Arranged Date But Haven’t Heard From Him: What It Means and What To Do

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When you haven’t heard from your date when only a few days/hours are left for the date, oof the anxiety.

Dating can be stressful! Firstly you don’t know this man well enough. Secondly, you are conscious about how you will be presenting yourself in front of a total stranger. You may be conscious about being judged by the said date. You may also fear not having a good time during the date, because the man is too boring. Or you may think you might turn out to be too boring to him.

So many scenarios could take place that would make the date a total disaster. But even before the date has taken place, if the guy you are going on a date with hasn’t yet reached out to you. You are already in a pickle.

You might be wondering why has this man not contacted you yet, And why is he basically ghosting you, even before your date has even started? There could be so many reasons as to why he may not be contacting you right now. Let’s have a look at the options.

So, if your date is tomorrow but haven’t heard from him, what does it mean? What to do if you both arranged a date but haven’t heard from him? Should you text a guy who didn’t confirm date? Or Should you assume the date is off? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ignoring you before the date

Arranged date But haven’t Heard from him – What does it mean? 3 Reasons why you haven’t heard from him when the date is tomorrow:

Arranged Date But Haven't Heard From Him: What It Means and What To Do

1. He may be nervous:

This man might be a shy guy. Even a little antisocial, he may not be sure how he would go about talking to you about the date or details of it. Some men are very reserved, shy, and may be socially awkward.

So, if he is socially awkward, he may not even realize that he NEEDS to have a chat with you. He may be panicking a little and may not know how to approach you.

2. He is a Narcissist:

Yeah, we all know a guy like that. This guy values himself too much to call you first. He wants to have an imaginary upper hand in your non-existent relationship. He may not feel like he needs to call you at all and might even want YOU to call him to confirm the date or remind him of the date. He may want you to believe that the date isn’t as important to him as it is to you, thus you are the one chasing him.

This man tries to exude certain confidence, to show how he is hot stuff. He wants people to see him as more than just a regular guy. He doesn’t want anyone to think that he needs anyone for anything as he has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to dates. This man might internally be really happy about going on a date with you. He may think you are pretty, intelligent and kind but won’t want to show any strong attraction towards you. Often this kind of narcissistic men tend to think they are doing someone a favor by going out with the other person.

This maybe the reason he hasn’t called you and wants you to cave in and just call him first.

3. The commitment phobe:

This guy has commitment issues. Chances are that someone close to him has pushed him up for the date. Or maybe he wanted to try to get out of his comfort zone. Commitment phobic people are often scared of having someone who would become a big part of their lives (like a girlfriend or a boyfriend). They are often scared to lose their freedom, as monogamy seems too strict to them. They might enjoy their promiscuous endeavors a little too much and might think they will be missing out on too much by getting into a solid relationship. Thus they might find monogamy suffocating.

Another reason they might not wanna go on a date and might be commitment phobic is that they don’t think they can handle the emotional part of the relationship. These people understand that relationships are not just fun and games, they know that you share your emotions with people you are in a relationship with. Thus this might be scary to them as they might not want to be emotionally vulnerable to anyone. See The Mirror Technique to make him skip all the games and obsess over you FAST.

What to do if you both arranged a Date but haven’t heard from him? Should you confirm a Date the day before?

Tomorrow or maybe tonight was your date night. However, you haven’t heard from the guy you are about to go on a date with? You are now in a dilemma, about what you should do about this situation.

Ofcourse your guy didn’t confirm the date yet. So should you reach out to him or text him about the date?

You might be thinking which one is a good idea? To re-confirm or not to re-confirm the date.

date tomorrow haven't heard from him

Most men do all the reconfirming and texting when it comes to dating. Thus you may think that reconfirming the date Or texting your date might seem like a desperate move.

However, you must keep in mind that you are going on a date that was already fixed/arranged. Thus none of you are desperate for each other, so it’s not the man’s responsibility to re-confirm the date. On contrary, the man too might be waiting for you to reconfirm the date, as he may not be sure of your interest in him.

Thus reconfirming the date with a simple text is always a good move. In fact, it clears your doubts. Wasting so much energy and time on thinking about the date leads you nowhere, thus it is better to just re-confirm the date.

Of course, re-confirming the date will not make you seem desperate in any way, on contrary reconfirming the date might make you seem like a confident woman to him.

Re-confirming the date would not be a bad idea, but here is the thing… do not act like you were waiting and fussing over him. Make the text or call whatever you prefer breezy. When I say breezy I mean, don’t be awkward. Now not being awkward might be a big task for some of you, as anxiety, and stress often leads to us being awkward in conversations.

If you are too awkward or chuckling too much, that might give away you were fussing over him, and we don’t want that. We have to avoid – ‘not knowing what to say’, ‘laughing unnecessarily’ and ‘saying something that tells him you were waiting for his call’ etc.

So simply, Here is what to do,

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Remember that you are amazing and this man will be lucky to go on a date with you.
  • You are just reconfirming this date so that you know if you have to be there or not, you don’t want to be ready for a date that doesn’t show up because your time is precious.
  • If he cancels the date it has nothing to do with you, he doesn’t know you yet and can’t make a judgement about you.
  • Try to maybe jot down what you are going to say when you call or text him, and relax.

It’s high time women stop needing men to make the first move in the dating dynamics and take the lead. This will also help you have a fair grip of the date and you will be able to confirm the man’s intentions better.

Re confirming the date also shows that you are interested in the date and are looking forward to it. Which is a positive point for you during the date.

So just go ahead and re-confirm your date now.

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