Is FaZe Banks Bald? What’s All The Chatter About His Hair?

Last Updated on June 17, 2023 by Team CrazyJackz

The gaming industry is huge and it simply continues to grow. Within this industry, there are several recognizable names and figures – with FaZe Banks being one of them. If you haven’t heard about Faze Banks before – he got famous for posting videos where he played games like Call of Duty on YouTube and other channels.

In recent chatters, we’ve seen a lot of people talk about the impression that FaZe Banks seems to be going bold, but is this true? Is FaZe Banks bald? Why does he always wear a hat? What do fans speculate about his hair? Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, Who Is FaZe Banks?

FaZe Banks is a famous vlogger who started to make a name for himself on YouTube. His real name is Richard Bengston and back in 2011, his YouTube channel’s name was “BanksHasBank”. The initial videos posted by Banks mainly focused on Call of Duty, a very popular video game.

Over the years, his YouTube channel grew significantly, soaring to more than four million subscribers. As his channel grew, Banks started to delve into new territories with his videos, showcasing reaction videos, participating in challenges, and pulling off pranks.

During a visit to Miami in 2013, Banks made a decision to join a popular gaming group known as the FaZe clan. It is a Call of Duty group that plays the game professionally, and following this announcement, he also decided to change the name by which he goes by on the internet to FaZe Banks.

Is FaZe Banks Balding? All the Chatter About FaZe Banks Hair

Well, the latest chatters about Faze Banks do not seem to revolve around his career, his participation in the gaming community, or even what he does on his co-hosted podcast. Instead, it’s rather to do with his hair – or, more specifically, the fact that people think he is balding.

This chatter has actually been coming on for a while now. In one Reddit thread in the FaZeCLAN subreddit, a user named murdermymeat posted a picture that compared two pictures of Banks without a hat. The first picture was from back in 2015 and included a rear-side view of Banks’s head. The second image was actually a screenshot from a video that was posted in 2018.

In another Reddit thread, user FlameUniverse also posted a screenshot from a YouTube video where it seems like Banks has a bald spot on his head. There are mixed comments on this particular post, with some people stating that it is the reflection of the light and not a bald spot. However, others do seem to agree that Banks is balding rather quickly.

The video that these users used as a reference for the screenshot focused on an incident in which Banks was involved at the Barley House.

Now, with these factors in mind, we should turn our attention to an official biography page on Banks on the YouTube Fandom website. This website provides biographies and details about a large number of famous figures that can be found on YouTube.

When you scroll down to the Trivia section on this page, there is a reference to the bald spot on Banks’s head – and the page also states that he wears a hat as a result of this bald spot. Something important to consider is that Banks did not write this information as it is rather a community effort, so whether the fact holds truth is not completely clear.

Further, there are no official responses or feedback from Banks, the FaZe clan, or any other authorities that would be able to make a confirmation on this fact.


Many people have compared two images of FaZe Banks within a three-year period, and it does seem that he might be going bald. This could also explain why FaZe is always seen wearing a hat. With this said, there is no official news from FaZe Banks himself regarding these facts, so we should not automatically consider this to be the truth.

Amna El Tawil