What Is A Sigma INFJ? All About the Sigma INFJ Personality?

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Rarest of the rarest personality type the sigma INFJs are incredibly charismatic and enchanting individuals and they surprise people with their abilities. They can own a gathering effortlessly if intimidated and can leave everyone gobsmacked.

But these lone wolves are not easy to crack. They have their specific beliefs and practices which they do not want to change and also do not appreciate anyone suggesting a change in those.

So, what is a sigma INFJ personality? What are their characteristics? How dangerous is a sigma INFJ? Is INFJ a sigma personality type? Is the INFJ person more Sigma than Alpha? Let us see everything..

Firstly, What is an INFJ personality?

INFJ is one among the sixteen temperament types known by the Myers-Briggs Sort Indicator (MBTI). Rating you as INFJ suggests that your temperament sort is best delineated as introspective, Intuitive, Feeling, and judgment.

Typically stated because the “Advocate” or the “Idealist,” individuals with this temperament sort typically feel misunderstood. Maybe it’s as a result of they are the rarest MBTI temperament sort. Or even it’s as a result of they are walking, talking contradictions. They are easy-going perfectionists. Logical and emotional, artistic and analytical

What is Sigma personality male type?

In easy terms, men who are the class of “Sigma” exist outside the Alpha and Beta classification. They’re characterized as being extremely freelance and original with very little or no relevance to social perceptions.

To this impact, they’re going to usually break stereotypes, not change expectations, and customarily pave a path for themselves that exists outside of what society expects of men. 

Whereas these sigma males were thought of as exceptions or rare compared to Alpha and Beta men, there has been a rise in popularity of these personality types in recent years. It probably needs to do with the social media trend.

Now, Who are sigma INFJs?

What Is A Sigma INFJ? All About the Sigma INFJ Personality?

INFJ itself is a rare personality type in the MBTI personality type and being a sigma INFJ is a new concept. The sigma INFJs are the goal-driven, perfectionist type personality who mostly lives in their head. If you doubt yourself as a sigma INFJ, then you will most likely spend a lot of time alone and resent people who give you their opinions and suggestions about how you should act.

What are the characteristics of a sigma INFJ?

Some specific traits define you as a sigma INFJ

  1. Sigma INFJ hate to be controlled:

Being a sigma INFJ individual you hate it when people try to correct you about your beliefs and standards. You hate to hear people’s opinions and suggestions about your ways and concepts.

Being a sigma INFJ, the first thing you do will be cut off that person from your connections. You hate it when people decide what you should be doing and how you should be doing it.

  1. Sigma INFJs are extremely selective

You hate to associate with anyone because you know your capabilities. You hate people with shallow principles and are after fame and money and those self-righteous lot will be way out of your league.

You like to be surrounded by sensible individuals encouraging active and logical arguments. As a sigma INFJ, you could be impressed by knowledgeable, humble and observant people. Sigma INFJs love to spend time with people on the same wavelength and thought process.

  1. When given a chance you outshine the alpha

Sigma INFJs dominate in a completely different way. While the alpha gains attention by actively speaking their ideas and opinions, you believe that the action speaks louder than words.

As a Sigma INFJ, you prefer to be left alone and want your peace and space to be productive. Though knowledgeable about everything, you don’t want to speak up unless someone prompts you to. But once ignited the Sigma INFJ would turn heads for their in-depth knowledge and sensible opinions.

  1. Sigma INFJs don’t care what others say and don’t expect anything from anyone

Sigma INFJs avoid being in the bubble of people’s expectations and opinions. Instead, you will be focused on becoming the best version of yourself. And do not let others define your goals and paths.

Born natural leaders the sigma INFJs are most productive when left alone and they don’t crave attention and appreciation. But when given the chance to speak on a topic that is relevant to you, you might surprise others with your knowledge and in-depth vision.

All you need is a meaningful connection to have a fulfilling life. Sigma INFJs hate individuals with underlying intentions and desires.

  1. Extremely detail-oriented

Sigma INFJs know no bounds when knowing what they want to know. Despite knowing a lot of things, they still consider themselves to be wanting to learn and experience more knowledge.

Sigma INFJs try to keep away from people who do not try to understand the cause of an issue and solve them. The constant urge to know more makes a sigma INFJ more detail oriented and specific about facts and the way things are.

  1. Peace is the priority

The Introvert trait of your sigma INFJ personality makes it difficult for you to be functional and productive in a group. You might prefer silence and to be left alone to enhance your efficiency and provide productive results.

Shutting down anyone who spoils your inner peace is very easy for you. You value your principles and standards more than anything in this world. Any person whether it is a family member, friend, or colleague a sigma INFJ do not hesitate to cut off the person from life as they threaten the core beliefs.

  1. Prefers privacy and loves to stay invisible

The sigma INFJs love to be in their world. No strings attached are the best description for a Sigma INFJ. If you are a sigma INFJ you would like to spend time your way. You just want to do things as your mind says and go wherever your heart takes you.

You cannot compromise your beliefs and standards for someone else’s. Someone deciding your life’s rules will be the worst thing for you.

  1. Stive to be the best

The constant urge to learn more and excel in whatever you do keeps you in competition with yourself. Near perfect is never okay for the Sigma INFJs. They want everything to be perfect and don’t want people to criticize and suggest changes in their ways and standards.

Are you a sigma INFJ?

Do you hate being controlled by anyone?

Can you dominate a meeting with your brilliant and exceptional idea?

Do you believe in your strengths alone and do not want people interfering with your ways and life?

Intolerance to people saying opinions about your beliefs and standards.

You hate it when people do not let you be in your peace and space.

You love being alone and love to live in your head rather than expressing your ideas and thoughts to others.

You hate when someone forces you into a decision that is against your beliefs and standards.

You hate it when people set the rules of your life and you find it hard to adjust to them.

All these could be signs that you are a sigma INFJ.

How dangerous is a sigma INFJ?

As charming and silent as the Sigma INFJs are they could be equally dangerous. If you are a sigma INFJ, you will not hesitate to cut off people who try to correct you about your beliefs and ways. You would love to be involved with people who value your space and peace. Anyone with underlying desires and intentions will never be on your friend list.

The traits of sigma INFJ personality can make relationships difficult as you might have to disagree with your partner on all things you believe is against your principles. This can cause arguments and roughness in your relationships.

The personality type also prefers to be a lone player than a team player. This could make your work life a bit difficult as well.

Is INFJ a sigma personality type?

The introvert trait of INFJ personality prefers to be left alone and does not want to be brought forward in the group. This makes INFJ a sigma personality type. As a sigma INFJ, you would prefer to work alone at your pace and comfort. Put in a group you might feel pressurised and difficult adjusting to the ideas and ways of the group.

A sigma INFJ do not take initiative to help others or in expressing their ideas aloud. You might prefer working alone to be maximum productive and will be more oriented towards achieving your bigger dreams neglecting your worldly needs and connections.

Is the INFJ person more Sigma than Alpha?

An alpha will try to express his ideas and opinions widely and loudly. While Sigma does not prefer to seek attention from others unless they are called for. But if prompted a sigma INFJ will never fail to clarify to the challenger how competitive and efficient he/she is.

An INFJ is more of a sigma than an Alpha as you love to be in your world and utilize time and thoughts for enhancing your productivity and working towards achieving your goals and bigger dreams.


The sigma INFJ’s are rare personalities who do not bother about what others think about them or what others do. Sigma INFJs are competitive with themselves and strive to enhance their productivity.

You don’t find people with shallow principles and underlying intentions as worth and you uphold your beliefs and standards. If anyone tries to correct or change these you will never hesitate to cut them off. A very protective and strong personality sigma INFJs shine on their own as they are born leaders.

Riya Mishra