How Long Should The Talking Stage Last? How Long Should You Talk To Someone Before Dating?

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Dating, a word that brings out so many mixed feelings in people. Some get really excited and enthusiastic, some people have a chill down their spine, and some people don’t know how to react! Now the overexcited people are the ones who have had some exceptionally great experiences in the past, the people who are scared of it obviously had horrendous dating experiences, and the people who don’t know how to react, are the ones that haven’t been on a single date yet. But there is one thing common between these three types of people, they all want to go for another date, and would really want their experience to be the best.

Now let’s suppose that there is a person in your life, and you have a teeny tiny crush on the person. You have been talking with them for a good amount of time, but now the big question pops up, is it too soon to ask out? Have I texted him/her enough to ask them out for a date? How long should you talk to someone before dating? How long should the talking stage last?

Don’t worry! This article will help you clear your doubts related to how long the texting phase should be before asking your crush out on a date!

How Long should the Talking Stage Last?

How Long should the Talking Stage Last?

There is no special rule book or code, where the number of days of texting before asking for a date is carved out. There are multiple opinions on what is the perfect period of time to ask out for a date. We will look at all the situations, and then you can decide for yourself which way you want to go.

  • The Quick approach:

Suppose you are talking to your potential date from just 2-3 days. You have talked about the person, have gained enough knowledge about them and in these 3 days itself, you are pretty impressed by the person. By the talks from the other end, it is being evident that the person is interested in you as well. So, in these situations, there is no point in waiting for more days or more chatting. Shoot your shot, and ask out the person in a classy way, so there is no chance of them saying no to you! It will be good if you first ask about your potential date’s schedule before asking them out. It can easily be slid into the conversation by asking, ‘what are your plans for tomorrow?’ A simple approach, and then you can ask them for a coffee! This is one situation where you can get lucky in a short span of time.

  • Slow and steady wins the Race:

Now, sometimes you are dealing with a person who is an introvert, and there’s one thing about introverts- they don’t really like to meet new people soon. In these conditions, talk to the person for a longer time, till the person gains some trust in you. Talk to them daily, but don’t overdo the talking. It might get irritating to them. Get to know about them, tell them about you a little, and slowly start making a base for your move. It is not possible to put a time limit on when the person will have trust in you, so do it at your own pace. Do not get too cheesy, but if your funny pickup line can tickle their funny bones, you are already in their good books.

Asking out too soon can put a person in an awkward situation sometimes, because, you are a complete stranger, or maybe a person who they started talking to just from a few days ago or so. There will always be a sense of security that the person will have and might reject the date on that basis. So at least talking to the person for a few days, maybe a week should be good enough for them to trust you for a date. Waiting too long can go downhill as well. While you are in the texting phase, there is no commitment between you and the person you are texting with. It is possible that they might be talking to someone else as well, and if their game is smoother than yours, you might lose your chance. So, instead of living days in regret about not asking out sooner, just look for the right opportunity and go for it!

What should you Text, before Asking out?

The golden rule of texting is; ‘never text too much, never text too less’. You should never look extremely desperate as it might scare the person on the other end, whereas, not texting much can make the person believe that you are uninterested, which is not an impression you want them to have of you. Keep the texting moderate. While texting, you should talk about casual stuff without asking for too much personal information or even sharing yours. A simple good morning or goodnight text, asking them how their day was, or bringing up things to indirectly know about their interests. For instance, a conversation starter can be, “Have you heard the new Ed Sheeran song?” If the answer is yes, bingo! You now know what type of songs your future date listens to! If the answer is no, you can go for a follow-up question, asking about their favorite artists or genres. These little things can create a charming impression of you.

You should get to know the person, not in detail, but to an extent that you should be able to determine what kind of person you are talking to. Knowing the person fully should be done on an actual date and not via texting. If you are talking to the person for the first time, do not start flirting straight up, have normal conversations for a few days, and if you think the person you are talking to will take a cheesy pickup line in a fun way, go for it! It surely is risky, but it can also increase your chances.

Dating is a very beautiful thing. Sometimes things go right, sometimes they take a wrong turn. But it’s all part of the dating experience, and eventually, you would learn all the unsaid rules about dating. Just like you can’t clap with one hand, the cards should be played right by both the sides during the texting phase. It has now become easier to start a conversation, with the introduction of dating apps like Tinder. And as they say, first impression is the last impression. So, when you are texting using these dating apps, make sure you don’t make your first text, the last of the conversation!

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