How A Man Feels When He Hurts A Woman? 8 Things That Go Through A Guy’s Mind When He Knows He Hurt You

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Man or woman, we all have an equal share in hurting each other when it comes to relationships. It is a sign that we are human and humans make mistakes. But this is only when we do it unintentionally. The one thing you need to realize when in a relationship is that your partner won’t be perfect and you are not supposed to expect him to be perfect because nobody is. Everyone has their flaws and accepting the guy you love even after the hurt is what love is about.

Wait! Before accepting him back, Let me ask you one question. Have you ever wondered how a man feels when he hurts a woman? What does a man think and go through when he knows he hurt you? Do guys actually feel bad when they hurt you? Let us find out..

How a Man feels when he Hurts a woman? 8 Things that go through a Guy’s mind when he knows he Hurt you:

How a Man feels when he Hurts a woman
  1. They feel the pain just like a woman does:

Yes! Men feel the pain. No matter how cruel they are or how wrong they do; a real man feels the pain and guilt when they hurt their woman. Some men cannot accept what they have done once they realize how badly they have hurt and restrain themselves of emotions and decide that it is better that they stay away from you. They feel that it is the only way how you can end up happy.

But a man who actually loves you will make sure that they become what they think you deserve. They might take their time but will find their way back to you. They feel the need for you and fear losing you.

  1. They feel insecure:

Men sometimes are insecure and think that you are too good for them. They are so insecure that instead of treating you with love, they try to hurt you and keep you in distress. This is their way of trying to be equal to you. You keep up with their actions and this makes them feel that they have the power to hurt you. You might do it out of love but for them it makes them feel that they are equal to you and sometimes better. You are not wrong when you love them, it’s them who prioritize their unnecessary self-satisfaction over the relationship.

  1. They feel the guilt:

It’s not always like – men hurt women and move on with their lives. They come home sad, and even in a crowd, they feel alone. This is what a guilt trip feels like. And a man goes through it. It’s not always that bad men hurt their women intentionally, good ones do it too. But they feel the pain too unlike the bad ones who get on with their life because they never cared. It is very hard for us women to see the difference because both types end up staying away most of the time. They again need someone to pull back from the darkness.

  1. They don’t care and keep playing you:

After these two types, there is another type, the fake one. These men will tend to show themselves as good ones and will show that they are equally hurt and are ashamed of themselves. But they really are not. In fact, they lie so much to you and they start believing that it is the truth and they feel it. But again, they don’t. Their life goes on just like before and maybe the next woman is in line already.

  1. They believe it’s okay to:

There are men who hurt their women intentionally because they believe that this is how it has to be. They know that women have a good capability to endure pain and that you will put up with their actions even if they hurt you. It is not entirely wrong. Most of us women are soft-hearted and even when we know that the person we love is doing wrong we ignore it because we simply can’t hurt them no matter if we hurt ourselves in the process.

  1. It’s about control for them:

Some men have this notion that if they keep their women low or say if they behave badly with their women it would show society that they are more powerful. They do not realize how wrong they are. Hurting their women physically or mentally is their way to show that who has the authority. According to such men, women be it their wives or girlfriend, they are supposed to obey any and everything they say and crossing them is not an option as they are the one in charge of their relationship. These are the same men who do not have any idea about what a real relationship looks like and are sociopaths.

  1. Some are afraid of commitment:

There are men who actually love their women but are afraid of commitments. They fear that they won’t be able to live up to the expectations of their partners and find it easier to push their women away just to not deal with their own mess. In these cases, it is a good option to walk away from them for some time because no matter how secure you make them feel they will not get over their fear. It might seem to you that they will understand and will change with time. But it is not time that they need, they need a little push which they will get once they realize what they will lose if they don’t have you. Know that breaking up with them is not supposed to be part of the push. If you do this, you are simply proving them right.

In some cases, they might come apologizing to you, treat you like you are supposed to be treated, and then again go back hurting you. This will happen several times and the more you forgive them which you will for the sake of your relationship, the more they will do it. These men are toxic and you should know when to walk away.

  1. Ego:

Some men realize that they are wrong and they have hurt you, but their male ego is too big to accept that. They will feel the pain after hurting you but again their ego will stop them from coming forward. Ego in a relationship acts as a poison and it kills everything. For few men, their ego takes over their feelings for you and they start to believe that what they do is just a part of a relationship and you are supposed to be okay with that.

These are the common things that go through guys’ minds when they intentionally or intentionally end up hurting their women. But “all men are not the same”. And there are men who might make mistakes but work their way up to be a better man for the woman they love.

You can never quickly judge how a man is because unlike us most men choose to keep their feelings to themselves. It is the fault of society that men feel it’s not okay to cry or show their emotions as they will be considered weak. This is why there is so much mystery with the feelings of men. I hope these help you with the answers you are looking for.

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