If A Man Wants To Be With You, He’ll Do These 10 Things For You

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Does it ever make you question if the man you’re with recently or are spending or about to spend your life with, is really your worth? Do you ever feel like, How do you know if a man really wants to be with you?

Any woman would want her man to be vocal about how important is she to him in his life. But, unfortunately, “masculinity” doesn’t let the man be the way she wants him to be. Men are taught to be stronger as women are also taught to adjust to everything they are subjected to.

Being a woman is not easy, but being a man is way tougher. Women get the privilege of expressing their agony or dissatisfaction if they have faced anything inconvenient, but, unfortunately men aren’t allowed to shed tears if they go through tough times, because stereotypes!

Trust and compassion are the basic most elements when building a relationship. But keeping a relationship going in the long run is tough done than said. You may have to face the bad side—arguments, misunderstandings, doubts, etc. Knowing how to tackle these is an art which people learn over time.

This blog post can help women to understand that “being a man is similar to walking on the thin ice. One wrong step and everything gets shattered.”

So. how to know if a man is serious about you? If a man wants to be with you, what are the various things he will do for you? what are the clear signs a man wants to be with you? Let us see..

If A Man Wants To Be With You, He’ll Do These 10 Things For You

  1. Small gestures to let you know about his feelings:

From making sure that you walk on the safer side of the pedestrian, to taking care of you tirelessly when you’re sick, who say men don’t care? Notice these small gestures which shout their commitment towards you.

  1. Concern about you when you are not yourself:

No man would ever want to see his woman to blame herself entirely for something wrong or compare herself with other women because of her insecurities. In fact, he breaks his shell and becomes expressive to let you know what you mean to him.

Thus if a man truly wants to be with you, he makes you realize that in his eyes, no matter how flawed you are, you are the most beautiful woman he has laid his eyes on. He even gives you time to heal and be there with you without you asking him to be.

  1. Be with you:

It is no less than a blessing to see your man be with you in your ups and downs. So if a man wants you in his life, he never leaves your side, no matter the situation. Even when you tell him to leave you, he would rather hold you tight and if he truly loves you, his eyes would show the pain of you asking him the question in the first place.

  1. Shows his vulnerable side:

Like women, men also have their vulnerabilities. They may not be that expressive, but that shouldn’t let women misunderstand that they aren’t investing in the relationship. If he’s sure that you won’t leave his side, he will show his flaws and vices and that surely would break your heart.

Thus if a man is open enough to show his vulnerable side to you, believe me he strongly wants to be with you no matter what. So in that situation, make him feel worthy and loved and his love and respect for you will automatically multiply.

  1. Defend you in public, correct you in private:

If your man would correct you personally rather than shouting to let others know your flaws and give them a chance to mock you, then let me tell you it is a sure sign that he is seeing his complete life with you.

It strongly indicates that your man truly wants to be with you forever and in fact it’s a bliss to have a man like this in your life.

  1. Celebrates your tiniest efforts:

If you are learning something new, your man makes sure that he makes you feel appreciated. He acknowledges the efforts you put in rather than how much you succeed because he just wants you to know that he’s here to stay. This is his subconscious way of showing you that he will want to be with you forever. Melting, isn’t it?

  1. Stays with you like a pillar when you are at your lows:

Be it regarding relationships, career, life or being compared for some invalid reasons, women do undergo a lot of prejudice and stereotypes. Sometimes these make them feel low and bad about their worth and existence. Thus if a man wants to be with you, he puts in everything to make you feel loved at your worst.

  1. Shows the people your worth:

A man in a serious relationship is someone who would want people to not look down on his woman. He would want his people to appreciate her as much they appreciate him and equal treatment for the both of you.

  1. Proud to call you as his:

The best feature about men is that they love calling their woman as their other half in public. You can constantly see your man doing this, if he is truly serious about you and decided to be with you forever.

Frankly, the way he would look into your eyes as if you’re the only one for him is a feeling any woman would feel blessed to experience. And this is what that proves that he truly wants to be with you in his life.

  1. Lets you to be yourself:

No matter how goofy, clumsy, clingy, or talkative you are, your man makes sure that you don’t feel uncomfortable around him. He wouldn’t like it even a bit if you change yourself just because of your consciousness like “What will he think about me if he sees how clumsy I am?”, “Will he be okay if I am too talkative?”, etc.  

He would do anything to keep the real you intact. And such a behaviour of letting you to be yourself is also a clear sign that he truly wants to be with you.


In conclusion, so what if men don’t go through the difficulties of women, they are also subjected to stereotypes like “don’t cry… men aren’t supposed to do that”, “earn more to get a good wife who will take care of you”, etc.

Be your man’s best friend when goofing around, his soul mate when he goes through bad time, well-wisher when you correct him constructively, lover when he wants to feel loved, admirer to make him realize how important and precious he is to you. Celebrate his achievements like his number one fan and give him sense of security whenever he has self-doubts because the efforts to make a relationship successful should be from both the people involved. Men are also humans, so treat them like one.

Riya Mishra