Supersize vs Superskinny Deaths: 4 Contestants Who Have Died

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Presented by Dr. Christian Jessen, Supersize vs Superskinny quickly became a hit show after airing its first episode in 2008. The show documented diet swaps among people who were obese and those who were underweight.

Many of the contestants that appeared on the show struggled with an eating disorder, and some even met an unfortunate fate after their appearance on the show.

So, where are the Supersize vs Superskinny contestants now? Who from the Supersize vs Superskinny has died? Well, let’s look at some contestants that passed away too soon.

4 Supersize vs Superskinny Contestants’ Deaths You May not know

1. Jay Taylor

If you’ve been following Supersize vs Superskinny for some time, you may remember Jay Taylor. She was on the superskinny side of the show and had trouble dealing with anorexia. After appearing on the show, Jay decided to promote greater awareness of anorexia and started campaigns that helped her spread the word about the eating condition.

Jay had been struggling with this eating disorder since the age of 11, her mother confirmed in an interview. For 12 years, she continued to struggle with anorexia, until dying in her mother’s arms.

Her mother told news outlets following the death of her daughter that she hopes the story will help others who are struggling with an eating disorder. Tracey, Jay’s mother, said even if her story can help just one person overcome the struggle with anorexia, it would be a good thing. She continued to explain that Jay tried hard to fight against this disease, but in the end, wasn’t able to overcome it.

Her family later came out with more details about the struggles that Jay went through. Prior to her death, Jay weighed merely five stones. Tracey also appeared on Supersize vs Superskinny, where she talked more about Jay and the struggles she went through. Her goal was to spread more awareness about anorexia and make sure people know that help is available.

2. Lauren Hickson

While Jay was on the superskinny side of things, Lauren found herself as a supersize contestant on the show. She appeared on episode five of the seventh season, and had a major problem with an eating disorder. The disorder caused Lauren to eat too much food, which had reached a point where she no longer had control.

The episode aired in February 2014, and had Lauren go up against Shelby. Lauren did struggle with the diet swap, but it seemed like she got the will to fight against obesity at the time. Unfortunately, Lauren passed away some time after appearing on Supersize vs Superskinny, at the age of 24. While there isn’t a lot of information available regarding Lauren’s death, it has been confirmed that she died due to a heart attack.

People went to Reddit and other social media platforms to talk about Lauren’s death, soon after the news was shared. Those who have commented on the topic have expressed mixed opinions, with some speculating that Lauren’s close circles played a part in her eating problem and obesity.

3. Isabelle Caro

Another figure that appeared on Supersize vs Superskinny and met an unfortunate fate is Isabelle Caro. Following her appearance on the show, Isabelle was actually seen in several other campaigns. She was serious about spreading awareness of anorexia and telling people about the impact that this eating disorder can have on their lives.

She is also well known for the “No Anorexia” campaign, where Isabelle became the main face. Prior to her appearance on Supersize vs Superskinny, Isabelle served as an actress and model in France.

In 2010, Isabelle died at the age of 28. Following her death, family members decided to keep it a secret at the time. Her acting instructor later confirmed her death to The Associated Press. It was confirmed that Isabelle died after arriving in France. Prior to this event, she completed a job overseas in Tokyo.

Not much was shared about the death of Isabelle, except for the actual confirmation. It was confirmed that anorexia played a role in her death. With this said, her family did not provide any details about her weight at the time she died. By 2007, Isabelle weighed around 60 pounds, which was confirmed when she was photographed for an Italian campaign.

It has also been confirmed that Isabelle actually struggled with anorexia since a young age. Reports have announced that the French model started her struggle at 13 years of age and continued to struggle with anorexia during her early adulthood life.

4. Alayna Morgan

Image – Ledger

The last Supersize vs Superskinny contestant on this list, who currently is no more, is Alayna Marie Morgan. Alayna is popular as one of the heaviest individuals in the world and was featured in an episode of Supersize vs Superskinny. As anyone can guess, she was a Supersize side participant in the show. Her condition is called Morbid Obesity, and she can only move a few parts of her body such as her neck, ankles and lower arms.

Her words, “Never believe that evil little person that says in your ear that ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow’. When you hear that voice come in your head ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow’, believe me, that person’s out to kill you.” is also shown as the most helpful quote in the Supersize Vs Superskinny’s IMDb page.

Although the exact cause of her death is not clearly known, Alayna died on November 7, 2009, at the age of 61.


Supersize vs Superskinny touches on important subjects related to eating issues and shows people how they can make important changes to their lifestyles. Even though the presenter does a good job of trying to promote changes in the lives of those who come to the show, some contestants’ deaths have been recorded way too soon.

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