What to Do If He Blocked Me After an Argument?

You are in that happy feelings of love..

You are happily enjoying the moments..

Suddenly an argument broke between you and your boyfriend.

It was growing bigger and bigger and ultimately ended up in a nasty way. The result was, he blocked you on all social media. He blocked you on WhatsApp, Instagram, and everything.

So what will you do now? How will you solve this deep emotional problem? How will you soothe him and make him unblock you?

First of all, you need to see the other side of the coin:

I’ll tell you one of my personal story..

She and I used to be very close friends. We used to talk regularly at college and even when we are at home.

It was the times when I was in dilemma whether to accept a job offer or not. Simply I was under tremendous pressure.

what to do if he blocks me

First time, she asked me “whether I’ll join the job or not” , I replied that I am still thinking about that.

2 Days passed by, Second time she asked the same question, I somewhat irritably replied “No, I’ll not join the job”

A week passed by, It was a late night, and I was texting her on whatsapp. After a few minutes, came a message from her, asking the same question.

That’s it some frustration, irritation covered my entire body. I started scolding her. In return, she increased the argument.

That’s it I blocked her number immediately.

So by this story, you could have understood one thing..

Whenever a man blocks you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he hates you or that he has lost interest in you. In most of the cases, if your boyfriend/partner blocks it just means that he is currently irritated and some disturbance is going on, in his head.

So when an argument starts between you and him, either to escape the situation or to just get some more attention from you, immediately his responses kick in. That’s it, this is what results in ultimately blocking you.

So what to do now?

Listen to me carefully.

Firstly, Whenever he blocks you, don’t just get irritated and try to call him again and again. Doing so just worsens the situation.

So initially Discover the truth.

When an argument happens, one of the three things might happen

  1. You might hurt his sensitive feelings thus making him sad (or)
  2. You might hurt his ego thus making him angry (or)
  3. You are no way responsible while he has some other pressures

If you study a man’s mind this is what you will discover. Only because of the above 3 reasons he has blocked you.

So make your path accordingly..

So, now I’ll give you the paths you need to follow that heals both his sensitive feelings and his ego. At the same time keeping your self-respect high. Read He blocked me.. will he come back? 6 deadly signs to look out for

1. Healing his sensitive feelings:

My boyfriend blocked me. what should I do?

Though men are stronger than a woman, you need to understand that even men have sensitive feelings. Though you may see rarely, even men cry when their sensitive feelings are hurt.

So coming to the point..

In the argument that happened, your harsh words have stuck his heart thus making him sad and heartbroken. So in such a case, this is what you need to do.

  • First of all, take some time and let him heal himself.
  • After an hour or so, Try apologizing to him honestly, because you hurt him badly. Slowly, his mind starts healing up.
  • Tell him/show him that you care for him the most. Remember specializing effect can be so effective at this stage ( i.e make him feel that he is more special than all other people in your life)
  • Don’t directly talk about blocking you, while talk softly showing him some love.

The better you do this, the faster he becomes normal and unblocks you.

2. Healing his ego while keeping up your self-respect:

How to make him unblock without apologizing

Remember one thing, you need not apologize if there is no mistake on your part. Apologizing without your mistake just increases his ego and eventually creates a feeling (in his mind) that you are inferior to him.

So all you need to do now is healing his ego while keeping your own standards high.

So all you need to convey is one deeper message.

“I care for you and I miss you. You can unblock me whenever your ego subsides. I am not going to beg for that”

So here is what you need to do now..

  • Call him once/twice. If he doesn’t respond, you need to put up your patience here.
  • Wait for a day or two. There are chances, that his ego subsides by this time.
  • Meet him directly if possible, or try contacting him. Once he responds, begin with some caring statements which need to be added up with some guilt increasing words.

For example, you can say..

“You know I love you so much. I am being honest. I understand you may be having some other pressures, but I am not liking the way you are speaking nowadays.”

So such words subside his ego while making him start thinking more and more. Thus this makes him feel guilty of his mistakes thus eventually unblocking you.

3. A Man’s pressure needs to be understood:

Due to the man’s social upbringing, a man is put under tremendous pressure each day. Believe me, whatever may be the situation a man is put under a lot of stress. Society standards make men think that..

They must definitely succeed in life.

They must become independent before a certain age.

They should not cry or feel weak. etc etc.

Such standards, make many men feel alone and thus they don’t even share their feeling and pressures with everyone. So during such times, everything makes him feel inferior and angry. Unable to vent his emotions he starts an argument and starts tantrums.

So whenever an argument happens, you first need to understand a man’s situation and his pressures currently in his life. So accordingly you must act thus taking the entire situation under your control.

So this is how you need to handle when he blocks you after an argument.


Everything was fine in the beginning. But What’s happening now?

He who was so sweet in the beginning why is he turning colder and colder. Moreover, you can’t ignore the serious fact that He simply blocked your number just because of a simple argument.

This is what we can consider as a clear pre-warning sign of an excruciating breakup.


If you want to unlock his initial emotions such that you both will be deeply in love again. If you want to strongly make him feel like you are the most important person ever.

Here is what to do now..

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what to do if he blocks me after an argument

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3 months ago

It has been a fucking week since he blocked me…