10 Obvious signs a married man wants to sleep with you

It is almost like an accident when you are in date or friends with a married man.

Yes, when it comes to a married man, the things are much more complex. He is much more mature than you. He can manipulate you more easily. Thus no one knows what his true intentions are.

Does he just want to be friends with you? Does he love you? or Does he seriously wants to sleep with you?

Don’t worry, today I will bust out all the clear signals a married man gives and the signs if he wants to sleep with you.

10 Obvious signs a married man wants to sleep with you

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. He Touches you for no reason:

signs a married man wants you


One of the strongest signs a man show when he is attracted is through constant touching. So, is he touching you each and every time? Is he touching your body or face even if there is no proper reason? Then there is a large chance that he wants to sleep with you.

It’s almost hard for men to control touching you if they are attracted to you. Thus if he wants to sleep with you, he forgets he is a married man and starts touching you for each and every silly reason. Read what does a man think when he falls in love? The 7 Things

2. He may complain that he doesn’t like his wife:

what does it mean when the married man keep complaining about his wife to another woman


This is another common trick married men play with women who he wants to sleep with. He constantly says that her wife is a bad woman and doesn’t want to be with her. He may even list all the bad things his wife does. This is because saying so, creates a huge sympathy, at the same time expressing that he is vacant for another woman. Thus he can easily take this sympathy as an advantage and finally making you fall for him.

I even agree that some men, truly express their feelings about his wife. But even then he subconsciously feels to make you know that he wants you.

3. He tries to make sexual jokes:

is the married man attracted to me?

Men generally fear that they may end up just as friends. This is much higher in the case of married men. Thus they try to crack sexual jokes more and more often so that they may not end up just as friends.

So if he is cracking sexual jokes, then most probably that he wants to sleep with you. This is much more obvious especially in the case of married men. Read Do guys say I love you to female friends? The 3 situations when they do

4. If you text him something naughty, he responds within seconds:

how to know if a married man wants you through texting

This is one of the proven tests you can do if you want to know his true intentions. In this just text him something naughty and see the reply time he is taking. In general, if the man wants to sleep with you, he will respond within seconds.

This is because, if you text him naughty, he starts thinking that you are ready to get naughtier. Thus he keeps all his works aside and starts replying you. For more clarity, text this naughty text when he is truly busy and see the reply time he takes.

5. He tries to get you to drink with him:

he tries to make me drink with him. what does that mean?

Everyone knows Alcohol is one of the most crucial things that numb our brains and makes us emotional. Thus if he wants to sleep with you, he tends to make and get you drink. He might even urge you to drink with him as many times as possible. This is what he thinks is the best and easy time to make you into him.

6. He asks for your personal pictures:

signs a married man likes me

One of the main thing about a man’s thinking for a woman is her beauty. Yes, this is the reason, a man tends to get attracted to beautiful women even if he is already married. Thus the best things that satisfy his need for beauty is the pictures of the woman he likes.

Thus if a man is attracted to you and wants to sleep with he might ask your personal pictures. He might even go to some deeper extent and ask more and more pictures of you showing beauty.

7. He may call/text you at late nights:

texts that proves that a married man wants you on bed

Is he calling you at late nights? Does he chat you during the late hours? Then chances are high that he wants to sleep with you. If not why do you think he is talking to you at such late nights.

He can talk during the entire day. Even if he is busy, he can talk in the evening times. Unlikely if he is choosing the late nights, it’s a clear sign that he wants some romantic conversations from you. Read He calls me everyday? Does that mean he is interested in me?

8. He tries to tease you romantically:

when a married man wants to sleep with you signs

Studies proved that a man’s true intentions can be understood by observing the way he talks. So, If you can observe the way he talks to you, you can clearly know if his intention is to sleep with you.

If he wants to sleep with you, he generally tries to talk to you romantically, he flirts you, he even teases you romantically. So next time you observe, how many of your talks start as normal ones and end up in a romantic way. If this is what is happening many times, it’s a clear cut sign that he wants to sleep with you.

9. He texts you every time he gets drunk:

signals a married man loves you

As I have already said, when a person is drunk he tends to think less and act emotionally. So if he texts/calls you each time when he gets drunk, then it’s a clear sign that he is attracted to you.

This is because, when he is drunk he becomes emotional and frustrated. Thus he can’t bear waiting more and more to get you completely. Thus he loses his balance and finds a way to talk to you immediately. Read 5 Situations when a Guy says he misses you.. (Based on Psychology)

10. He tries to take you to romantic places:

signs a married man lusts you

If a married man wants to sleep with you, he never wants to take you to public places. Rather he always chooses and prefers the lonely romantic places. Observe the places he wants to take to you. Are they romantic places? Are they lonely places? Then this is what shows you his clear intentions.

Next time, when he suggests such romantic places, suggest another place which is not at all romantic (like the public places). So each time you suggest such public places, observe how he reacts. This is what becomes the acid test to know if he wants to sleep with you.


It is often difficult to know a person’s intentions by just one or two signs. So all you need to do is clearly collect more and more signs. The more signs you are getting.. The more times they are happening, the more obvious it is that he wants to sleep with you even if he is married.


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10 Obvious signs a married man wants to sleep with you

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