Do Guys Like Being Called Cute? What To Call A Guy Instead Of Cute?

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Men and women are two different species and the way they perceive the world is also different. Cute is one of the compliments that you girls swear by. For you, everything that we like is cute whether it is a dress, dog, cat, or even the guy you adore. Often, you may compliment a guy as ‘cute’ and he may not return the compliment with the warmth you expected him to.

That’s when hundreds of questions start hitting your mind… Do guys like when you call them cute? How do guys feel when they are called cute? Do they like it or do they dislike it completely? If not, what do guys like to be called instead of cute? Let us see..

Do Guys like being called Cute? The Big Question..

Do Guys Like Being Called Cute

“Do guys like being called cute?” It is one of the most discussed topics over the internet.

Few guys claim that they are fine with being complimented as cute. However, most of them have a very negative response to the word. They prefer being called handsome or hot over cute and have given justifiable reasons for the same.

Why do Guys Dislike being called Cute? These could be the 6 Real Reasons

Although some men take the compliment, ‘cute’ with a lot of warmth, there are major of the men population who state that they will prefer being called amazing, sexy, rugged, or handsome over cute. They suggest that cute does not define their ruggedness and masculinity. Men state various other reasons for hating to be called cute, some of them are:

1) Few men suggest that cute is the word for dogs, cats, and babies and not for grown-up men.

2) As per few men, ‘cute’ is the term associated with mediocre. They want to be complimented for their strong points and want to be in the spotlight.

3) In one of the online discussions, a man stated that as per him cute is the term used for side characters, someone a girl can fancy to be friends with. It’s not the term used for the main character, the love interest of the girl.

4) As per some men, cute is not manly.

5) Some men think that when you call them cute you are friend-zoning them.

6) Some men suggest that when a guy is complimented as cute it signifies that his aura has nothing else to offer. 

So, What to call your Guy instead of Cute?

What to call your Guy instead of Cute?

Whether your man liked to be called cute or not, is the discussion you should have with him. However, if it is still early in your relationship to have this discussion, there are many other words that you can use to complement him. So, if you are still wondering what to call your guy instead of cute, here we go..

1) Big Guy – Men like to be appreciated as alpha men. They love to feel strong, masculine, and powerful. When you call your guy, ‘big guy’ you are letting him know that he is masculine and powerful who make you feel protected and safe. When you address them in public as ‘big guy’ it signifies that you are letting the other men know that he is your big guy and he is better than any other man. This will make him feel confident and superior. 

2) Babe – Babe is one of the common endearment used by many couples and you can never go wrong with it. It is a sweet, caring, romantic, and flirty nickname to use for your guy. 

3) His name – Guys love it when you address them with endearment or nickname, but they also appreciate being addressed with their actual name. It makes them feel all grown-up and they feel that you appreciate and value their identity. 

4) Champ – Champ is the short term for champion which means victor or winner. Men like to compete and win. When you address them as champs it signifies that they are the winner. They have competed with other men for your attention and have won your heart. This will make him powerful and superior.

5) Honey – This is the most common nickname that you must have heard even in movies and tv shows. Although it might sound cheesy, it signifies your devotion towards your man. He has won your heart and your love and you appreciated him in your life. However, if you are still not in a relationship with the guy, you should use this term wisely as it can signify that you are expecting more in a relationship.

6) Boy – Confused as to what to call the guy you have a crush on, without letting him know your little secret. We have the most appropriate term for you, ‘Boy’. This term neither signifies that you are friend-zoning him nor that you have a crush on him. It might signify that he is your boy. 

7) Captain – You can use the term ‘captain’ as a flirty endearment. He might feel that you are suggesting that he is the captain of your ship and you are under his command. This also has a very masculine touch to it. 

8) Handsome – Want to appreciate the beauty and masculinity of your man? Just address him as ‘handsome’. You can use it to flirt with your crush or in a relationship. Men love to be called handsome as its boosts their ego and confidence. 

9) Sunshine – If your guy is your sunshine, he is the one who makes your life brighter every day and is the reason for your happiness. Whether he is your friend, crush, or your guy, when you address him as sunshine, it will melt his heart and make him feel warm inside. 

10) My love – This is the endearment that you can not just use for anyone. This is the nickname, only reserved for the love of your life. This term signifies that he is the only guy in the entire world, who holds the key to your heart and also your attention. This will make him more confident about your relationship and would love to proudly show you off to his friends, family, and the entire universe.

These are just some of the nicknames, that you can use instead of calling your guy the cute next time. Each endearment has its unique meaning associated with it and would help you to clear your intentions and love for your guy. So, next time when your guy says that he hates being called cute, you know what his new nickname would be.

Riya Mishra