How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You? 6 Powerful Strategies You Can Try

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In today’s time, dating is tough. It is difficult to find someone you can vibe with, have a similar interest, and finally understand your needs. And when finally, you meet someone with whom you think you can take a leap of faith and maybe plan a future, the person suddenly disappears from the face of Earth.

The experience of being ghosted can be very frustrating and painful. But why do guys ghost women in the first place? Being a ghostee, How to make a guy regret ghosting you? How to make him realize what he lost? What are some powerful strategies you can apply on a man to make him regret ghosting you? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ghosting you

Firstly, What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is a slang used in the new dating culture. It means refraining from any type of communication with someone with whom you were going out without any heads up. A person may suddenly stop texting or answering calls. When someone is ghosted, they often spend their time, wondering if they have done or said something wrong. They also start questioning their self-worth and may suffer a blow on their confidence. 

Why do Guys ghost Women?

A guy may have numerous reasons for ghosting a woman he is seeing. However, a very important point for all the girls to remember is that, if a guy ghost you, it is not your fault. A man may have different reasons to let you down and none of it is you.

1) If you have met a guy online, there are chances that he is also seeing someone else in the same time frame. Often, men ghost one woman if they like the other to save themselves from any confrontation, or turning the other woman down. 

2) Maybe, when you started going out, there was some initial attraction; however, with time, he or both of you realized that you are not compatible enough. He does not want to discuss the same with you and decided ghosting was the easiest option. 

3) Sometimes, a guy may ghost you simply because he is back with his ex and doesn’t want to give you an explanation.

4) Often, it happens that a life-altering event has occurred in a guy’s life that keeps him busy from reaching out to you. 

5) It is a no hidden fact that some of the guys have commitment phobia. They may have started the relationship casually; however, as soon as they realize that it is turning into something serious, they might decide to escape the situation. 

How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You? 6 Powerful Strategies

How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You?

The first reaction that most girls have when they realized that they have ghosted is to cry and be angry. But, instead of sitting in a corner crying or getting angry, you should take control of your situation and change your life for your good. Remember, you are strong and beautiful with or without him. Be confident and make him regret his decision. You can make him regret ghosting you without blasting on him or acting crazy. We bring you subtle hints and techniques that you can use to make him regret ghosting you. See Why do men Ghost you & The Simple Mind ‘TRICK’ that makes him Crawl back to you Fast

1) Move on – Although, this is one of the most difficult pieces of advice anyone would give you, it is the most effective one. Don’t beg him, chase him or force him to stay in your life. Remember, you cannot make someone relish you. If he does not want to stay, no matter how hard you try, one day he will leave you. Sometimes men, play hard to get, and once they realize that you have moved on with your life and are meeting other people, they might realize what they have lost and regrets it.

2) Jealousy is the key – Enjoy your life, meet new people, go new places, try the new restaurant and the dish you always wanted and party with your friends. Post all the exciting photos on your social media to make him realize that he didn’t hold too much value in your life. Instead, life is more exciting without him.

3) Work on yourself – The best way to make a guy regret ghosting you is to work yourself and make yourself more attractive. Eat better, work out, have a make-over, and get a new wardrobe. Show him that you are glowing because toxicity does not exist in your life anymore. Make yourself more desirable, and he may even beg you to take him back. 

4) You are fine – As the famous saying goes, ‘fake it, till you make it’. Pretend that you are fine and nothing major has happened in your life that can shatter you. Soon, you will start feeling the same. Time heals all the wounds. Once he realizes that he was not worthy of your tears, he will question his value in your life and regret ghosting you. 

5) Execute the psychology card- If you ever come across the guy who has ghosted you, don’t talk about the breakup or ask him why he ghosted you. Instead pretend, that you are over it and don’t have any grudges. Talk about all the good and fun times. This will make him reminisce about the old times, and he would wonder why he had ghosted you. Moreover, if asked about yourself and your life, tell him about all the good things that are happening in your life. Do not give him any satisfaction that he still affects you. Share with him that with all the free time, you are learning the new skills that you have always wanted to, meeting all your friends and family, and enjoying your life to the fullest.

6) Love yourself- When you are ghosted by someone you may feel that you are not beautiful or worthy of love and attention. But, remember, unless you love yourself, no one will. You are a beautiful, worthy, strong woman who does not need anyone to define your worth. When you start loving yourself, you will glow, and your whole outlook towards life will change. Once, he realizes how confident you are in your skin, he will regret losing you and will come back to you.

No one can define your worth better than you. Love yourself and never expect anyone to treat you any less. Life is beautiful and so are you. 

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