What To Do When Your Boyfriend Cheats On You But You Still Love Him?

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The best part of a relationship is the start. That’s the time when you ignore everything wrong that you are supposed to notice about your partner, and it’s okay. This is what it is about, the excitement every time you see them, the chills your body gets when you listen to their voice, their image in your head no matter who you are talking to, your desire to have them by your side in every big and small stuff you do all day, them being in your head 24/7.

Then comes the hard part, or say the real part, when you stop seeing them for what you think they are and start seeing them for what they really are. The more you guys spend time, the more you fall in love or fall out of love. To be honest, this is the time phase when boyfriends tend to cheat on their girlfriends.

However, in general, once after being cheated, we tend to start hating our partners and thus ultimately leave them. But what if you still love your man even after being cheated by him? What to do when your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him? Should you keep loving him or should you break the relationship? Let us see everything..

What to do when your Boyfriend cheats on you but you still Love him?

Step 1: Cope Up (Firstly, Cope-Up With The Fact That You’re Being Cheated)

  • Take Your Time/ Give Yourself Break:

When you are happy with your guy, and you find out that he has been cheating on you, it might come as a shock to you. Or maybe you were already getting a vibe that something is wrong. But in all the cases, the pain flushes it. You will feel the burn; Your life will seem to have stopped. You will feel so many things at the same time; Mixed feelings will fill up your head; You will have a lot of questions. But before you go to talk to him or take any other action, take some time alone, calm yourself down no matter how hard it is. Turn the music on, feel it, take a break from your daily life. Know that it’s okay to cry out your pain.

  • Talk To At Least One Person About Your Feelings:

It’s true that if you talk to someone about your problems you will feel better. Being all alone for a long time in these situations is not a good idea. Be it your siblings, cousins, your best friend, or your parents, anyone who you feel comfortable talking to and know that they will understand; Talk to them. You never know who might give you the right advice or the right motivation. These times make you feel lonely, and with someone who cares around you, things will seem to be a lot easier.

  • Try To Figure Out The Reason:

Do not just try to push your feelings, because when you are in love with someone, it won’t just go away. Maybe what happened is purely his fault, maybe it’s yours, or maybe both of you are responsible for the circumstances. Be open to all possible situations and accept the facts as you can’t change what has already happened. But remember what happens next is still in your hands. So, try to figure out what brought you guys into this situation in the first place.

Step 2: Take Action (Know What To Do/What to Say To Him To Get Him Back)

If you really still are in love with him and you know it’s worth it, do not stop not unless you are done. Because if you have feelings for a person, there’s only one way, either have him or try to have him unless you realize you don’t want/need him. At least that way you will know that you did everything that you were supposed to and it didn’t work.

  • Let Him Know That You’re Hurt:

When you see your boyfriend cheating on you for the first time, give him time to explain himself. Let him take the initiative. Do not behave like a teenaged immature person or start crying or shouting. Keep your emotions in check but do not stop yourself from showing him that you are hurt. Tell him how hard it is for you to talk to him knowing that he broke your trust.

  • Show Him That You Still Care:

Even after everything that happened, let him know that you’re still in love with him and you still care. Tell him that you’re willing to give him second chance with the hope that something like this won’t happen again. Though you will be wanting to not show him your weaker side, remember that this is the person you want to spend your life with, so do not shut your emotions totally.

  • Try To Make Him Feel Guilty:

When you talk to him, do not stop yourself from telling him that what he did was wrong. Tell him that you expected him to be a better person and still do. Remind him of all the promises you guys made to each other and all other things you guys shared that made you fall for each other. Your talks should make him realize that even when you had options, it was him who you chose. He will eventually realize, what he will be missing if he walks away from you. This might not happen in an hour or a day. So, prepare yourself to give him and the process some time.

  • Make Him Jealous If Required:

If you still feel that he somehow might move on, do not restrain yourself to words. Take your space, don’t ignore him but put on a smile when you talk to him or see him. Work on yourself, if needed get a makeover, hang out with your friends, meet new people, don’t just stop living your life. Take pictures and flex it over social media. If he texts or calls you, do not just ignore him but show him that even if you are hurt, your life goes on. He will realize with time what he has lost, once he sees you being happy without him. Show him that you have other people who care about you, This trick works most of the time.

Step 3: Decide

  • Realise If He Is Interested Or Not:

After being in love with a person and knowing him this close, it won’t be hard for you to understand that if he feels what he did was a mistake or if he wants to let you go for someone else. Observe his actions and words and if you feel he is really sorry, do give him and yourself another shot at happiness. Even after letting him know that you love him, if you feel that he is not the same and is having reluctant behavior, let him know that you can see it. The only thing you have to do next is, stop expecting that he will come around because that is hope, and hoping for something like this is stupid.

  • Be Sure If You’re Ready For A Relationship:

Maybe you guys figure things out and are ready to forgive each other for past mistakes and start afresh. It’s okay if you feel that you still need some time. You don’t have to jump into a relationship to make the situation better. Tell him about your feelings, be sure about his and tell him you might not be ready. Make him understand that a fresh start needs to feel like one sometimes. Spend time with each other, share your feelings, go out on dates like new couples and do every and anything that makes you happy. Grow trust and love for each other stronger this time. Remember that the goal is not the relationship tag but a healthy relationship.

When To Let Him Go?

Be sure that he still cares as you do. If he doesn’t, it won’t matter what you do or how you feel because even if he will notice, it won’t make any difference.

Sometimes it might happen that he is ready and you are not. You will feel that you cannot trust him again no matter what he does or how much you love him. The pain won’t lessen or you won’t just start feeling better when you realize this but you have to be strong enough to let yourself choose what is right.

Do not restrain yourself and decide that you will not love again or not feel for anyone again. Yes, stop looking for it. Work on yourself, love yourself, get yourself a perfect life and you will find people. Don’t ignore them, just know when to stop and how much forward it should go. And again! Do not do anything that you are not ready for.

Riya Mishra