Love Bombed Then Ghosted? Why do People Do it & What Should You Do Now?

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You must be wondering what the term “LOVE BOMBING” means.

Have you ever had the experience of someone new in your life expressing a lot of love for you? You know when someone keeps on complimenting you and telling you how amazing you are. They may also subtly or not subtly express their desire to date you. They will flirt with you excessively, and they will also reply to your texts pretty quickly. That is called “love bombing,” expressing their attraction to someone very strongly.

Now another question comes to mind: why would someone ghost someone after love bombing them? Through this article, we will discuss the intentions and psychology behind such actions.

So, What is ‘Love bombing Then Ghosting’? What does it mean when someone love bombs you and then ghosts you all of a sudden? Why do people do so? What to do when you are love-bombed and then ghosted by a particular person? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ghosting you

What is ‘Love Bombing Then Ghosting’?

Love bombing and ghosting are very common terms in the dating world. However ‘Love bombing then ghosting’, is a very manipulative move made by some toxic people. Such people who enjoy love-bombing a person, simply vanish into thin air all of a sudden.

However, people who have been love-bombed and then ghosted by them often think that the person who has started ghosting might have lost interest in them.

When you are Love bombed Then Ghosted: The psychology behind ‘Love-bombing followed by ghosting’

Love bombed then ghosted

Love bombing, or making someone else feel extremely special, often generates your gratitude towards the love bomber. You suddenly feel like someone is ready to see past your flaws and see how wonderful you are.

Now you are bound to do so as well and look past their flaws. You feel special as the love bomber has made you feel as if you are the most perfect person they know. You wouldn’t even be able to look at the red flags on this person behind all the compliments. They put you on a pedestal, on a throne.

Now, if you are on the throne, what are you supposed to do? Of course, rule their hearts. You believe you are responsible for ruling their hearts, and you want to be a fair queen. If you aren’t the queen they made you to be, you fear being de-throned.

Power can make people lose control. So you try to become the queen of that person. You try to fulfill all of their wishes. These wishes could range from getting into a relationship with them to cutting off other people from your life. You’ll keep giving them your full attention, and they might even make you fulfill other unreasonable wishes.

Now, who is exactly in power? They are.

You might be on the throne, but they are in power. All this happened because they made you feel special. You have developed feelings for them and you are now accommodating to them for giving you their full attention. After all, you are the queen of their hearts, right?

When you get ghosted by someone whose heart you once ruled, it comes as a shock. Suddenly, the person who previously couldn’t stay away from you, who couldn’t go a day without talking to you, has now started ghosting you. Simply because this person has you on the hook, they are now playing with you and your emotions. See The Mirror Technique to make him skip all the games and commit to you FAST.

After putting the idea that they are one of the few people who can look past your flaws and truly adore you, they are making you question their love and yourself.

By doing this, they are manipulating you to think that you are probably not good enough. They said that you must have some major flaw in your personality that turned them off. You now feel like a dethroned queen who couldn’t keep the kingdom happy. Your confidence level will lower a lot. Your mood, confidence, and happiness now depend on the amount and quality of attention you receive from the ex-love bomber. They have finally achieved your devotion. You will now feel the pressure to accommodate and change according to the wishes of someone who is literally treating you so badly. 

Why do people Love bomb and then ghost you with the silent treatment?

love bombing then ghosting | love bombing then silent treatment

This manipulation cycle of Love bombing followed by ghosting is done by people for several purposes, but one thing all of them have in common is narcissism. Now you may wonder how someone who compliments someone so much and literally puts someone else on a throne can be narcissistic.

The answer is that they may be narcissistic, but they know how to manipulate people to fulfill their own narcissistic endeavors. Suddenly, you start to feel withdrawals after someone love bombed and ghosted you. Withdrawals as a result of not receiving the person’s attention, compliments, and gifts. You end up trying to please them by serenading you. They get a huge ego boost from seeing you trying to gain their attention and love.

Many people solely do this for fun, as a way to pass time. This can get them, someone, to play with, be a source of entertainment, and also give them an ego boost. Many people are in relationships or have gotten into relationships as a result of love bombing. They ghost their partners to keep them on their toes, to keep some spice in the relationship. In addition, to gain an advantage in the relationship.

People also do this so that once they love bomb you, you will ignore their flaws. Or so you feel like you should do.

What should you do when someone ‘Love-bombed and then ghosted’ you?

In the first place, be alert to such patterns. When you are talking to someone, you should try to judge the intentions behind their extremely sweet words for you. Always think of a person rationally and judge a person rationally, instead of simply judging them based on how they treat you. 

If you have been a victim of a narcissistic soul who love-bombed you and is now ghosting you, remember that other people’s approval is not as important as you are making it out to be. The person was a manipulative narcissist, and you deserve a better person in your life.

Don’t let them play you, and take a stand when you think you need to take a stand. Self love is the key to avoiding such manipulative people.


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