What Does It Mean When He Is Distant But Still Texts You? What To Do About It?

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Men like to say that a woman’s mind is the enigma that no man will ever be able to crack. But even if in the simplest of ways, men are also very difficult to understand. Because they are pretty simple-minded, they are not able to decipher and understand the complexity of the thoughts that are going on in their own heads. Which ultimately makes them difficult to understand for women.

Although it might be an oversimplification to state that men and women are simply wired differently, it is reasonable to say that several formative experiences are unique to each group. And no matter how hard a woman works to comprehend the men in her life, there are some things that will always perplex her. Maybe you are attentive to his requirements, maybe you strive to see eye-to-eye and you might be more common with him than the majority of your pals, but don’t make a mistake: there’ll always be things you can’t wrap around on the male experience.

One such instance is when your partner or an interested guy acts distant, yet tries to be in contact with you by texting you regularly. Pretty confusing, right? So, What does it mean when he is distant but still texts you? Why does he act distant but still keep messaging you? Let us understand today..

What does it Mean when he is Distant but still Texts you?

he is Distant but still Texts

These are just a few reasons why he might be acting distant from you while simultaneously texting you in a normal way.

He has masked feelings inside:

Men frequently have difficulty speaking about their sentiments. This might lead to frustrating talks. However, males are typically taught not to talk about their feelings, so it might be difficult for them to bind with words. Rather, they may want to talk with an unambiguous aim or problem. For instance, your spouse could have difficulties articulating what you mean to him when you talk about your relationship. It can be difficult to hear, but it’s probably because he doesn’t talk about his feelings. However, in a different manner, your spouse can convey his sentiments. He might be attempting to communicate his love for you without saying it explicitly if he brought you flowers or prepares your favourite supper.

More often than not, more “feminine” feelings will be converted into wrath or fury. He may indeed feel sad, vulnerable, or even ashamed, but he cannot express it. If you realise, he is usually furious, try wondering about his levels of stress or how he feels. Wrath is the one emotion that males may feel socially “acceptable.” Men frequently believe they’re “girly” or “not macho enough” to express anything else. Most guys have not purposefully masked their feelings; they have learnt to do so via social pressure and expectations.

Thus, as a result, the masked emotions push him to act distant. On the flip side of the coin, he wants you to understand those masked emotions and also doesn’t want to lose you and thus keep texting you irrespective of his inner emotions.

He is going through a rough patch:

When they go through anything difficult, men usually put a wall around people he knows. He won’t even realise he’s doing it several times. Yet he keeps on going unknowingly silent whenever he faces any problems in any aspect of his life. So, ask yourself, did he lost a job recently, did he lose a loved one recently? Is he facing some stress due to the new job? Any one of such simple aspects can be the reason why he is acting distant. Simply, he may not want to drag you into anything he’s going through.

However, if this is the case, he might be acting distant with many people around him, and not just you. So look for clues and come to a conclusion carefully.

He has problems in the relationship/dating you, but you cannot be blamed:

This is one of the common reasons why men act distant but still keep you around by staying in touch with you. There might be something that bothers and troubles him in his relationship or while dating you. Generally, if he has issues with you, then he might simply have left you. But what if you are not the person to be blamed for his troubles in the relation?

It could be that he hasn’t moved on from his ex. It could be that he has some trust issues. It could be that he is not ready for a relationship. And whatever any other reason. Thus, it is when he might simply act distant (because of the things bothering him), but still texts you since you are not the one to be blamed.

He started thinking that you are being clingy:

Do you always want him to show affection and attention? Are you ever obliged to foster closeness and affection? Your limits, what about that? Even a relationship, if you do not have one, it is odd. If anything of this applies to you, he might believe you’re too clingy. If this is the difficulty, you must remember that he’s human only. Perhaps it will take time to refill. It doesn’t necessarily imply that he doesn’t mind you, but maybe he feels like you spread it too thinly.

So when your man feels irritated that you are clingy, but still want to deal with it and adjust to it, then he might act distant yet keep trying to maintain the bond you both share while texting you.

Why does he Act Distant but Still Text You?

Remember whether men accept it or not, they are not easy to understand

Have you ever heard the expression “To Mars men and to Venus women?” Even if you haven’t, you might feel like you are on entirely different worlds, and the people you know. Your spouse can be difficult to grasp, in particular, and can lead to a great deal of emotional upheaval as well. There are certain things you may remember while every person is different when you try to understand the people in your life and to build your connections.

For example, You might watch males get enthusiastic about video games or sports. That’s because society has been telling males that it’s perfectly right to feel cheerful and sweet about basketball. If he typically is more reserved, you could even see him embrace his buddies or give them high-fives. That’s all right! It is vital for guys to have an outlet, especially positive ones to express their thoughts. Similarly being distant also is just one of his emotions, which needs to be addressed and understood.

What should you do now?

he is distant but says nothing is wrong

One of the most uncomfortable and puzzling situations in any relationship/dating is when your partner gives mixed signals. You don’t know what to think, and you don’t know what to do. Are you gonna talk to him or leave him alone? Another element you think about is what your partnership implies. Can you patch this up or does it signal your bond might soon come to an end?

There are several probable causes for the curiously far-off demeanour of your guy. Think about his recent conduct and try to decipher the clues to understand why he acted differently in recent times. Try to think, what you might be doing that could be a reason for his distance. Even after that, you are not able to come up with anything, then it is beyond time to talk to him. Then gently attempt to talk to him about what’s going on (when you are ready) so that you either may find a solution or move on.

Remember, The subtleties of texting in a relationship: (Especially when he is acting distant)

Whether you use texting to stay in contact, or use it to prevent circumstances that are problematic, texting is both good and harmful. That is, language has the authority, depending upon the underlying intentions of the text people, to bring people closer together or to create distances.

The power of Texting is a wonderful thing. However, when it is your major communication channel, problems arise. There is too much misunderstanding on the ground too often. It can change the whole path of the relationship if this happens. Thus if he is distant and is only texting you, then always place your text messages with utmost caution and attention.

Here are a few ways that texting affects relationships.

  • A word of compliment, a humorous memory or a nice statement can make you feel closer and happier with the relationship at the other end. Likewise, it may build relationships if you check someone or just let them know you think about them.
  • Excessive text-making is controlling and aggressive, especially when it comes to asking people to know where they are, with who they are and what they are doing.
  • While you may assume that exchanging sexy messages, nude photographs or sexes in a relationship helps spice it up and keep things fresh, sometimes it may backfire too.


The things listed above can be the biggest reasons for your man becoming distant from you. He might be texting you normally, to not have you roped into a mess in his life, or to not have you worry. But if he is acting distant more than normal and even after you try talking to him, it is just wise to let it go and move on from the issue. These things tend to go away after a while, but in the case that it doesn’t, sit and talk to your significant other and try to make them understand the turmoil you are also going through. Depending on his reaction, you can definitely take a call on the future of your relationship and your own future.

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