotions without sharing. They have to be the stronger ones in their family as they ‘supposedly’ are responsible for their entire family. They are so used to not being vulnerable that this trait somewhere pops up in their romantic relationships where they just supply attention without asking for any, where they are not very used to telling their partners how much they love them or adore them.

So, when men, who are naturally less expressive, pull you closer in their sleep, it comes off as a sweet surprise for you. You wonder what his feelings or thoughts could be. You wonder if he wants something from you. Don’t worry, today I will clear out all your doubts.

So, Why does a guy pull you closer to him while sleeping? What does it mean when he pulls you closer in his sleep? What could be his thoughts? See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

What does it Mean when he Pulls you Closer in his Sleep? What can it mean?

What does it mean when he pulls you closer in his sleep?

Case 1:

Men choose gestures rather than words to express their love. Pulling their partners closer to them in their sleep is one such gesture. I read somewhere that our emotions get a lot stronger than usual while we sleep or are sleepy. So when someone does something in their sleep, it’s usually out of love and is very genuine. If someone pulls you in their sleep then it definitely indicates there’s something special for you in their heart and it’s above all physical desires. More Like they have a feeling for you like affection.

Guys usually do it when they feel like adoring their partners. Pulling their partners while sleeping might mean that they want you that close to themselves throughout their lives, and never want to let you go. Men are not emotionally connected to a lot of people and thus sometimes physical affection is just a secure feeling from the people that he feels protected with or the people that he wants to protect.

Case 2:

Most of the time the case is similar to what I described earlier but there are numerous possibilities as it’s the human breed that we are trying to predict here. People vary, the bonds vary and simultaneously the situations vary.

So, in the case of a fling, the guy might not actually pull to feel protected, but he might want the cuddles and the warmth to lead to something. I personally haven’t ever heard that a man wants to cuddle with their partners if they do not feel any sort of emotional connection with the other person. So, in case of no connection, the guy is definitely looking for sex.

Sex is although not a confirmation of no emotional connection, the physical warmth might lead to sex even when that wasn’t a man’s motive. We often fail to understand what men want, the pull often gives us the idea that the guy is looking for something, even when they are not. This is when women initiate sex to make their partners happy when the man just wants to feel protected.

Case 3:

Another case, which is very very rare is that the guy might have a habit of cuddling while sleeping. Usually, men need their space while sleeping and they pull their partners away even if they share a very deep bond, but as I said earlier, people vary and so do men.

Not all men are the same, and some might actually be wanting to feel protected in sleep, even if they do not share a very deep bond. Just like women, men sometimes need to feel protected too. This might happen when they’re not having stable thinking, or just going through an emotional crisis.

Importance of such gesture of Pulling you closer while sleeping:

when a guy pulls you closer to him while sleeping

Cuddles are an integral part of any successful relationship. Yes. physical contact can go a long way. Adults who were hugged and snuggled were seen to be the happiest and well-adjusted later in life. They worked better the more they were carried.

We, humans, emit happiness when we touch – cuddle, embrace, or hold hands. Yes, we feel happier, more relaxed, have a better mood, and have fewer levels of sadness.


Men are usually not into cuddles, they need space while sleeping. While women call it cuddling, men might look at it as the squeeze of death. So, if your man pulls you closer in his sleep, it can be noted as an important gesture.

A pull in a man’s sleep might 85% of the time be a gesture of expressing love, or when they want their partner to know that this is how close they want their partners to be for life. The intention may vary with the bond, situation and the commitment. On the flip side of the coin, in case of no emotional attachment, the guy might be just looking for sex.


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