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Our dreams can be (and mostly are) the most confusing thing.

We dream of being someone else; different people merge into a single person, we see places we’ve never been before, one person somehow splits into two or more individuals, our deceased ones suddenly visit us etc etc and etc.

Although we never take any of these dreams seriously, this is not the case when you have a hard-hitting dream about breaking up (with your partner).

Blood rushes fast.. body start sweating.. and sometimes people even cry.. when they have recurring break up dreams each night. So, why is this happening?

What does it actually mean when you get dreams about breaking up with your partner? Is it some kind of a symbol? Is your sub-conscious mind saying something deep? What is the real underneath truth?

The Psychology of Dreaming about Breakups:

Understanding the psychology behind dreaming and managing to interpret one’s dreams is quite a challenge. More precisely, there isn’t such a thing as a certain dream interpretation method. Nonetheless, we can, and we should always attempt to decipher our dreams. They’re a priceless window into our subconsciousness.

In general, our dreams are gravely influenced by our waking lives. This especially happens in the first phases of the night, when our brains seem to process the events and emotions we experienced during that day. Therefore, an argument with your partner would almost certainly find its way into your dreams, possibly as a dream about a break up. (There is also such thing as a dream lag causing us to dream about an event, days after it occurred)

Secondly, our preoccupations are also a frequent subject of our dreams. In that sense, if you’re, whether consciously or unconsciously, bugged by some aspects of your relationship, they will show up in your dreams. The trick is to get to understand what the dreams are trying to tell you.

dreaming about boyfriend leaving for some one else

Some people also believe that, through dreams, we address some of the issues we didn’t manage to resolve while awake. Whether it is traumatic events or negative emotions, our dreams might be helping us cope and consolidate difficult experiences and personal struggles.

In a relationship, there is, unfortunately, many issues that cause strong emotions that might not get addressed directly and while awake. By dreaming about a break-up, your mind might be trying to process your fears and discontent.

Now, Let’s move on.. and discuss various common breakup dreams and what they actually mean regarding your relationship..

Interpreting Break-Up Dreams: What Do Dreams About Breaking Up Mean?

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. It may indicate abandonment of something:

What Do Dreams About Breaking Up Mean

A break-up signifies, obviously, the end of something. Whatever the nature of your relationship, a happy or unhappy one, your dream is trying to open your consciousness up to the idea of something that needs to be over.

In many cases, the dream might not even be about a relationship as such but can be a symbol of a more profound need for you to abandon some patterns or habits in your life. Yep, dream interpretation can be tricky sometimes.

2. It may indicate your deepest fears:

break up dreams dream interpretation

a) Fear of being left alone:

Another important reason why you might be dreaming about a break up in any relationship is your fear of abandonment. If you’re being dumped and the dream turns into a nightmare, it signals that you need to address your anxiety and insecurities to be able to develop healthy relationships in your life.

Moreover, if you are getting a dream in which your boyfriend/girlfriend (or even spouse) is leaving you for someone else, then it’s a clear sign you deeply fear being left alone.

b) Fear of intimacy:

On the other hand, you might also have issues with intimacy, and the dream is trying to communicate to you the need to address them. If in your dream of a break up you’re feeling great about it, as we’ll talk about shortly, it might mean that you should leave a toxic or dis-satisfactory relationship, but it might also reveal that you fear getting too close to someone and developing a true bond with them.

3. It may indicate that your relationship is moving on to a next level:

break up dream meaning

Dreaming about a break up can also possibly mean that your relationship is moving on to the next level. So, If you’re in a satisfying relationship, it means that You’re just abandoning the old (and outdated) version of your relationship and evolving as a couple.

On the other hand, if you’re in an unhappy relationship, dreaming about a break-up has an obvious reason. What you should do is take such a dream and use it to determine how you truly feel about different aspects of the relationship and the possible break-up. Then follow your subconsciousness’ lead towards a healthier life.

How to perfectly Interpret your break up Dream?

Every dream needs to be understood from the perspective of what it means for that particular individual. This is actually great news – because you’re the expert to your psyche. And your relationship. So, when you read about the possible interpretations of a break-up dream consider that in regard to what’s been going on in your life.

Ask yourself questions, many questions.

How do you feel about every aspect of your relationship? Is there something you’re truly unhappy about? Do you feel the urge to move on? Or, are you afraid that your partner does? Why did the break up in the dream occur? Does that evoke any thoughts or feelings, how does it relate to your relationship? Do you feel tied down by the relationship? And many more.

Thus the answers to these question, give out the real reason why you are having one or recurring break up dreams.


Yes, dreaming about a break up is surely upsetting (and confusing), especially when you’re in a happy relationship.

But, don’t get stuck on the literal and obvious in the dream. Remember all that we’ve been saying about dreams and how intricate they are. So, use the dream to analyze yourself and your relationship.

Dig deeper into your psyche and enjoy getting to know yourself!

What Do Dreams About Breaking Up Mean? | Dream Interpretation

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