Why Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends? What Does It Mean?

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We all come across men who tell us that we are nothing more than friends but their actions show otherwise. Not all women find comfort in chasing men they like, so what most women do is ignore their actions because they have already been told that they are just friends. But men can be very surprising at times.

Kissing you and then telling you that we’re just friends – this is not something that we can ignore, especially when you like that guy. The fact that you are looking for such answers, it is clear that you definitely like the person who kissed you.

And now you are left confused that why would he kiss you if you’re just friends? So, when a guy says he wants to be friends but kisses you, what does it mean actually? Is he afraid to make a move because of something? Is he feeling something or does he just wanna hook up with you? Should you make a move? Keep your eyes here and I will answer them all.

Why did he Kiss me if we are Just Friends? Does he Like me?

why did he kiss me if we are just friends?

They grab you and gather up guts to kiss you but not to accept that they like you? Come on! You cannot be very surprised. These are men, they prefer acting physically rather than showing their emotions.

And now when you’re not sure how he feels, you do not find yourself brave enough to go and tell him about your feelings. The reason is simple – you’re scared you will lose them as a friend too. Maybe it’s the same with them. But if they kissed you and you felt it was real, they probably like you. And now all you need to do is figure out if you should make a move or not! Let me help.

See if his behaviour around you has changed:

He is your friend and you know how he is. Has his behavior towards you changed? Men usually act like kids once they really like someone.

When spending time and energy when in a group of friends, he doesn’t behave as he would in the event that he was with just them. Like he’s endeavoring to interest you, he may be progressively obliging and logically careful to you over them. On the off chance that this happens, to give him you are into him, find inspirations to grab his hand or his arm. Men will undoubtedly respond to actual contact more than vivacious signs.

You’ll see that most people when they are with their companions, will parade. They’ll carry on like children, goof off with their companions and act in a very embarrassing manner.

He will keep finding a way to talk to you:

When we like someone, we want to be around them. If the guy really likes you, you will see him making efforts or finding excuses to be around you. They will try to talk to you even if it’s not very important. It is very simple, they like your company. They would rather see you with them than leave you with someone else to talk to.

He will get jealous:

Men are of two types in this case – few men flirt a lot with other girls when they are in front of the girl they like and the others forget there is anyone even around, other than the girl they like.

But when it comes to being jealous when they see the person they like with someone else, talking, flirting, laughing, anything. They react the same. If you can see jealousy over his face when you’re with someone else, it’s clear. Go take your chances because you definitely have one.

He will ask you random questions:

If he keeps asking you random questions about your life and shows interest to know you and one of those questions have “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Do you like someone currently?”, then he is mostly finding his way in. Why might he need to know whether you have a boyfriend If he isn’t expecting to change that status for you?

Perhaps the most notable question is posturing for your number or expecting to have a profound comprehension of you. In the event that he gets some knowledge about your set of experiences, it infers he put enough effort into you to try to understand where it started from, how you transformed into the individual you are, and the kind of family you have etc.

If these things happen, you’re clear to find your way to him. He definitely likes you and maybe is just afraid that he might lose you if he says something because he has no idea about how you feel. Kissing you was an action they did because they felt the need. Now maybe it’s your turn.

What Else Can It Be? What does it Mean when a Guy says he wants to be Friends but Kisses you?

when a guy says he wants to be friends but kisses you

Till now I told you all the positive things. Here’s a thing, everything has two sides. He might not be into you at all. And if that is the case, what can be the reason he kissed you and now he is saying that you’re just friends.

He regrets the kiss:

It can very well be that he was attracted towards you, felt something, and decided to kiss you. And after he did, he wasn’t very happy and regret doing it.

No! Do not take it upon you. You never know. He might be messed up in the head and maybe something is going on with him. He thought you might give him some comfort but didn’t feel it when he kissed you and so he backed off.

He is just messing with you:

No offense, but this can be one of the reasons. He might simply be playing games with you. He is bored and wants fun in his life. What’s better fun than messing up with some other human?

You’re a good friend to him. Maybe he noticed that you kind of like him and decided what’s wrong with having some fun. It’s okay ladies, not all men are gentlemen but do not let these people make you afraid of showing your emotions. There are good ones out there.

He doesn’t want commitment:

It can be that the guy is into you but is complicated. He might want you around but doesn’t want any commitment. A few men think investing in a relationship implies they should meet specific expectations.

These men are normally perfectionists and don’t have any desire to go into a circumstance wherein they realize they probably won’t have the option to dominate. Hence, they keep away from responsibility since they would prefer not to come up short.

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