7 Famous Epicanthic Fold Celebrities In Hollywood

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Diversity is something that we humans are known for. Just take a look at celebrities. Every famous figure has their own unique look. It’s easy to see just how diverse humans are by putting different celebrities next to each other. Some have become known for having an epicanthic fold – a fold from the upper eyelid that covers the medial canthus.

There are several variations of these folds, and some people know it as monolid eyes. It’s something that we often see in Asians and those of Asian descent, but there are many American celebrities with monolid eyes as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the famous celebrities who have epicanthic folds at the eyelids.

7 Famous Celebrities Who Have Epicanthic Folds

1. Lucy Liu

Image – Genevieve via Flickr

We really can’t start this list without talking about Lucy Liu. Yes, Lucy Liu is one of the most well-known celebrities, who is known for her epicanthic folds. She’s become a beloved American celebrity, known for her role in Charlie’s Angels and many other films. Lucy Liu is of Asian descent, so it only makes sense that she would have epicanthic folds.

Unlike some of the other celebrities that undergo plastic surgery, Lucy continues to appear on-screen with her monolid eyes. It has become part of her iconic appearance.

2. Olivia Munn

If you’re an X-men fan, then you already know who Olivia Munn is and might have even noticed her epicanthic folds. Olivia also appeared in popular titles like Office Christmas Party, and was the star in Violet.

Olivia has been very open about her appearance and the skincare habits she has adopted. She’s known for her beautiful monolid eyes, and she even revealed (in one interview) that she had not undergone plastic surgery.

3. Ashley Tisdale

Image – Condé Nast via Wiki Commons

Ashley Tisdale is another American celebrity that we’ve seen with epicanthal folds. She’s famous for her role in Scary Movie V, but also appeared in titles like Picture This. Apart from these roles, Ashley is also known for voicing characters in Aliens in the Attic, as well as the Phineas and Ferb movie.

4. Daniel Dae Kim

Image – Ewen Roberts via Wiki Commons

The next celebrity on our list who is seen with epicanthic folds at the corner of his eyes is Daniel Dae Kim. Similar to Lucy Liu, Daniel Dae Kim is also of Asian descent and is known to be an American actor with epicanthic folds.

He has appeared in several titles, including Angel, Hawaii Five-0, and Lost. Apart from this, Daniel has his own production company and voices Johnny Gat in the popular video game Sants Row. So, Daniel is also a famous celebrity who is known to have monolid eyes.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Image – Gage Skidmore via Wiki Commons

Back to American-born celebrities, one that can also be seen with monolid eyes is Jennifer Lawrence. Something to keep in mind with Jennifer is the fact that the epicanthic fold seems to be fading over time, with its appearance being more visible in older photos of the celebrity.

Referred to as a “hooded” eye shape, several publications have shown Jennifer with this type of look. She often turns to a winged look with her makeup, which is complementary to the epicanthic fold. It has been suggested that Jennifer had some work done on her eyes, as the appearance of the classic monolid eye is no longer as profound in more recent photographs of the celebrity.

6. John Cho

Image – MelodyJSandova via Wiki Commons

John Cho is yet another American actor who is known for having epicanthic folds. While born in South Korea, he grew up in California. John has appeared in several major titles, such as Star Trek. He’s also known for his comedian role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, The Afterparty, and several other titles.

John voices several characters in animated shows as well. This includes Long in Wish Dragon, and Father in Over the Moon. Now, when you take a closer look at John’s photos, you’ll easily recognize that classic epicanthic fold. It’s easy to spot, but it hasn’t stopped him from showing his face on a variety of big titles.

7. Jenna Ushkowitz

The last epicanthic fold celebrity on our list is Jenna Ushkowitz. She is another well-known American actress that can be seen with monolid eyes.

Since making a name for herself in the United States, Jenna has become well-known for her roles in various films. Apart from acting, Jenna is also a talented singer and has served as a producer on several occasions. In recent years, she has also become a podcast host.


So, not just Asians, as we can see, there are also a number of Hollywood celebrities who have epicanthic folds. While many celebrities have natural epicanthic folds, or more commonly called monolid eyes, some may have had their appearance altered through plastic surgery.

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