What Does It Mean When A Guy Brushes Your Hair Out Of Your Face?

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Has it ever happened to you that a guy you know suddenly brushes your hair out of your face? Did this gesture by a guy made you question his intentions? Are you confused regarding what this gesture means? Through this article, we will help you understand the gesture and what might have led to this gesture.

There could be various reasons why this gesture irked you. Those reasons might be that this guy is usually not as affectionate towards you. Or maybe he is not a physically affectionate person in general. He could also be a very non-expressive person. Or maybe you just met this guy and you aren’t sure what he is like. He might also be someone who you have always thought of as someone who doesn’t like you or bullies you.

So, when a guy brushes your hair out of your face, what does it mean? What are his intentions? Why do guys actually tuck your hair behind your ears? See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

What Does it Mean when a Guy brushes your Hair out of Your Face? Why do Guys Tuck your Hair behind your ear?

when a guy brushes your hair out of your face or tucks it behind your ears

When it comes to physical affections, like brushing hair out of a woman’s face, it can be an even more intimate physical gesture than sex. It is often portrayed in the media that most physical gestures that men like are sexual. That is one thing that people should stop believing in. Every time a man touches a woman, it’s not to cop a feel. It can also be a quiet declaration of their affection for you and comfort with you.

The meaning behind this very simple but cute gesture can be interpreted in multiple ways. So, on the basis of your relationship with this guy, let us help you figure out this man’s psychology behind his gesture of brushing/tucking your hair out of your face. See The Mirror Technique to ignite his heart and make him commit to you FAST.

What does it mean when your close guy friend brushes your hair out of your face?

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If he is a close friend, then this gesture of ‘tucking your hair behind your ears’ could mean several things..

Scenario 1: He has a crush on you.

Guys love physical affections. Thus they have a constant desire to touch the person they have a crush on. It is their way of expressing their crush on the woman they love. So, if he brushed your hair away from your face, he might’ve wanted to touch your face, your hair, and be able to look at your face. He might’ve been a little peeved about not being able to see your pretty face. Thus, he removed the obstacle himself, like the strong, independent man he is.

There are also certain other signs to look for, to confirm if he has a crush on you. Such as, if he looked at your face (especially your lips) after removing your hair from your face? Is he sitting in your direction? Did he smile at you after that? Has he started paying more attention to you lately and been getting more comfortable with touching you? Did he get a little flustered after brushing your hair out of your face?

If so, then he probably does have a crush on you.

As already said, small physical affections are often a way for men to convey that they like you. One example is brushing your hair away from your face. This could be their way of getting close to you.

As he may not know if you see him as just a friend or more, he might also be afraid of losing you as a friend by directly confessing his feelings to you. Thus they are touching you and trying to figure out if you are comfortable with them touching you. They are basically testing the waters before making a move.

Also, sometimes, men might have these urges to hug or kiss you, but as they cannot do that at the moment, they resort to small suspicions of affection. 

Scenario 2: He is just simply comfortable with you and nothing more. 

Sometimes gestures like brushing hair off your face made by a guy may seem romantic. Although this might not always be the case, it isn’t always possible that the guy who did that harbors romantic feelings for you. If he is a close friend, there is a huge possibility that this guy has gotten extremely comfortable with you. Many times, when men get very comfortable around some female friends who are close to them, they treat them like their dude friends and may sometimes cross some gender boundaries here and there. Although this gesture is so simple, it could barely cross any gender boundaries.

Not all affections are rooted in romantic feelings. Sometimes men can feel platonic or sisterly love towards you. They might think of you as a little sister. As a result, this gesture may not be as meaningful to them as it was to you. Once a guy feels comfortable around you, they may pinch your cheek, give you a pat, and all that, just out of platonic love.

 In such cases, body language is a huge tell on whether he likes you or not.

If he didn’t give you any sort of prolonged look after the gesture, chances are that he doesn’t have any romantic interest and is just simply comfortable with you. Maybe he is like this (physically affectionate) with his other friends too.

He could have just thought that your hands were busy or something and removed the hair from your face. Try to observe his stance towards you in groups and individually. This can help you figure out if he likes you or not.

What does it mean when a fairly new guy or just an acquaintance brushes your hair out of your face?

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Scenario 1: If he has a crush on you.

In the case where this person who removed the hair from your face is a new guy or an acquaintance, the chances of this guy liking you are pretty high. This guy might be testing the waters. He may be trying to see if you react or how you react to his touch. He may have had a crush on you and maybe physically incapable of staying away from you.

As this person isn’t that big in your life, For him, this gesture is a big move, and he must be aware of this. It might also be his way of expressing his crush to you in a subtle way. Again you must look for signs like – his behavior towards you and his demeanor around you.

Scenario 2: If he doesn’t have a crush on you.

You know those extroverts who treat everyone like they are all best friends? Who will literally hug a stranger who is just a friend of an acquaintance? Those social butterflies’ behaviour can confuse you often. They can sometimes make you feel like you have been their best friend since you were in your diapers. This social energy also comes with tonnes of physical affection. 

There is a possibility that your new guy friend or acquaintance is a social butterfly. They may have been physically affectionate towards you because they just wanted to make you feel comfortable and are this way with everyone. You are really going to need to put on your glasses. To figure out if that gesture meant anything to them or not.

Be it a friend or an acquaintance, it is important you look for signs behind, physical gestures like these. It can help you keep a clear mind about your friendships.

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