Why Do Guys Sext When They Have A Girlfriend? What Does Sexting Mean to a Guy?

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First, let us understand what sexting is and what are the intentions of boys when they are sexting other girls even if they have a girlfriend. We will then come to know what guys actually want when sexting with other girls.

So, What does sexting mean to a guy? Why do guys sext when they have a girlfriend? why do guys like sexting so much? Let us see everything..

Before jumping into the main reasons, know what exactly is sexting. Sexting is a phrase that refers to the mix of sex and texting. The act of sending sexual text messages is known as sexting. They use sexting as a kind of flirtation and as a motivator to begin a relationship.

Why do Guys sext when they have a Girlfriend?

Why Do Guys Sext When They Have A Girlfriend? What Does Sexting Mean to a Guy?

Men tend to get easily attracted to a woman by her words, looks, and personality. So, if a guy sexts other girls even though he has a girlfriend, then there could be many reasons behind this. The main important reason is that he is not satisfied with his current girlfriend, or he is unable to continue the relationship with her.

What do they really want?

Let me be honest. By sexting a girl, men want to share naked pictures of them with her and they expect the same. They want more pleasure and they expect to see and enjoy romantic conversations with other women. Many men, though they have girlfriends, if their love is not real they definitely look for other girls. This is the sad truth as to why guys sext even when they have a girlfriend.

Sometimes small things like your sense of humour too may be a welcome distraction from the difficulties of his actual relationship, or it could be a pleasant step outside of his typical social group. So, Let’s explore all the reasons why guys sext when they have a girlfriend..

What does Sexting mean to a Guy? 6 Reasons why Guys sext when they have a Girlfriend:

What does Sexting mean to a Guy? The 6 Reasons why Guys sext when they have a Girlfriend:

1. He is running into problems with his girlfriend:

Unfortunately, a guy may be telling you he wants you, simply because he is having problems with his partner in some way. Admiring and sexting with you might be his method of venting, whether for retaliation or because he isn’t receiving it from her.

They might be fighting, or they could just be experiencing troubles in general. In such a case, if he sexts you, it might suggest he’s attempting to make her jealous or he’s just searching for a pick-me-up from you.

2. He isn’t Loyal: 

To be honest, this man might be a dubious character. If he’s too flirtatious with you and trying to initiate sexting when his partner isn’t present, this might be a significant red flag. If you’re actually buddies, he’ll be honest with his girlfriend and act normally while she’s there.

Don’t get caught up in the flirting and attention of a guy who is devoted to someone else, since it will leave you unhappy in the end. Men are hardwired to chase other women since it is their natural nature. They desire and lust for what they are unable to have.

It is critical to understand that wanting you does not make him a horrible person, as long as he does not breach his girlfriend’s trust by acting on his feelings. No one is in control of their emotions, and you are no exception. You are permitted to harbour romantic sentiments for him. All you have to do is grasp the consequences at the same time.

No matter what the person you’re interested in tells you, there’s never a good reason to be the other woman. Consider this before making any hasty judgments.

3. You share a shared passion:

You and he may both be fans of Drake, whereas his girlfriend is a die-hard Twenty One Pilots fan. You and he may both enjoy being outside, but his partner may never agree to go camping.

Sometimes such small shared passions could trigger attraction for you and thus he might start to go romantic with you. With such hopes of going romantic with you, he could occasionally try sending you sexts, just to see how you would react.

4. He is not sexually complete in his current relationship:

This is the most likely issue, since when men are sexually dissatisfied, they may do some really wild things. If this is the case, his partner may not be providing him, the attention he desires or requires in the bedroom. He may sext you and come to you in the hopes that you can make up for it and provide him with what his relationship is lacking.

I’ll say it again: being the other woman is never cool. If he wants no-strings-attached sex and you want it, you can both have it once he ends his relationship with his girlfriend.

A word of caution, though: a guy who is willing to cheat on his fiancée for one-time sex isn’t the type of guy you should give the time of day to.

5. Something from his relationship may be missing:

This might be connected to the prior cause, or it could be completely unrelated. Whatever it is, he lacks it in his current relationship and hopes to find it by sexting you. This might include sex, comfort, romantic conversations, chemistry, common sexual interests, and so forth. 

6. He might enjoy the exciting thrill of you:

Some men like the excitement of going behind their girlfriend’s back. Everyone gets a rush from doing something they shouldn’t. Remember the rush you had from skipping school and not being caught? It’s kind of like that.

So when such men try to sext with other girls behind their current partner, they unknowingly feel the excitement and rush they desire for.

How A Guy with a Girlfriend Sexts When he wishes for You?

why do guys like sexting so much?
  • He’ll always try to include Sexual jokes while sexting:

It’s an unusual occurrence for him to desire to avoid you. Especially if he hasn’t realised he has feelings for you yet. Instead, he’ll spend a lot of time with you, and he’ll try sending some sexual and flirtatious jokes off the whole time.

He may think that cracking sexual jokes may be a better indirect move before going completely romantic with you. Since you two have chemistry and he enjoys seeing you happy, he continues this whether or not you laugh at those jokes

  • He will Text/Sext you instead of calling you:

Sexting/Texting you allows him to communicate more freely without worrying about anybody overhearing if he’s saying things he shouldn’t. He’ll feel safe as people won’t be able to see the two of you getting along like a house on fire.

So he’ll keep texting you constantly. However, there won’t be many calls. And because he can’t directly romance you, your phone will be constantly vibrating with sexts from him.

  • Like the plague, He may stop sexting you all of a sudden:

He may be afraid that someone may notice how well the two of you get along, or he may begin to suspect that his girlfriend could catch him sexting. Perhaps he’ll be concerned that your buddies will read his messages and notice that he’s having a better time with you than he is with his girlfriend. God forbid it ever finds its way back to her.


My final piece of advice would be to explore all options before taking any action. If it’s simply harmless flirtation, there’s no need to become engaged and complicate matters. If it’s a little more complicated, make sure you consider all parties’ feelings. Particularly your own. If a guy sexts other girls even if you are his girlfriend, then think about it seriously and make a final decision. 

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