The Gemini Man Mind During The No Contact Rule – Does It Work On Him?

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Geminis have a lot of good qualities. They can be charming, perceptive, vivacious, conversational, flirty, amusing, and friendly. To put it another way, you can count on having a wonderful time with a Gemini! If you’re seeking to start a relationship with one, this is fantastic news! However, it is not much of a fantastic news if your gemini man has left you and now you are trying to win back your gemini ex.

Yes, there are certain disadvantages to being a Gemini. When it comes to their sentiments, they might be gloomy, high maintenance, overly playful, and not expressive enough. When it comes to the heart, they don’t usually play games. They don’t play mind games with you, and they won’t harm you on purpose.

So, what happens when you apply the no contact rule with a Gemini man? Should you even do that? What does a gemini man think during the no contact rule? How to get a gemini man back after a breakup? Let us see everything today..

Does the No contact Rule work on a Gemini Man?

No contact rule gemini man

The straight answer to this question is, No.

No! If your no-contact rule means ignoring them and totally shutting them off, then know that this won’t have a positive effect on a gemini man. At least it won’t make him run back to you.

Keep in mind, however, that each individual is unique. You might run with a Gemini man who enjoys playing games and wants to chase you down. To put it another way, there may be a Gemini man out there who wants you to play hard to get; while everyone is different, the typical Gemini won’t tolerate games in a relationship.

Why the No-Contact Rule won’t work on Gemini men?

Applying the no contact rule with a Gemini male will not yield the same effects as ignoring a Pisces, Capricorn, or Libra man. The same is true for Gemini women. That is something that every relationship astrologer would tell you. Geminis are ruled by their intellect; they analyze and think about everything. They enjoy learning new things and attempting to solve problems. Your Gemini man is most likely not impressed with you if he accuses you of playing games with him. Rather, he is irritated and will most likely refuse to put up with it. When it comes to matters of the heart, he just does not play games.

They are overthinkers – Gemini men are overthinkers, if you cut off your gemini ex, they will overanalyze the situation. They won’t take it as a hint that you want them to come back. They will bring themselves to think that you are trying to play mind games which you know by now they hate the most. Don’t be surprised if they assume that you have moved on completely. They will not fall for your “come to me” trap rather will decide to leave and move on too.

They crave attention – Gemini men are the ones who need attention and time. As stated, before they aren’t into playing games and will expect the same from you. You can say most Gemini men are gentlemen but then they are playful. So, they will expect you to do things for them and if they see that you are not into this type, they will think that you aren’t the one. And, if they are ignoring you or leaving you, know that there are high chances that they aren’t interested or they are probably seeing someone else.

The Gemini Man Mind During the No contact rule: How to correctly apply the No contact rule on a Gemini Man?

How to get a gemini man back after a breakup?
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Gemini men are moody people and you might find that they are ignoring you at times or are taking you for granted. Now, you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all the reasons why he left you and you still haven’t figured it out. You’re enraged, angry, and disappointed. You’re in desperate need of answers, and you need them now! Or perhaps you simply want to give him a dose of his own medicine. You want him to share your feelings. So, here’s how you can make them come back to you, or pay attention to you!

Gemini men are intellectuals and they have a curious nature. So, the best you can do is call out to that side of them and they will surely come back. These people pay attention to small and minute things about the person they like or say even in general. They will not start with seeing what clothes you’ve worn rather they will notice the earring or the accessories you have put on you, your shoes and your nails, and other small things.

Start living your life to fullest – You can start with changing your style, maybe getting a haircut or getting a piercing. Hang out with your girlfriends or male ones but do not make your guy think that you’re ignoring them because of some guy. Make the most of your existence! Don’t annoy him with a barrage of text messages and phone calls. Demonstrate to him that you don’t mind if he leaves you or does whatever he wants. Have an active social life and post images of your adventurous life on social media. Remember that the best way to keep a Gemini man in love is to live your life to the utmost (to the fullest).

Give him space – Gemini men are self-sufficient, and they don’t want to be with a woman who is overly reliant on them. Your Gemini man will not miss you or desire to come back to you if you act desperate or needy after a breakup. Instead, he’ll be relieved that he’s no longer in the company of someone so demanding that he feels suffocated. You might be tempted to invite him out, phone or contact him frequently, or spend a lot of time with your mutual acquaintances in the hopes of running across your Gemini ex. When it comes to a Gemini guy, though, giving him space is the best approach to make him miss you.

Don’t make them jealous – It won’t make your Gemini ex miss you if you flaunt about all the dates, you’ve been on, flirt with someone else in front of him, post images of another man online, or do anything else to make him jealous. He’ll either assume you’ve moved on and that he should as well, or he’ll suspect you’re attempting to manipulate him and hurt his feelings. He won’t want to pick up the phone and call you in any case.

How to get a Gemini man back after a Breakup? – Let him know that you Miss him

Being a zodiac sign dominated by the planet of communication, Gemini values honesty and directness. You show him that you are being honest and letting your guard down by telling him how you feel. Being vulnerable takes a strong person, and he should recognize it.

You should open up and tell your Gemini ex or man how you feel if you want him to miss you because you’re looking for a reconciliation. This isn’t to say that you should put pressure on him to reconcile or that you should act as though you’re miserable without him. On the contrary, it’s critical to give him space and demonstrate to him that you have a wonderful life even when he isn’t around.

It also demonstrates that you aren’t playing mind games with him or attempting to retaliate in any manner. If you’re trying to make him miss you in the hopes of a reconciliation, be open and honest rather than manipulative and deceptive.

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